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Developer(s) L-PF Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) TV Shows
Media Included Television


We come in to see Tunnel and a group of Gims working on some sort of machine.

Mogma This is taking forever. How will we be able to get this finished in time without Ganon's Goons finding this?

GimhelperKSS Well, We could make a cloaking device, and hide what were doing from them!

Mogma How will we get the cloaking device done before they find us?

GimhelperKSS Hmmm. Sorry, I cannot answer that question.

Mogma Ugh, Oh! Welcome back everybody! While the gims and I try to fix things here, why don't I tell you more about the Smash Bros, and their quest.

Were flashing back to the past. Listening to the Alpha Team (Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus, Marth, and the Ice Climbers) bicker over where to go.

Mario sedsfgdfg Why do you all have to fight like this?! It's so simple. All we have to do is go into the villan's territory, and we'll fight our way to them.

Kirby.. What if were out-numbered there? Shouldn't we trace around the border? It's easiest that way.

Zero Suit Samus duh Excuse me, but shouldn't we just leave some of Link's beacon-things here, so that wherever we go, we can always come back?

Link link LIkn Should I say something?

Everyone: NO!

As everybody argues, Wario sneaks up behind them dressed as a bush.

Wario mcawesomeness Hehehehe, Silly Smash Bros. They'll never find out that our secret base is in the Sandshrew Swamp.

Clever Pikachu heard Wario talking to himself, and decides to tell the others.

Pikachuu Pika! Pikachu-chuchu-pi!

Zero Suit Samus duh What's that Pikachu?

Pikachuu Pikaha,Pika! Pikachu-chuchu-pi! Chu!

Ice Climbers wa wa wa He said that he heard a bush say that the villans are at Sandshrew Swamp.

Marth Okay, Two Questions. 1: How do you two speak Pikachu?, 2: How does pikachu speak bush?

Mario sedsfgdfg I don't think it matters, but if Pikachu thinks we should go to Sandshrew Swamp, then we should go to Sandshrew Swamp. Come On!

Wario smacks himself on the fore-head out of frustration, then Wario's communicator rings.

Ganon Well? What are the Smash Bros. doing.

Wario mcawesomeness Well, uh. they there coming to Sandshrew Swamp.</small.

Ganon WHAT!?! Why I Aughta!. hmmmmmm. Nevermind just keep following them.

Wario mcawesomeness Yes Boss.

Mogma So Our heroes start out toward their quest! Will Ganon catch them? Well, eventually, but for right now. I-

Tunnel hears Ganon's Army Marching.

Mogma Uh-Oh. I'll see you next time. I hope.

End Part 1

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