Super Smash Brothers Fiesta!
Developer(s) SirDarkBowser Fanclub
Publisher(s) Sonylogo
Platform(s) Nintari Portal 63 1/3
Release Date(s)
25px 30 April 1945

25px-Flag of USA 30 April 1945
25px-Flag of Japan 30 April 1945
25px-Flag of Australia 30 April 1945

Single Player

2-7 Player
17 Player (Online Only)

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puncher

Super Smash Brothers Fiesta! is a new game for the Nintari Portal 63 1/3. It is the first in the Super Smash Brothers series to feature Clayfighter characters prominently. It also features new mechanics to the game, such as costume customization, a volleyball mini-game similar to Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball the return of intuitive mechanics such as wavedashing, and Claytalities. It is the sequel to the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl, with full support and creative consulting by Miyamoto Sakurai. The game is set to be released.



01. Clay Cuts - The Way You Stop Motion

Main theme for Fiesta!

Following the path of previous Smash Brothers games, Fiesta! utilizes the same system and controls in a frantic battle scenario. Selecting from a wide range of Nintendo, Clayfighter and Nintari Portal original Fantendo characters, players focus on dealing damage in percents to enemy players in order to knock them out of bounds and off of the fighting area. Providing a variety of gamemodes, ranging from stock, score, HP and coin, the game is primarily focused on multiplayer melee. In spite of this the game also includes various other modes, such as a classic arcade style mode returning from original games, a story centric adventure mode, an event mode in which players compete through various premade scenarios and a volleyball mini-game where you can earn and unlock swimsuits for various characters. Similar to the previous entries in the series Smash Brothers uses a universal moveset amongst characters as opposed to traditional fighting games, however it drops the Final Smash's from the previous game, replacing them with "Claytalities" from the Nintendo 64 (and Microsoft Vita remake) fighting game Clayfighter 63 1/3.


General Actions

Utilizing the Microsoft Vita Analog Stick can move and jump around in full 3D with simulated physics. The 4 yellow C buttons are used to trigger the characters attacks, while the shoulderpad buttons are used to grab and activate shields. Characters may taunt by tapping the touch screen and activate their Claytalities by pressing both shoulderpad buttons at the same time when they have a full Claytality meter. Although the game is in full 3D, players move along a 2D plane, the 3D only used to make cool areas in the background you will never be able to go to. In Volleyball mode all 3 dimensions are used.

Techniques and Moves

Each character retains a unique moveset using a universal input throughout the roster. Basic attacks, including punches, kicks, slashes and licks are utilized through the D button, the directional pad and weather the player is in the air, on the ground, crouching or in space to provide a different attack. Each character also has four special moves tied to the four yellow C buttons, which facilitate Standard, Directional, Up and Down special attacks. Moves can be combed into eachother and can gain special properties depending on the players position.


Replacing Final Smashes from Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a modified technique from Clayfighter 63 1/3 known as a Claytality. The Claytality is used when a player presses both shoulder buttons at the same time with a full Claytality meter. Claytality's are brutal yet highly comedic and slapstick attacks, unleashed through unblockable cinematics that deal a ton of damages as well as added humility. Claytality meter can be burned with special commands to add special properties to basic and special moves.

Playable Characters

Characters have been separated into two categories, Veteran, featuring characters from previous Smash Brothers and Clayfighter games and Newcomers who are new to the series. Some characters are required to be unlocked by meeting specific requirements then facing off against them in mortal combat.


Sample Name Series Unlocked By
Sirdarkbowser Sir Dark Bowser Sir Dark Bowser Default
134px Lord Satan Pickle Adventures Default
134px Chip "Danger" Picklesfield Pickle Adventures Default
134px Dark Pickle Pickle Adventures Complete Classic mode with Lord Satan
134px Baby Satan Pickle Adventures Complete Classic mode with Chip "Danger" Picklesfield
134px Mr. Pickle & Watch Pickle Adventures Complete Target Test for all Pickle Adventures characters.
Col crustard Col. Crumstard Crumstard's Revenge Default
BobJenkins Bob Jenkins Arkham Horror Default
Rattle-me-bones-1- Davy Bones Rattle Me Bones Default
Scorpionking Scorpion King The Mummy Default
Chaseee Chase McClain LEGO City Default
Drekreynolds Drek Reynolds Drek Reynolds Default
Heavy-1- Heavy Weapons Guy Team Fortress Default.
Heavybot blu-1- Heavy Weapons Bot Team Fortress Complete Classic Mode with Heavy Weapons Guy
Zombified Heavy RED-1- Zombie Weapons Guy Team Fortress Acquire the "Scream Fortress" Trophy.
Toad3DLand Toad Mario Default.
SportsDaisy Daisy Mario Complete Classic Mode with Peach.
WaluigiBrawl Waluigi Wario Complete Classic Mode with Wario
Hideokojima Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid Complete Classic Mode with Bob Jenkins
Maxwell 2 Maxwell Scribblenauts Default
Scribblenaut (Female)-1- Scribblenaut Scribblenauts Complete Classic Mode with Maxwell.

Clayfighter Veterans

Sample Name Series Unlocked By
Badmrfrosty Bad Mr. Frosty Clayfighter Default
Bad Mr Frosty C2-1- Ice Clayfighter Complete Classic Mode with Bad Mr. Frosty
Leblob Blob Clayfighter Default
Thsc-1- T-Hoppy Clayfighter Complete Classic Mode with Blob.
Bluesuedegoo-1- Blue Suede Goo Clayfighter Default
Houngan-1- Houngan Clayfighter Complete Classic Mode with Blue Suede Goo
Clonkingbonker Bonker Clayfighter Default
Kung pow-1- Kung Pow Clayfighter Complete Classic Mode with Bonker
Ickybodclay-1- Icky Bod Clay Clayfighter Default
Sumo-Santa-ClayFighter-1- Sumo Santa Clayfighter Complete Classic Mode with Icky Bod Clay
Taffy-1- Taffy Clayfighter Default
Lockjaw Pooch-1- Lockjaw Pooch Clayfighter Complete Classic Mode with Taffy
Ts-1- Tiny Clayfighter Default
Hobocop-1- Hobo Cop Clayfighter Complete Classic Mode with Tiny
Earthwormjim Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim Default

Smash Brothers Veterans

Sample Name Series Unlocked By
Mario SM3DW Mario Mario Default
Dr Mario by DohIMissed Dr. Mario Mario Unlocked by completing Classic mode with Toad.
NSMBWiiPeach Peach Mario Default
Luigi MP9 Luigi Mario Complete Classic Mode with Mario.
Bowser NSMBW Bowser Bowser Default
BrawlWario Wario Wario Default
MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi Yoshi Default
DK Strong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Default
DiddyK Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Default
SS-Link Link The Legend of Zelda Default
ZeldaSkyward Zelda The Legend of Zelda Default. Impa transforms into this character.
Impa Impa The Legend of Zelda Default. Zelda transforms into this character.
ToonG Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda Complete Classic Mode with Zelda or Impa.
BrawlToonLink Toon Link The Legend of Zelda Complete Classic Mode with Link.
KRTDL KirbyRun Kirby Kirby Default
MetaKnightFlightKRTDL Meta Knight Kirby Default
KRtDL Dedede King Dedede Kirby Default
025Pikachu Pikachu Pokemon Default
039Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Pokemon Complete Classic Mode with Pikachu
Red by Xous 54 Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Default
MewtwoNvC2 Mewtwo Pokemon Complete Classic Mode with Pokemon Trainer
Samus Aran Samus Metroid Default. Zero Suit Samus transforms into this character.
Folder4000 render Zero Suit Samus Metroid Default. Samus transforms into this character.
Pit KIU Pit Kid Icarus Default.
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Default.
459px-Pitart ROB ROB Complete Classic Mode with Ice Climbers.
Foxsmnas Fox Star Fox Default.
Falco643D1 Falco Star Fox Complete Classic Mode with Fox
LucasHD Lucas Earthbound Default.
NessHD Ness Earthbound Complete Classic Mode with Ness
Chrom Chrom Fire Emblem Default.
Lucinamarth Marth Fire Emblem Complete Classic Mode with Chrom
75px-FalcSmash Captain Falcon F-Zero Complete Classic Mode with Captain Olimar.
Captain Olimar & Pikmin Captain Olimar Pikmin Default.
GameandWatchBell Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch Complete Classic Mode with all Default characters.


The game features a variety of new stages, as well as returning remakes of old ones.

New Stages

Sample Name Universe Description
Ubermarket Ubermarket Pickle Adventures The great Ubermarket where Grillo Pickles are sold, the previous discarded and inferior pickles have made the floors all slippery.
Frosty stage-Shadowtak-1- Frosty Fortress Clayfighter A slippery ice castle that gathers up snow creating bigger platforms as the match goes on.
Blue sued goo stage-Shadowtak-1- Big Hunk O' Burning Clay Clayfighter The swank nightclub of Blue Suede Gloo which contains various fire hazards as well as a piano which can fall on you.
Mummylego LEGO Studios: Mummy's Tomb LEGO City A haunted mummy tomb, but in LEGO.
Arkham horror Arkham Arkham Horror Utilizing dimensional portals you transport around to various areas of the town Arkham as it is seiged by paranormal and supernatural happenings and creatures..
Scorpion king1-1- Mathias' Fall Scorpion King The final battle of the Scorpion King where Mathias falls.

Returning Stages

All stages from the first 3 Smash Brothers return with updated graphics and physics. For stages which occupy the same element, the used design is shown below.

Sample Name Universe Description
Al 111003 2026binout-1- Battlefield Super Smash Bros. A basic stage with 3 platforms soaring through the cosmos.
FinalDestination-1- Final Destination Super Smash Bros. A single platform with no levels or hazards, soaring through space and beyond.

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