Super Smash Kart is a game in both the Super Smash Bros. series and Mario Kart. It features characters from 5 of Nintendo's franchises, along with SEGA, Hudson, and Namco. It features several dozen playable characters, and over 32 racecourses.

Team System

There are 10 teams in the game, most containing characters from Nintendo, along with several crossover characters. The following is each team's members, along with weight class and series.

Team Mushroom

Name Weight Class Series
Mario Medium Mario
Luigi Medium Mario
Peach Medium Mario
Yoshi Medium Mario
Toad Light Mario
Daisy Medium Mario

Team N.M.E

Name Weight Class Series
Goomba Light Mario
Boo Light Mario
Koopa Light Mario
Shy Guy Light Mario
Dry Bones Light Mario
Magikoopa Medium Mario

Team Trouble

Name Weight Class Series
Bowser Heavy Mario
Bowser J.r Medium Mario
Petey Piranha Heavy Mario
King Boo Heavy Mario
Wario Heavy Mario


Juan C

King Tut


Mackenzie S

Muhmad A.








Team Triforce

Name Weight Class Series
Link Medium Zelda
Zelda Medium Zelda
Ganondorf Heavy Zelda
Lord Bulbin Heavy Zelda
Toon Link Light Zelda
Toon Zelda Light Zelda

Team Kong

Name Weight Class Series
Donkey Kong Heavy D.K
Diddy Kong Light D.K
Funky Kong Heavy D.K
Dixie Kong Light D.K
Cranky Kong Medium D.K
Kritter Heavy D.K

Team Poke

Name Weight Class Series
Pokemon Trainer Medium Pokemon
Pikachu Light Pokemon
Mewtwo Medium Pokemon
Lucario Medium Pokemon
Deoxys Medium Pokemon
Munchlax Heavy Pokemon

Team Dream

Name Weight Class Series
Kirby Medium Kirby
King Dedede Heavy Kirby
Meta Knight Medium Kirby
Knuckle Joe Light Kirby
Blade Knight Light Kirby
Daroach Heavy Kirby

Team Chaos

Name Weight Class Series
Sonic Medium Sonic
Tails Medium Sonic
Knuckles Medium Sonic
Shadow Medium Sonic
Eggman Heavy Sonic
Chao Light Sonic

Team Bomb

Name Weight Class Series
Bomberman Light Bomberman
White Bomber Light Bomberman
Bagulaa Heavy Bomberman

Team Pac

Name Weight Class Series
Pac-Man Light Pac Man
Ms. Pac-Man Light Pac Man
Blinky Light Pac Man
Inky Light Pac Man
Pinky Light Pac Man
Clyde Light Pac Man


There are 40 tracks, divided into 10 cups, one for each franchise, plus 1 additional one for Mario, and 1 bonus.

Mushroom Cup

  • Peachy Plains- A cool field with hills, clouds, and a dash through
  • Yoshi Land- A Yoshi's Island-themed course with ponds, Shy Guys, and eggs flying everywhere!
  • Bowser Castle- A giant, menacing castle, with fireballs, lava pits, and Mecha-Bowser!
  • Rainbow Rollercoaster- A giant rainbow-colored coaster in space, with loops, corkscrews, and a giant jump!

Starman Cup

  • Bianco Hills- A quiet mountain village, with Piantas and Piranhas!
  • Wiggler Beach- A palm-tree covered beach with a pleasant breeze and umbrellas.
  • Dry Bones Desert- A vast, sand-dune marked desert, with Pokeys and quicksand.
  • Mario Circuit- Mario's private raceway, with a shortcut through a mansion!

Master Cup

  • Hyrule Field- A race through Hyrule Field, with the Bridge Of Eldin and Epona!
  • Zelda's Castle- A huge castle, with a moat, stained glass window-jumps, and a throne room!
  • Dragon Roost Island- A circling race around a giant volcanic island inhabired by bird-people.
  • Ganon's Fort- A huge, evil fort, with Zant and Ganon!

Konga Cup