War of Emotions is the story mode for Super Smash Crash.


  • Mario
  • Link
  • Luigi
  • Bowser
  • Zelda/Sheik
  • Impa
  • Fox
  • Pit
  • Olimar


Prologue: Final Destination

Mario and Link stand on a platform, back-to-back as Master Hand and Crazy Hand come down. Master Hand says "Congratulations. You two have made it this far, but to be crowned a true champion, you must defeat us!" Mario and Link exchange glances, and the fight against Master Hand and Crazy Hand begins. It is the same as in Classic Mode, but their health and attack damage has been reduced, and certain moves (like Master Hand's card attack) have been removed. After you defeat them, another cutscene starts.

A wave of blue energy comes down onto the platform, hitting Master Hand and Link. After it hits them, the same blue energy comes out of Link's chest and the palm of Master Hand, and starts travelling in the opposite direction. Master Hand falls to the floor.

Mastere Hand starts speaking. "I can feel it.... My wisdom, going away.... I know who has done this, but I no longer seem to remember due to this wave of energy.... Crazy, do you know who is causing this?"

Crazy Hand begins to speak. "Yes, it's--" but before he could speak fully, another wave of energy hit him, draining the same blue energy from the palm of his hand, only this time, it formed an evil laughing face before plunging straight into Mario's chest. The screen then fades to white.

Location 1: The Mushroom Kingdom

Luigi is watering flowers at his house, when suddenly, Master Hand teleports in front of him. Luigi runs for his house, but the same blue wave strikes him, making him courageous. He pulls out his Poltergust and starts trying to suck Master Hand in. "Luigi, I'm here to help!" Master Hand said, but Luigi did not heed his warning, and suddenly, he is surrounded by a group of Goombas, starting the level.

After a while, he finds himself crossing paths with Bowser, whom Luigi attacks. "Listen, Luigi, I'm not evil anymore!" Bowser shouts, but suddenly, Shadow Mario appears. They then fight Shadow Marioo (who controls darkness and does not have a paintbrush) together. Luigi then says to Bowser "Do you know about your son's whereabouts?" Bowser says "Yes, he's at my place!" Luigi and Bowser then continue on to Bowser's Castle, looking for Bowser Jr.

Location 2: Hyrule Field

In Hyrule Castle, Zelda is worried about Link. She is in the study, reading a book, when Impa comes in. "Listen," Zelda says to Impa, "this might sound crazy, but I think Master Hand beat Link and made him a trophy."

"No, no," Impa says, "He can fend for himself. I'm certain he hasn't been given that fate."

"But either way, he's not here," Zelda gets up and becomes Sheik. "I'm there to find him."

They then go out into Hyrule Field, where they are surrounded by Moblins. "How are we gonna get there?" Impa asks.

"I'm not sure," Zelda (now Sheik) replies, "But we can't worry about that now. Let's go!" The level then begins.

After the level, they reach an open cliff. Zelda says "Wanna contact Pit? He may be able to help." But before Impa could respond, waves of blue energy come from the sky. They bombard Zelda, causing the same energy to come out of Zelda's chest. Suddenly, her eyes glow red. "Hi, Impa," she says in a sadistic tone, "wanna play?" But before you see the outcome, the level ends.

Location 3: Good Egg Galaxy

On Final Destination, Link is alone, shivering. You then see flashbacks of what happened on Final Destination afterwards, of Mario becoming Shadow Mario, Crazy Hand being tossed into the abyss, and Link being scared. Suddenly, you see an Arwing fly by and stop.

"You need help?" a voice coming from the Arwing's microphone (which was Fox's) asked. Link nods his head.

They fly off towards Earth, flying through Good Egg Galaxy, when suddenly, an Octoomba spit a rock at them. They almost fell into the abyss, and Link covers his eyes, before a Pull Star pulls them up and the level begins.

After defeating a bunch of Octoombas and completing the level, they find themselves boarding Rosalina's Comet Observatory. Fox says "Hi, we're looking for Earth," to which Rosalina responds "I was just headed in that direction! But there's one pit stop I need to go to...."

Location 4: Bowser's Castle

Luigi and Bowser travel to Bowser's Castle, and walk across the drawbridge. Suddenly, a Dry Bones standing guard says "Stop! Why are you bringing Luigi into this castle?" Bowser explains he has reformed, and the Dry Bones attacks him. The level then begins.

After the level, they enter the back courtyard (which is a dark forest), calling for Bowser Jr, when Master Hand appeared. "Listen, I've got something to tell you two. There's an evil.... force stealting the emotions of the heroes of Earth. That's why you've reformed, Bowser, and you aren't a coward, Luigi."

"Are you implying something, Master Hand? Just because you're my creator doesn't mean I'm afraid of you!" Luigi said.

"No! I'm just saying that these emotional changes have been caused by evil, and we have to stop this... force. I was not calling you a coward. I guess."

"But why should we help you stop this? Both of our changes, Luigi into a warrior and me into a hero, were for the better! I don't wanna be a villain again, causing chaos. I don't think that this force is evil, sir." Bowser replies.

"But good and evil cannot be created or destroyed, and now, your evil will go somewhere else. No matter how much you want good to prevail, it just can't without evil." And just that second, blue energy struck a pile of bones, which stood up and showed itself as Dry Bowser.

After Luigi and Bowser fight Dry Bowser, Dry Bowser falls into lava, but a hand pops out after they leave. They then proceed to find Bowser Jr., and tell Master Hand that Bowser Jr. is being Shadow Mario again. But Master Hand tells them that Mario is evil now, and that Shadow Mario is actually Mario! He then tells them that Mario's good will is drifting through the sky, and points to a blue-glowing comet. Luigi says he wonders where it'll go.

At Peach's Castle, Peach is watching outside, writing a letter to Mario. She says "I really hope he responds this time" and hangs her head in sadness. Suddenly, the comet appears in the sky, and knocks her over. The cutscene ends with the camera zooming in on Peach's letter to Mario, hinting that Mario's good will has possessed it.

Location 5: The Garden of Hope

In Palutena's Temple, Pit walks in saying "Lady Palutena, what's the thing you said you were worried about when you called me?"

"There is a new threat much more powerful than anything you've faced before" Lady Palutena replies.

Pit then starts to freak out and says "W-what? Really? Who is it?"

"Not who, what." Palutena said.

Pit then Gulps and leaves the temple with the power of flight before quickly falling. "AHHHHH! WHY AM I FALLING?!?" Pit screams out.

Palutena then says "I don't know! The power of flight just stopped! "

Pit lands on the ground, knocking himself out.

Pit is awoken by a Red Pikmin

Location 6: Hyrule Castle

Location 7: The Pit Stop

Location 8: Toad Town

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