Smash Ultra Power is the new Smash game which will reveal characters three at a time. With each three characters, Final Smashes will be revealed too. Thank You and I hope you enjoy this instalment of Smash!

Mario, Link and Pikachu were the first characters confirmed! Mario, Link and Pikachu's Final Smashes are the same ones as they are in Smash 4. Mario Finale, Triforce Slash and Volt Tackle. Kirby was confirmed in a game called Kirby's Dream Land NX. Fox was also confirmed with the release of Star Fox NX. Samus was confirmed in the last of the Wave Two Characters. Wave Three Characters were announced at E3 2017 and the characters were, Inkling, Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Another Wave was also confirmed. Wave 4. In it contained, Pit, Marth and Olimar. Wave 5 announced Mega Man, Villager and Lucario. Lucario was the same from Smash 4 whereas Villager and Mega Man contained slight differences. All of the characters confirmed so far kept their Final Smashes from Smash 4 except Inkling, who hadn't been in that installment of Smash. Inkling's was Super Kraken where the Kraken moved around the stage and launched fighters. Wave Six was confirmed to be a poll of three characters that the fans want. Please anwser below!



PikachuSSBV Updated



SamusSSBV Updated



Donkey KongSSBVUpdated







All of these images come from Super Smash Bros V. Check it out. It's Awesome. Big Thumbs Up to GreatSageSpike!

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