This is the plot for Super Smash Keyboards Adventure mode.


The game begins as a narrator introduces the heroes who defeated the monsters from over the years. The narrator then introduces that Soujirou Izumi controls the mind of a princess (Konata Izumi) and wants to defend the earth with the Driller TV fighters. However, there are a whole bunch of assassins from Team Ankoku who want to try and kill the princess and turn her into a trophy. The Driller Team informs Team Ankoku if Konata is killed, Soujirou's gonna throw a hissy fit.

Soujirou's a good heroine who only summons Altaria if Konata's in trouble. If Konata falls into a deep sleep, you can only wake her up if you sing to her.

Chapter One

The game begins with a crowd attracted on Monster Island where most of the Toho kaiju live to see Leopold Slikk and Susumu Hori duke it out in a smash. In addition to the crowd, Konata joins in to watch and Miyuki Takara, another princess controlled by Soujirou, watches from her computer. The winner revives the loser to appeal to the crowd.

Just before the next match, King Ghidorah appears and traps the Hiiragi twins (Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi) who attend the match in Mothra's web and either Leopold or Susumu has to save one of them. After defeating Ghidorah, Ghidorah passes out, drops the web, whatever which head Leopold or Susumu defeated is free, but Keel Sark shows up with a Dark Cannon and points it at Konata, but turns around and turns Kagami/Tsukasa into a trophy with it. After that happens, Leopold is sent flying out of the arena by Mothra and Susumu goes on a mission to take Kagami/Tsukasa back.

More plot coming soon!

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