Super Smash Dance Party!
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
September 28, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Dance, Music, Rhythm
Super Smash Dance Party Is a Game Avaliable On Wii U Which Will Be released on September 28, 2015 Worldwide. You Can Now Dance as your Favorite Smash Characters! 



  • "*" indacates that the song is a cover, Not the original.
  • (JD2015DLC) indacates that the song is DLC For Just Dance 2015.
  • (JD2016) indacates that the song is in Just Dance 2016.
  • (UNLOCK) indacates that the song needs to be unlocked after Playing all the songs.
Song Artist Year  Difficulty Effort Mode Gender Character
Here We Go Again Demi Lovato 2009 2 3 Solo G Lucina
Cool Kids Echosmith 2013 1 1 Duet B/B Ness/Lucas
Living For Love Madonna 2014 1 2 Solo G Peach
Centuries Fall Out Boy 2014 2 4 Duet B/B Dark Pit/Little Mac
Want To Want Me (JD2016) Jason Derulo 2015 2 2 Solo B Shulk
B**** Im Madonna Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj 2015 3 1 Duet G/G Peach/Samus
Uptown Funk (JD2016) Mark Rohnson ft. Bruno Mars 2014 1 2 Dance Crew B/B/B/B Mario/Pit/Link/Shulk
Poker Face Lady Gaga 2008 2 3 Solo G Female Robin
Same Old Love (JD2016) Selena Gomez 2015 2 1 Solo G Zelda
Gold Dust (JD4DLC) DJ Fresh 2010 3 3 Duet B/G Shulk/Palutena
Uma Thurman Fall Out Boy 2015 2 2 Duet B/B Dark Pit/Luigi
Dragostea Din Tei O-Zone 2004 3 1 Trio B/B/B Mario/Shulk/Luigi
The Night Is Still Young Nicki Minaj 2014 3 3 Trio G/G/G Peach/Samus/Zelda
Hey Mama (JD2016) David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Afrojack, and Bebe Rehxa 2015 3 3 Trio B/G/G Shulk/Samus/Palutena
Better Off Alone Alice Deejay 1998 2 3 Solo B Shulk
I'm An Albatraoz (JD2016) AronChupa 2014 3 3 Solo B Roy
Fun (JD2016) Pitbull Ft. Chris Brown 2014 2 2 Duet B/B Male Robin/Shulk
I Want You To Know Zedd Ft. Selena Gomez 2015 3 2 Duet B/G Shulk/Zelda
Ain't It Fun Paramore 2013 2 4 Trio B/G/B Link/Lucina/Dark Pit
I Really Like You Carly Rae Jepsen 2015 2 1 Trio B/G/B Roy/Peach/Male Robin
Boys (Summertime Love) (JD2016) Sabrina 1987 2 2 Trio B/G/B Shulk/Palutena/Link
Blame (JD2016) Calvin Harris ft. John Newman 2014 2 3 Solo B Male Robin
Cool For The Summer Demi Lovato 2015 3 2 Solo G Zelda
Lips Are Movin' Meghan Tranior 2014 2 1 Solo G Peach
Pray To God Calvin Harris ft. HAIM 2014 3 2 Trio B/G/B Link/Palutena/Zelda
Heroes (we could be) Alesso Ft. Tove Lo 2014 3 3 Solo B Pit
Sugar Maroon 5 2014 2 1 Solo B Male Robin
This Is How We Do (JD2016) Katy Perry 2013 2 2 Trio G/G/G Peach/Samus/Zelda
Around The World (La La La La La) (UNLOCK) ATC 2000 3 3 Dance Crew B/G/B/G Shulk/Samus/Link/Palutena


alternative Dances can be unlocked in the game depending on your Coins.

Song Artist Year  Difficulty Effort Mode Gender Character
B**** I'm Madonna Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj 2014 4 4 Duet/Insane Battle B/G Shulk/Palutena


Song Artist Year  Difficulty Effort Mode Gender Character Price Release Date
Can't Feel My Face The Weeknd 2015 2 1 Solo B Shulk Free November 4, 2015
Rotten To The Core Cast Of Descendants 2015 3 3 Dance Crew G/B/G/B Palutena/Link/Peach/Roy Free November 4, 2015
Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Beter) Felix Jahen ft. Jasmine Thompson 2014 1 2 Solo G Female Robin Free November 4, 2015

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