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Super smah enblem
Developer(s) -BaptIce@29-
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Arcade,Battle
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)


Media Included Nintendo 3DS


Super Smash Emblem is a fighting games and arcade games for the Nintendo 3DS this game inspired by the Fire Emblem series in a fight to the way Super Smash Bros.


The game is inspired by the Fire Emblem series, or you need to move a unit on a map, but during the battle inspired games of the Super Smash smash bros series:

You have a limited time to bring the most damage to your opponent (if your opponent is never eject / tomb ground it disappear from the map) the principle of life played the Fire Emblem except that the amount is higher Widely to increase the enjoyment of games

Select Character


Picture Name heart starting height
Marth i Marth 100 * *
Ike i Ike 150 * * *
Roy. Roy 90 * *
Lyn. Lyn  80 *
Ephaim Ephaim 120 * * *
Chrom. Chrom 140 * * *
Nephellie Nephellie 110 * * 
Shiida. Shiida 90 *
Eirika Eirika 80 *
Elincia Elincia 100 *
Sanaki Sanaki 90 * *
Hardin Hardin 180 * * *
Micaiah.2 Micaiah 110 *
Kleine Kleine 120 * *
Katarina Katarina 90 *
Eliwood... Eliwood 110 * *
Robin Robin 120 * *
Tiki Tiki 150 * * *
Lucina Lucina 100 *
Anna f Anna 120 * *

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