Image Name Park and Ride What it does
Wraiths smash bros Wraiths

Alton Towers


Stands still for 10 seconds, then the opponent collapses and freezes for 5 seconds.
Duel zombie smash bros Duel Zombie

Alton Towers

Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back!

Fires some lasers at the foe with his blaster at a slow pace.
Crying viking smash bros Crying Viking

LegoLand Windsor

Viking River Splash

Drowns opponent in tears.
Bear smash bros Bear

Thorpe Park

Canada Creek Railway

Hides the hatcher from the opponent.
Ranger giraffe smash bros Ranger Giraffe

Thorpe Park

Ranger Country

Grabs opponent and throws them away.
Mr monkey smash bros Mr. Monkey

Thorpe Park

Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride

Attacks the opponent with a banana, and gives the hatcher a banana to attack the opponent with.

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