This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.

Super Smash Brothers Incorporated is a company owned and manufactured by PatrickSG. As the name suggests, employees of this company make Super Smash Brothers games. If people wish to join, simply ask in the comments, PM me or send me a message on my Talk Page.


These are the current games in the company:


These are the current movies in the company:

Smash Brothers (Planned)

Brawl In The Family: Cocoon Academy (Planned)

TV Shows

These are the current TV Shows in the company:

Brawl In The Family: Animated Show (Planned)


There are five types of employees: The Board, Artists, Employees, Artist and Employees and Interns.

The Board: The Board are the heads of the company. This page is only allowed to be edited by members of The Board. If a board member thinks an employee should be degraded to an Intern or fired, the board members will state their opinions and an argument in their favor. The chairman, PatrickSG, will either make a decision himself or call a majority vote. If any board member quits disrespectfully, then they will be banned from applying for a position again. If they quit respectfully, however, they will be allowed to apply again. If any board members do quit, then employees, including Interns, will be allowed to apply and will be interviewed for the position via PM. The first twelve board members will also be interviewed for the position via PM.

Artists: Artists create art for the company. The first user to make a logo I like will be the Head Artist. All Artists' artwork will need to be approved by the Head Artist. All Artists, excluding the Head, will start as Interns. Interns who wish to be Artists will be discussed by the Head Artist and The Board. Artists are decided like this: The Board and the Head Artist will rate a piece of artwork chosen by the Intern on a scale of 1-10. This means the maximum rating is 130. To become an Artist, the Intern will need to score 65 or higher. The ratings will be confidential. Like The Board members, Artists will not be allowed to apply again if they disrespectfully quit, but will be allowed if they respectfully quit.

Employees: Employees have the most simple job in the company: to make games. The games they make will be inspected by The Board and, if they find it not good enough, it may have to be taken away from the Smash Games list of games, though the work will still be published. The first Employee to make a Featured Article will be the Head Employee. The Head Employee can confer with The Board about Interns that want to be Employees. If an Intern wishes to be an Employee, they will send The Board the title of their game via PM and they will decide to promote Interns by the 1-10 scale method used to decide Artists. An Employee is allowed to ask Artists to make art for their games. If Employees wish to officially collaborate with an Artist, then they must contact the Board. See above for quitting regulations.

Artists and Employees: As said above, Employees and Artists may collaborate. If The Board approve, then they become Artists and Employees. If an Artist or Employee quits (see above for quitting regulations), their partner will go back to their original position. If a board member sees fit, then both workers could be put back to their original positions. Interns: Interns are the underlings of the company. If an applicant is denied a place for Board Member/Artist/Employee, they will be put into an Internship. If an Employee doesn't start making a game or an Artist doesn't start making art within the time cap of a year, then they will be put into Internship. There will be a Head Intern. If you apply for Head Intern, understand that you may not make art or games. Also, Internship cannot go forth without a Head Intern. This how Internship works: There will be chances when a maximum of ten Interns will be able to send the Head Intern a game or piece of art. Please note that if you wish to be an artist refrain from sending the Head Intern a piece of art during Employee Chances and vice-versa. The Head Intern will narrow it down to five and send it to Employees/Artists. They will narrow it down to two and send it to the Head Artist/Employee. The Head will cut it down to one. If there is no Head Artist/Employee, they will send it straight to The Board. The Board will cut out the remaining two, if there is any, or rate the Intern with the 1-10 scale method. If the Intern gets 65 or more, they become an Employee/Artist.

Name Job Character
PatrickSG Founder/Chairman
Master Hand SSB4

Master Hand

EdGeorgenCody Employee

Bowser Jr

Poisonshot Employee

Doctor Mario

It is customary for an employee to choose a fighter to take the role of. Master Hand is reserved for the Chairman, Crazy Hand is reserved for Head Artist, Ancient Minister is reserved for Head Employee and Primid is reserved for the Head Intern.


If you wish to make a partnership with Smash Games, please leave PatrickSG a message on his Talk Page.

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