Super Smash Bros. Clash (article name changed because the name already existed) is the fourth game in the Super Smash Bros. series.

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These are all the characters and their Special Movesets.

Movesets coming soon.

1. Mario

2. Link

3. Pikachu

4. Pokemon Trainer (New Team. Bulbasaur/ Warturtle/ Charizard)

5. Kirby

6. Fox

7. Falco

8. Ness

9. Ike

10. Donkey Kong

11. Diddy Kong/Dixie Kong

12. Samus/Zero Suit Samus

13. Captain Falcon

14. Yoshi

15. Wario

16. Olimar

17. Animal Crosser

18. Mii

19. Ice Climbers

20. Pit


21. Luigi

22. Peach

23. Bowser

24. Bowser Jr./ Shadow Mario

25. Zelda/Sheik

26. Ganon

27. Masked Link (A switch out team that consists of Young Link/ Deku Link/ Goron Link/ Zora Link)

28. Johto Pokemon Trainer (Chikorita/ Crokenaw/ Typhlosion)

29. Lucario

30. Jigglypuff

31. Mewtwo

32. King Dedede

33. Meta Knight

34. Falco

35. Wolf

36. Krystal

37. Lucas

38. Masked Man

39. Marth

??. Michaiah (added afterward, dont want to fix #s)

40. King K. Rool

41. Ridley

42. Black Shadow

43. Samurai Goroh

44. Kamek

45. Ashley

46. Kat and Ana

47. Megaman

48. Stafy

49. ROB

50. Mr. Game and Watch

51. Pacman

52. Balloon Fighter

53. Sonic

54. Tails

55. Knuckles

56. Stick Fighter (playable version of Multi Man Clash character, with added Special Moves)

57. Monster Hand (a playable form of Master Hand that crawls around on its fingers)


58. Waluigi

59. Paper Mario

60. Dr. Mario

61. Toad

62. Geno

63. Vaati

64. Midna and Wolf Link

65. Toon Zelda/ Tetra

66. Deoxys

67. Hoenn Trainer (Mudkip/ Grovyle/ Blaziken)

68. Sinnoh Trainer (Turtwig/ Prinplup/ Infernape)

69. Darkrai

70. Lyn

71. Sylux

72. Dark Samus

73. Isaac

74. Sukapon

75. Takamaru

76. Bomberman

New Features

New Special Button

A new feature in this game is the second special button. The secondary special button replaces the jump command for X. This allows a character to have up to 8 special moves, 4 on each button, though some will have less. Also, you now use the A and B or A and X to do Final Smashes, so you can still use your specials without accidentally doing a Final Smash. If you like to jump with X, you have the option to change it to another button in the custom control mode, which is returning from Brawl.

Smash Meter

This is a special meter below your characters damage, that, once filled up, gives you a Final Smash. The meter has a little number with a % sign next to it. The number starts at 0. For every % of damage you give or take, it goes up by that same amount, and the meter fills a little. For every death you take or give, it goes up by 100, and a 10th of the meter fills. The number next to the meter goes up to 1000%. Once it reaches 1000, then the meter will be full, and you get your Final Smash. When you use it the meter goes back to 0 again.

Some good features about the Smash Meter is: When you get the Final Smash, you cant get it knocked out of you. If you die before using the Final Smash, you still lose a live, but will still be able to use the Final Smash.

There is a cool feature that you can do with the Smash Meter called the GRAND FINAL SMASH.

Grand Final Smash

If you get a Smash Ball and have your Smash Meter full, your character will automatically use their Grand Final Smash, an UBER powerful move that does what people expected the Smash Ball to do before Brawl came out...


though the FS occurs right when you get the smash ball with no warning, there is no need for timing, as most Grand Final Smashes are transformtions or huge explotions that ruin the stage.

For example, mario becomes giant, gains flying abilitys, becomes invincible, and launches powerful beams like the mario finale beams as quickly as a normal fire ball. He can stay in this form for about 15 seconds. Anyone who can survive something like that really has skill.

Now when I said "huge explotions that ruin the stage", I was serious. Most of the Grand Final Smashes are so power full that the can break off peices of the stage for the rest of the battle(there is a limit though. the limit is a platform as big as 6 blocks horizontally on the stage builder).

Multiple Final Smashes per Character

Not much explenation needed. This just means each character will have more than one Final Smash. Different Final Smashes are done by pressing a certain direction while pressing A + B to do the Final Smash. Simple enough.

Tag Team Clash

This is just a tag team versus mode. Before a match you pick a head character (the starting character), and set up to 3 characters to the Left, Down, and Right D-pad keys. In the match, pressing the D-pad in one of those directions will give you the corresponding character. When you switch out you keep your damage and lost lives though. By the way, to go back to the head character, you just press Up on the D-pad. Also, you cant taunt in this mode.

Multiple Final Smashes at once

This just means more than one person on the stage can use their Final Smash at once.

This feature also allows players to do a special move called the FINAL CLASH:

Final Clash

Now a Final Clash is done when 2 final Smashs hit each other in the right way. For example, if 2 links do the triforce slash at each other, then the collision will result in a Final Clash. A Final Clash is a huge explotion about twice the diameter of a Smart Bomb explotion. One anyone who touches it will instantly be KO'd (besides the clashers), and this explotion will also destroy a majority of the stage.

Special Throw

This is just a special throw attack done by pressing B while you have the opponent in your grasp.

Aerial Grab

This just means you can grab opponents in the air.

Aerial Fighting

Before Brawl came out, Sakurai said he wanted to improve aerial fighting, but he didn't improve it too much. This new feature will. After using up you mid air jump, you can gain another mid air jump by attacking an opponent with an aerial attack, or by mid air throwing them, or by getting hit or thrown yourself. This allows you to get infinite air jumps, and for fighting to last along time in the air. Special Moves and Grabs do not give you another jump, but getting hit with them does.

Six Player

With new wirless features and backward controller compatibility, I think 6 player fighting would be very capable. Also, there was a 6 player mode in the Melee debug menu, and it worked fine, so if they can do it on Gamecube, Im sure its possible on the Wii.

Custom Colors

This feature allows players to freely edit a characters colors with a simple paint bucket tool. Color designs for every character can be saved to a name (1 per character). You can also unlock new colors and designs by getting little paint buckets you randomly find in Clashes.

Alt Costumes

Some characters will have different character designs to use instead of the main design. For example, Pokemon Trainer will have a Female Trainer Design that has pokemon wearing ribbons on their heads.


1 Player


Unlike Brawl, each series will have their own individual story or storys. More storys can be downloaded on wifi. Once a story is beaten, you can play it as any character. You can also make your own stages, and download other creations from around the world

A couple downloadable storys are.

1. A remake of the Melee story mode.

2. A remake of the Subspace Emisary.

3. Possible a SSE sequal.


An arcade style mode


Fight your way through every character you've unlocked so far, with only 1 live, and 3 hearts.


Break the targets

Break all 10 targets in an arena.

There is 1 stage per character, and 3 universal stages for all the characters.

You can also make your own puzzles, and shares them on wifi.

Board the Platforms

Same as break the targets, butinstead you stand on platforms. There is once again, 1 puzzle per character, 3 universal puzzles for all characters, a puzzle maker and a puzzle sharer

Race to the finish

Your in a huge maze with a bunch of exit doors. Get as far as you can before time runs out. The further you make it the better your score.

There is a short, medium, and long maze, and you can also make your own mazes.

Multi-man Clash

A bunch of Stick Fighters keep coming at you and attacking you. Kill as many as you can.

Homerun Contest

Beat up Sandbag and hit him as far as you can. The only item you have is the Homerun Bat.


In this mode you are given certain objectives you must complete, such as defeat a number of enemys in a certain amount of time on a certain, or survive against over powered foes for a short period of time. There are 100 solo events, and 50 co-op events. You can also create your own events and share them on wifi.


Practice your skills againt a none moving computer.

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