The new game from the previous game called Super Smash Bros. Dungeon: Angelic and Demonic Rescue Team, there are newer Tamagotchis and more partners to team up!


Main Heros

A cute and stong hero, He has big cuddly eyes, and leaf-like ears that make him adoreble. However, he's really strong and tough! (well... not that tough!). His age wasn't shown, but he's still a child. He loves being belly rubbed by humans.

He is brilleint, sinserce, and polite.

Younger sister of Mametchi. She adores Mametchi a lot. However, this character is also a self-fish brat. She is very ticklish!


A Young boy from Diamond city, he and his best friend 18-Volt all together partnered with Captain Yuron, Mametchi, and Chamametchi.

  • 18-Volt

9-Volt's best-friend. He holds a radio to listion his music called the Boom Box. He always say "Word!"

  • Tampopo AKA 3-Volt

9-Volt's sweet and kind older-sister, she thinks her little brother's a brat, but she still loves him.

Recruitble ailles

Everyone's hero! he unites with his younger brother Luigi to save the Mushroom kingdom.

Mario's younger brother, he's a little weaker, and he's scared of ghosts like Boo(s).

Mario's dinosaur friend, this happy-go-lucky dino loves to eat fruits with his sticky tounge.

A princess from the mushrrom kingdom, she loves Mario a lot!

Peach's sister, a cheerful princess that likes having a good without getting tired, she adores Luigi a lot!

Members from Suka guild
  • Sukatchi

A gentlemen tamagotchi who trys to look cool, but he's no good at sports! His tri-colored cap reminds for his mama. He's the boss of the whole guild.

Sukatchi's alfer ego, He's upgraded with some powerful tri-colored cap, and he can be able to beat sports.

He is the captain of the guild! He loves to sweet-talk to the ladies and care for his younger sister, Violetchi.

Kizatchi's alfer ego, His helper Suka Joe

  • Violetchi

Kizatchi's baby sister, she is very popular! this intelligent Tamagotchi loves things that are beatiful, she enjoys skipping and singing!

A Bandit who snatches money from Yuron. Ex. 1000-100

A young Pichu that is used to be the beginner of the guild, He's also the Gatekeeper find out who's comin in the guild.

A white Yometchi wth angel wings, she works in her team assembaly.

  • Blue Rabbid

A blue raving rabbid who always wake Yuron and friends when he shouted "COME YOU GUYS!! IT'S MORING!!!"

Litle P's gurdian, he gives hints and suports Litle P for the keeping the gate.

A trader from the Sukatchi Guild, he let's you guys trade!

Team Beltch

Mario's Villain who try's to marry Peach, He has a son named Bowser jr.

Mario's arch-rival, he loves money and gross humor, when saw 9-Volt hurt after he farts at him, he forgives him to do that ever again.

Luigi's arch-rival, he loves to sweet-talk with the ladies, but this makes Kizatchi angry!

Bowser's most-beloved son, He likes to have Princess Peach to be his mama?

other Antigoisnts

A boo who pretends to a nice Boo, but he threw Yuron and his friend into the Vortex to the future world.

A Beast who had been posed by Sonic when King boo bites him when the moon is full. He turns back to normal Sonic when he's defeated by Yuron.


This story takes place through the Nintendo galaxy

Chapter 1 Storms at the beach

Three friends collapses on the shore

Tampopo, 9-Volt, and 18-Volt (Your partners) finds Captain Yuron, Mametchi, and Chamametchi (all of you, the heros) collapsed on the shore. You guys seem to have fainted. The partners talk to you guys, and you guys reveal that you guys are from the diffrent planets. Just then, Wario and Waluigi appear from behind your partners and nab their precious Relic Fragment before absconding. You guys and your partners head for the Sea Cave in hopes of getting it back.

Chapter 2 The frist guild friends

You guys and your partners form an Exploration Team

You guys and your partners apply to become part of Sukatchi's Guild. He accepts you, so you guys and your partners form an Exploration team. Kizatchi, Sukatchi's right-hand Tamagotchi, gives You guys your first job, retrieving Orbluon's Oniker. You guys and your partners head for the Stone Bluff in the search of the pig.

Chapter 3 Dimissnal Screen

Defeat that shyster Batdaz Maru and save Ana!

Moseying around Smash town, You as Captain Yuron touch an Onigiri that Ana dropped, when suddenly You as Mametchi get a vision of the a little girl crying for help. Then, when you as Chamametchi and Batdaz Maru the penguin bump shoulders in passing, you as Chamametchi get a vision, this time of Batdaz Maru threating Ana. You guys puzzle over this while returning to the Guild, and when you guys arrive, you see Batdaz Maru's picture on the Outlaw Bulletin Board! Ana's in trouble. Hurry to Mt. Iodine!

Chapter 4 Gatekeepers

A Rabbid hosts "Name the footprint!"

The Blue Rabbid summons You guys and your partners to come help with the day's work. The Blue Rabbid brings you guys over to a Pichu named litle. P so you guys can do guard duty. You guys have to identifiy visting Creatures by the shape of their feet and relay that to the Blue Rabbid. You guys work hard in hopes of winning a prize. After all of your shift, it's back to eploring as usual.

Chapter 5 The real frist Exploration

To be told...

Chapter 6 Team Beltch

To be told...

Chapter 7 Guild's trip to far away

To be told...

Chapter 8 Malaria's heart

To be told...

Chapter 9 head to fog lake

To be told...

Chapter 10 King Boo

To be told...

Chapter 11 Young Cricket the theif

To be told...

Chapter 12 The only plan

To be told...

Chapter 13 King Boo's secret

To be told...

Chapter 14 Into the Futrue

To be told...

Chapter 15 Planet's destrution secret

To be told...

Chapter 16 The New Dawn

To be told...

Chapter 17 The Guild's Company

To be told...

Chapter 18 Knuckles

To be told...

Chapter 19 To Angel Island

To be told...

Final Chapter The Final Battle

To be told...

Story Post-endings

These will give hints after the credits roll

Guild Graduation

To be told...

Ash Kectom the Explorer

To be told...


To be told...

The Power cave

To be told...

Luigi's Nightmare

To be told...

Adventures again

To be told...

Yoshi's Return

To be told...


  • Sluge trap: Randomly lowers Strengh, Power, Defense, or Stache by 1
  • Goo trap: Makes one of the items in your Brawl bag gooey, also makes gooey bombs
  • Mold trap: The food in your Brawl bag becomes moldy
  • Gas trap: Foes from the floor are placed randomly in the vicinity
  • Pitfall trap: You receive damage and sent to the floor below
  • Warp trap: you're warped to diffrent spot on the same floor

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