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Copy of SSBQ
Developer(s) L-PF Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
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Genre(s) TV Shows
Media Included Television


Continuing our story, We take a look at Ganon's Secret Castle, where he is having a meeting with Metal Sonic, Wolf, King K. Rool, and Wario.

GanonWelcome gentlemen, I've gathered you all with news that concerns the future of Smashland.

WolfOh boy. Just what I need, another evil lecture. If I wanted this, I could've stayed at home listening to Leon.

King K. Rool: Hey! stop with the disrespect puppy-dog! I for one have total trust in our lord Ganon.

WarioOkay, nobody likes a kiss-up Krazy! 

The villans continue to argue while Metal Sonic charges up some sort of air-horn. Metal Sonic blows the horn, and all is silent.

GanonThank You Loyal Robot, now, about my lectu- I MEAN NEWS! I have uncovered an ancient relic, shunned by all from the world of trophies, that will bring villany to a new found power.

WolfOkay, you have my attention, How does this "relic" give villany it's power?

GanonThat's where you come in, Wolf. I need you to take your team up into space, and search for the remaining shadow bugs of sub-space.

WarioShadow Bugs? Are there really any left?

King K. RoolObviously, Ganon just said so.

GanonYes, K. Rool, you will take your troops over seas to find a special urn to hold the shadow bugs, and Wario, you will take your bike and spy on the Smash Brothers, and make sure that they don't interfere. Move Out!

TunnelWhat is the relic you ask? Well we'll get to that later. For now, we will follow the Smash Bros far through the once vast land of Smashland.

Back to reality, a Gim comes up to him with some news of his own.

GimTunnel! The other gims and I are preparing something to change the past!

TunnelWhat! That's great! Oh. Gimme a sec. To us now It looks like times may change after all! This won't change the fact that I'll be telling you about how this future happened, but it does mean that there may be help for the rest of us!

End Episode