Super Smash Racing
Developer(s) Zodiac Games
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
August 2012
Grand Prix

Vs. Race Battle Race

Age Rating(s)
Rated T for Teen
Genre(s) Racing
Series Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Racing is a racing game developed by Zodiac Games, which is a spinoff of the Super Smash Bros series. It seems to be based heavily on the Mario Kart series, specifically Mario Kart Wii.


Along with the Standard Kart and Standard Bike, each character has a vehicle associated with them, but you can use any vehicle you've unlocked with any character. Locked characters are unlocked by getting first place on any Grand Prix on any difficulty, but not with repeats. Like Mario Kart: Double Dash, each character has a special item associated with them, along with a Final Smash like Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Character Franchise Vehicle (K/B) Special Item Final Smash Locked (Y/N)
Mario Super Mario Mario Kart (K) Cape - Reflects items back to where they came from. Also knocks out players it hits. Mario Finale - A large fire blast infront of you. N
Luigi Super Mario Poltergust 3000 (K) Fireball - Shoots a green fireball that destroys other items. Negative Zone - Creates a zone around you that will cause players in it to randomly slow down, crash, or spin out. Y
Peach Super Mario Royal Race (K) Toad - Blocks other items. Shoots out spores when an item hits. Peach Blossom - Makes all other players slow down, and places peaches (Food) around the course. N
Bowser Super Mario Koopa Clown Car (K) Spiky Shell - A large projectile which bounces around the course. Giga Bowser - Makes your kart grow gargantuan, allowing you to crash through opponents. N
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Rambi Racer (B) Kong Slap - Creates a shockwave around you, knocking out players. Konga Beat - Creates several shockwaves around you in a beat that knock players out. Also affects players in the air (e.g. going off a jump) N
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Rocket Barrel (K) Peanut Popgun - Shoots 3 peanuts forward or backward. Once the peanuts settle, they can be used as food items. Rocket Barrel Barrage - Makes you boost forward, following the track, and allows you to shoot peanuts while doing so. N
Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Bike (B) Yoshi Egg - An arcing projectile that bursts into eggshells that make the road bumpy when it lands. Super Dragon - Your kart grows wings which leviate you above the ground and speed you up a little. You can also shoot fireballs while this is active. N
Wario WarioWare Wario Bike (B) Wario Waft - Gives you a speed boost, while also leaving a fart cloud on the track which causes players who hit it to spin out. Wario Man - Maxes out your speed and acceleration, and stops you from being knocked around as easily. N
Link The Legend of Zelda Epona (B) Gale Boomerang - A projectile that comes back to you, but you can't use it again. Spins players out and lifts them into the air. Triforce Slash - The triforce surrounds your kart, and any players you bump into will be knocked out, and you will get a boost. N
Zelda The Legend of Zelda Triforce (K) Nayru's Love - A shield that protects you from items and kocks out players you bump into. Light Arrow - A fast projectile that knocks out any players ahead of you. N
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda Evil's Chariot (K) Warlock Dive - A quick charge ahead surrounded by purple fire, that knocks out other players. Beast Ganon - Transforms you into Beast Ganon to run around the track, squashing other players. Y
Toon Link The Legend of Zelda Red Lion (K) Boomerang - A projectil that goes out and comes back to you, but you can't use it again. Knocks out players it hits. Triforce Dash - Surrounds you with the Triforce and gives you a speed boost. Also gives you a smaller boost when you bump into opponents. Y
Samus Metroid Gunship (K) Missile - A straight travelling projectile that explodes on impact. Zero Laser - A large laser blast infront of you. N
Pit Kid Icarus Exo Tank (B) Wings of Icarus - Makes your kart grow wings that speed you up and stop you from being hit bu hazards on the ground. Palutena's Army - Summons a horde of centurians who will charge at other players. N
Ice Climbers Ice Climber Polar Bike (B) Ice Shot - A sliding projectile that freezes opponents it hits. Iceberg - Summons a large iceberg on the track that makes the road slippery and greezes opponents that get too close. N
R.O.B. R.O.B. ROB-BLS (K) Gyro - A spinning projectile that stays in one place. Kocks players out, but also knocks them away. Diffusion Beam - A sustained laser blast coming from the front of your kart. Y
Kirby Kirby Warpstar (K) Inhale - Draws in opponenrs nearby, and when one bumps into you, you get to use their special item. Cook Kirby - Draws in any nearby players and launches them backwards while knocking them out. N
Meta Knight Kirby Halberd (B) Dimensional Cape - Allows you to disappear and be invulnerable to attacks for a short period of time. Galaxia Darkness - Causes the screen to go dark for all other players, making it hard to see the track. You also get a boost if you bump into another player. N
King Dedede Kirby Dee Pedestal (K) Waddle Dee - A Waddle Dee is thrown onto the track, and it waddles around for a while, knocking out players that hit it. Waddle Dee Army - Summons a horde of Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos onto the track. Waddle Dees function the same as the item, Waddle Doos will actively shoot players, and Gordos do not move. N
Olimar Pikmin S.S. Dolphin (K) Pikmin - Gives you 5 Pikmin to throw at players. End of Day - Gives your kart rocket boosters which follow the track, and summons some Bulborbs to attack other players. N
Fox Starfox Great Fox (B) Blaster - Allows you to shoot fast laser bullets which spin out players. Landmaster - Transforms your kart into the Landmaster. Players you run into or shoot get knocked out. N
Falco Starfox Arwing (K) Reflector - Spins out players it hits and relfacts items back. Landmaster - Transforms your kart into the Landmaster. Players you run into or shoot get knocked out. Y
Wolf Starfox Wolfen (K) Wolf Flash - A dash forward that also lifts you into the air to avoid items on the ground. Kocks out players you hit. Landmaster - Transforms your kart into the Landmaster. Players you run into or shoot get knocked out. Y
Captain Falcon F-Zero Blue Falcon (K) Falcon Punch - A small dash where your kart is engulfed in fire, knocking out players you hit and pushing them away. Falcon Charge - Dashes quickly along the track, punching any players that get close. Y
Pikachu Pokemon Rattatank (K) Thunder Jolt - A bouncing electric projectile that spins out and shrinks players it hits. Volt Tackle - Surrounds your kart with a sprking ball of electricity that spins out ant shrinks players you bump into. N
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Mach Bike (B) Master Ball - Releases Charizard, Ivysaur, or Squirtle onto the track. Charizard spews fire onto the track, Ivysaur shoots seeds into the air which fall down randomly, and Squirtle bounces around the track in his shell. Triple Finish - Releases Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle onto the track at the same time. N
Lucario Pokemon Arceus Bike (B) Aura Sphere - A projectile that knocks players out. Gets stronger (knocking out longer, hitting more players, travelling further) the further back you are in the race. Aura Storm - A large beam of aura that knocks players out. The beam is bigger the further back in the race you are. Y
Jigglypuff Pokemon Dragonite Bike (B) Microphone - Spins nearby players out and slows them down for a bit. Puff Up - Makes your kart grow really large, flatening players you hit. When you shrink again, you push away players near you. Y
Marth Fire Emblem Cavalry Bike (B) Sheild Breaker - Charges forward with a sword infront of your kart, breaking other items and knocking out players. Critical Hit - A stronger version of Sheild Breaker that not only knocks out enemies, but also knocks them back a bit. Y
Ike Fire Emblem Catapult (K) Aether - Tosses a flaming sword into the air behind you which explodes when it hits the ground. Great Aether - Gives 7 boosts, but if you boost while near a player, you'll boost towards them and knock them out. N
Ness Mother Runaway Bus (K) PK Fire - Shoots a bolt that explodes into a pillar of fire when it hits something. The fire sticks around and spins out anyone hit. PK Starstorm - Summons down stars which crash down randomly around you, knocking out players. Y
Lucas Mother Ultimate Chimera (B) PSI Sheild - Ctreates a sheild behind you that aborbs other items, giving you a speed boost. PK Starstorm - Summons down stars which crash down randomly around you, knocking out players. N
Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch Flat Bike (B) Oil Spill - Leaves an oil spill on the track that makes players spin out. The slick lasts longer if you've been hit while you have the item but before placing it. Octopus - Transforms you into a giant octopus that floats above the track and can knock out players with is tentacles Y
Snake Metal Gear Metal Gear REX (K) C4 - Leaves a small explosive on the track. Once placed, you will be alerted when a player is getting close to it, and by jumping, you can remotely detonate the C4. Grenade Launcher - Gives you a grenade launcher to shoot large explosives around the track as you drive. Y
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Motobug (B) Sonic Spring - Places a spring on the ground which springs you forwards, and then stays on the track for a while, bouncing players into the air so they have to regain their speed when they land. Super Sonic - Turns you into Super Sonic, who goes very fast, following the track, and knocking out players you hit. Y


The tracks are split into 8 cups, each with 5 tracks.

Sticker Cup

Track Franchise
Battlefield Super Smash Bros
Smashville Animal Crossing
Distant Planet Pikmin
Delfino Plaza Super Mario
Rumble Falls Donkey Kong

Trophy Cup

Track Franchise
Yoshi's Island Yoshi
Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokemon
Pirate Ship The Legend of Zelda
Luigi's Mansion Super Mario
Norfair Metroid

Coin Cup

Track Franchise
Spear Pillar Pokemon
Lylat Cruise Starfox
Bridge of Eldin The Legend of Zleda
Frigate Orpheon Metorid
New Pork City Mother

CD Cup

Track Franchise
PictoChat DS
Mario Bros. Super Mario
Hanenbow Electroplankton
75m Donkey Kong
Flat Zone 2 Game & Watch

Subspace Cup

Track Franchise
Summit Ice Climber
WarioWare Inc. WarioWare
Castle Siege Fire Emblem
Skyworld Kid Icarus
Halberd Kirby

Masterpiece Cup

Track Franchise
Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero
Mario Circuit Super Mario
Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear
Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Final Destination Super Smash Bros.

Classic Cup

Track Franchise
Melee Yoshi's Island Yoshi
Melee Brinstar Metroid
Melee Onett Mother
Melee Pokemon Stadium Pokemon
Melee Big Blue F-Zero

Retro Cup

Track Franchise
Melee Temple The Legend of Zelda
Melee Green Greens Kirby
Melee Corneria Starfox
Melee Jungle Japes Donkey Kong
Melee Rainbow Cruise Super Mario

Missing Content

Despite coming out after Mario Kart 7, it lacks the diving/gliding and kart customisation that 7 had.

There is one item and one stage missing from Brawl, not counting collection items like trophies. The item is the Team Healer, and the stage is Mushroomy Kingdom. The Team Healer was most likely not included due to healing items being used as boosts, and the Team Healer is used to heal other people. Mushroomy Kingdom was probably not included simply to make it easier to fit all the tracks evenly into cups.


With the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS coming soon, plans have been revealed for two new games in the Super Smash Racing series, entitled Super Smash Racing 3D and Super Smash Racing U. The games will make use of Mario Kart 7's gliding and kart customization, though there is currently no word on whether Mario Kart 8's anti gravity will make it into the games.

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