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Developer(s) L-PF Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) TV Shows
Media Included Television


In this Series start, We view a large baron waste-land filled with missory and purple flames. There is one small Mogma beneath the flames. He speaks.

???: Why did I do it? Why must it be so hard to resist temptation! It's unfair! I could've stopped this. I had that power, but I trusted that flaming headed beast. 

While we still hear the mogma speaking, we see an epic war between various residents of Smashland, The mogma, in his younger years, holding some sort of book.

???: I was caught in a corner, no other way but with your instincts. Who would I trust? The Smash Brothers or that guy from the Underworld? My love of treasure took over,

The mogma places the book on a circle in the ground.

???: Boy what a treasure that was! I..

Back to reality, the mogma turns around, and acknowledges our presence.

???: Oh! How rude of me, my name is Tunnel

TunnelI didn't mean to bore you with my woa. Let me tell the whole story. From the beggining!

Back twenty years in the past, We see the SSBHQ (Super Smash Brother Head Quarters) where R.O.B. is holding a meeting with a group of Smash Bros.

R.O.B.Greetings Smash Bros. I have called you here on a matter of a fascinating new discovery.

SonicWhat is it? A threat? An ally? A new chili-dog joint?

SamusIf you shut up you'll find out!

R.O.B.I've discovered that the evil Lord Ganondorf has established a new alliance with groups of villans from all across Smashland.

Mario: How did you find that out?

R.O.B.Wario posted it on his blog.

LinkWhat are these villans planning to do?

R.O.B.Unknown; I have not gathered enough information.

MarioHow will we approach them?

R.O.B.In groups, You Mario, will lead the Alpha Team. Pit shall lead the Airforce Team, Toon Link will lead over seas, and Aero the Acrobat shall lead the Special Forces Squad. Let's Move!

Tunnel: The Heroes left on a new quest, not yet knowing what will become of the future.

End Part 1

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