Super Smash Kart is a racing game spin-off of Super Smash Bros. It was released in 2015 for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The game features a wide variety of Nintendo-themed content from throughout the company's history.



Picture Name Series Bio
Mario Super Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and mascot of Nintendo. He drives the Standard Kart M, modeled after the one from Mario Kart DS and 7
Link The Legend Of Zelda Hyrule's hero who has been reincarnated many times through many timelines. He drives a redesigned version of the Spirit Train
Pikachu Pokemon The most famous Pokemon, Pikachu is also one of the originals from Gen 1. He drives a kart in the shape of a Pokeball
KTD Kirby artwork
Kirby Kirby An alien warrior from Dream Land with the power to steal his foe's ability's. He drives his warp star
Fox Star Fox This fighter pilot lives in the Lylat System, which he protects daily with his fellow Star Fox members. He drives a Landmaster
Samus Aran Super Smash Bros. Charged!!
Samus Metroid A space bounty hunter who defeated the Metroid species and is suprisingly a Woman. She drives kart-style version of her spaceship
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong An bannana loving ape whose grandpa was Mario's first opponent. He rides with his Barrel Pack
Yoshi Yoshi A dinosaur who helped Mario & pals out many time when they were babies. He drives the Egg 1 from the Mario Kart series
Captain Falcon SSBI
Captain Falcon F-Zero Another bunty hunter who is also one of the best F-Zero racers ever. He drives the Blue Falcon
Ness Earthbound A young boy with psychic powers who saved the world from the disturbing alien Giygas. He drives a mini UFO based on the intro of Earthbound


Picture Name Series Bio
Pit Kid Icarus An angel from Skyworld who serves the Godess Of Light, Palutena. He drives an Exotank
Super Smash Bros Brawl Wario 01
Wario Warioware Mario's greedy and disgusting counterpart who currently owns a game company. He drives the Wario Bike
Marth Fire Emblem A blue haired warrior who was the first hero in the previously Japan-exclusve series. He drives a motorized carrige
Mr Game & Watch
Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch A flat being who was the star of Nintendo's first handheld. He drives a 3D version of the Fire ambulance
Villager Animal Crossing A young boy (or girl) who lives in a town of anthromorphic animals. He drives Kapp'ns old taxi
Pikmin nectar
Pikmin Pikmin A group of plant-like aliens from PNF-404 who have helped many explorers throughout the years. The drive a wooden, plant covered kart 
Basic Mii LOLZ
Mii Wii U, 3DS An avatar of yourself that you can fully customize who has been in many games. He drives his kart from Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing
Andy Advance Wars A boy who, despite his age, is a commanding officer of the Orange Star army. He drives a small orange tank
Kururin Kuru Kuru Kururin A small blue bird who drives multiple helicopter like vehicles to save his friends. He drives the Helirin
Excitebiker Excite Not much is known about this guy, besides the fact that he loves to race. He rides his dirtbike


Picture Name Series Bio
F-Type Stunt Race FX A living F1 car who is stars in the 2nd SNES game to use the Super FX Chip. Since he is a living car, he races himself
Doc Louis Punch-Out This chocolate loving man helped famous boxer Little Mac rise through the ranks. He rides his bicycle from the Punch Out inro
Chibi-Robo the awesome
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo A tiny robot whose goal in life is to help others in anyway he can. He drives his tricycle from Park Patrol
Isa Sin & Punishment The son of the protaginists of the first game, Isa saved both Inner and Outer space from alien forces. He floats through the track with his hoverpack

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