Super Smash Brothers Ruckus is the 4th installment in the SSB series. It was devoloped by Nintendo and released on the 3DS and Wii U.


The story/adventure mode is called "The Ruckus Complication". It is the same on both systems.

Mario is going up against Bowser in the Stage: "Bowser's Castle." When suddenly, Master Hand emerges through the castle walls. He does his regular laugh, and turns Mario and Bowser into statues.

Meanwhile, Link is walking through a desert when Stallord approaches him. Link fights and defeats Stallord when Master hand appears to him too. Link fights M.H. and almost wins when Ganondorf comes and knocks him out. He bows down to M.H. and Link is turned into a statue and collected by M.H..

Later, as Peach and Zelda are having some soup in Peach's Castle (Stage) when Waluigi runs in and grabs Zelda. Peach follows and defeats enimies along the way. "Goomba, Koopa, Hammer Bro, Paragoomba etc." Soon Pech arrives at Warioware Inc. (Refurbished Stage) and goes inside, hoping to find Zelda inside. when she gets inside, she fights some Dry Bones and Fights Wario and Waluigi (Bosses and Playable Characters). She and Zelda leave the statuized Bros. and go back to the Castle. Master Hand then comes and collects Wario and Waluigi.

Master Hand takes the Wario bros to a HUGE arena and drops them in. They are immediately unstatuized and they start to run around. Meanwhile in this Arena, Mario, Luigi and Link are teamed up. They are trying to escape. Suddenly a loud Buzzer rings and a Jumbotron arises and on the screen the words "Let Master Hand's Annual Ruckus BEGIN! in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! The buzzer rings again, and the screen shows all of the current competitors: MARIO, LUIGI, BOWSER, YOSHI, WARIO, WALUIGI, LINK, OLIMAR, LUCAS. Then the screen flashes quickly, last non-statue competitor gains freedom. Statuized Competitors will find themselves in Master Hand's large collection of trophies. It flashes back to the Competitors.

Wario immidieatly runs up to Olimar, crushes his Pikmin, and Statuizes him. Olimar's Trophy flies into the sky and lands in M.H.'s collection. "OLIMAR" disappears from the competitors on the Jumbotrom. The Arena then turns into sheer chaos. The Crowd then starts to cheer rapidly.

Meanwhile, Kirby and Dedede are fighting in "Dedede's Castle" and Kirby wins. Dedede's statue is collected by Master Hand and dropped into the Arena. The Jumbotron adds "KING DEDEDE" to the list. A cutscene then shows Master Hand, Ganondorf, and Demise laughing as they watch the opponents fight to win.

Then the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. are looking for Bowser when Yoshi appears to them and has a fight. Yoshi loses, turns into a trophy, and after the Koopalings leave, Yoshi is collected for the Ruckus. The Koopalings continue to look for Bowser, when they find a peice of M.H.'s glove. Bowser Jr. points to the hole in the wall and they make their way to the arena.

When they get there, the learn that Bowser is already in the Trophy Collection, and start to make their way to the place that houses it.

Meanwhile, in the arena, Lucas, Waluigi, and Yoshi have also become trophies, and Mario is near becoming one as Wario and Dedede surround him. Luigi and Link run over and fight the two tosave Mario. Dedede and Wario are both now trophies.

Once the Koopalings arrive at the Trophy house and make their way through the many obstacles, they find Ridley gaurding the door to the Trophy Room. Though the Koopalings become a trophy, Jr. defeats Ridley and untrophies them. When they get inside, they Untrophy Bowser, but just as they're about to leave, Bowser explains the predicament or "Complication" with M.H.'s Ruckus-Fest. They untrophyize all the others, which includes last year's competitors like Marth and Mr. Game and Watch.

The group makes their way back to the Arena, and luckily, no others are trophies yet. The plan to blow it up when Crazy Hand flies above and terrorizes the arena. All of the competitors inside become trophies and are collected by Crazy Hand. M.H., Ganondorf, and Demise fly to chase after C.H.. Bowser and the Gang of other past competitors follow.

The Group makes it to their first obstacle, the Woods. They go inside and fight enimies and make their way to the end where they fight Petey Piranha.

The continue on and find Link's trophy. After becoming Mobilized, he plays the Ocarina of Time and becomes Young Link. Link joins the team, and by Pressing Down+B he plays the ocarina of time.

As the journey progresses, the team grows, and they later find out that the winner of the Ruckus Fest is the only one who WASN'T trophied during C.H.'s attack. Nobody knows WHO exactly, only that the winner will be announced soon.

When the group at last reaches Master Hand and Crazy Hand, they are found fighting, and a cutscene is played.

In the cutscene, Link lifts his sword to the sky, preparing for a Skyward Strike, Demise unleashes Ghirihim, Zelda summons the 7 sages, Mario, Peach, an Luigi prepare for battle, and an all out war begins.

Suddenly, Crazy Hand dissolves, and is revealed to be a hologram. Master Hand then reveals that the winner of the Ruckus Fest will be decided through this war, and the only one to survive will get unimaginable powers.

As all of the characters start to become trophies, Peach points to Master Hand. She throws a raddish at him and misses.

The other characters begin to realize that Master Hand is the real enemy, and that he should be a trophy instead.

Setting aside their differences, the group attacks Master Hand, and they win.

Master Hand is REALLY mad, and he lights on fire and trophies half the team. When he is finally defeated, his trophy falls into an abyss and is never seen again.





Link/Young Link

Zelda/Young Zelda


Pokemon Trainer (Meowth, Pichu, and Blaziken)





Mr. Game and Watch

Bowser Jr.


Mega Man






Captain Falcon

Donkey Kong

Samus/Zero Suit Samus




Skull Kid



Ice Climbers


Mega Man

Wii Fit Trainer

DLC Characters

SSBR has lots of DLC from Stages, to Characters, to Items etc.


Baby Mario


Dr. Mario

Soild Snake



Majora's Mask

Poultergust 3000 Luigi




Zora/Goron/Deku Link (Mask Link)

Deity Link

Tom Nook

Limited Time Avaliability

Kammy Koopa

Paper Mario

Great Fairy

Mega Man X

Happy Mask Salesman

5.00 Packs

(These Packs sometimes contain Limited Avalibilty Characters; They are released after those characters are no longer avaliable. They may also contain characters who can only be bought in the packs. If you own a character in the pack, the price is reduced. )

Majora Pack: Mask Link, Majora's Mask, Happy Mask Salesman, Deity Link, Meta Skull Kid

Ocarina Pack: Great Fairy, Saria, Phantom Ganon, Darius/Link the Goron, Princess Ruto/Young Ruto

Shroom Pack: Koopa Troopa, Daisy, 


Wi-Fi: Play against or with your MiiVerse friends in many different modes!

Story: Complete the Ruckus Complication with up to four players!

Boss Battle: Defeat the bosses in the Complication over and over!

Ruckus: Plain oldd fighting with up to four players.

Special Ruckus: Bend the rules and add new ones in this Special Fight.

Smash Mode: A mode where Smash balls are everywhere! Who will win this insane fight?

Trophy/Sticker Showcase: Admire your collection of glorious stickers and shiny trophies.

Ruckus Connect: Connect your copy of the 3DS version to the Wii U version and trade trophies/stickers. You can even use your 3DS to control the action!

All-Star Mode: Defeat all of your characters with up to 2 players!

Brawl Transfer: Transfer your brawl trophies, stickers, and stages to Ruckus.

Stage Settings: Change the settings on every stage.

Ruckus Fest: A special kind of tournament.

Tournament: The old fashioned kind for 32 players or less.

Tag Team: A special team ruckus where teams have personalized final smashes.


All Brawl, Melee, and Original Stages are on the game.

New Stages


Bowser's Castle

Final Destination


Goron City

Pokemon Super Stadium

Dedede's Castle

Ganon's Tower

SMB 1-1

Flatter Zone

Ice Mountain

Peach's Castle

Warioware: Factory

Tom Nook's Store

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