Time to die

The original concept art of Wataru performing his alternate fatality move, The Jiraflame on Konata Izumi.

The Fatalities are a gameplay feature in Super Smash Keyboards and are finishing moves performed by characters after the announcer says "Finish 'em!" The fatalities are usually lethal, and can send characters flying out of the arena or hit the screen.

How to perform a fatality move

In order to perform a fatality move, you must have at least won one round in a match. After that, you must smash a Smash Ball in order to perform the fatality. After the Smash Ball is smashed, press the red button (arcade) or the X key (PC) to perform the fatality move. Each character has a different fatality move.

Types of fatalities


This type allows characters to transform into a different form of the character and maul down their opponent.


This type can only attack in one direction, so players must get in the right spot in order to use that fatality move or it won't execute.

List of fatality moves

Character Fatality Move Type
Leopold Slikk Super Charged Temper Tantrum Attack Directional
Jake Randolf Rocket Launcher Stage-Wide
Wataru Hoshi Star Trigon Chainsaw/Jiraflame Directional

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