This is a list of beta elements from the game Super Smash Brothers - The Ultimate Fight

Cut characters

These characters were going to be playable but got cut during development:

Space Pirate from the Metroid series - this was an idea that came really early in development, because the developers tought the number of Metroid characters was too small. Only some animations were finished and his moveset was not even finished, but then the developers decided to cut him because he wasn't important enough to the Nintendo universe.

1000px-Impa Artwork (Skyward Sword)
Impa from the Zelda series - When the game was near finished, the developers tought it would be a good idea to add Impa as a last-minute Sheik clone. However, they decided the game had a good amount of Zelda characters already, so they made her an Assist Trophy because they felt she deserved an important role in the game.

Toon Zelda HD
Toon Zelda from the Zelda series - Originally, Tetra was going to be a 2-in-1 character with Toon Zelda. However, there where too may alternate versions of characters already and one Toon character was enough, so they made Tetra a separate character and cut Toon Zelda.

Cut stages

Acorn Plains would appear as a stage representing the New Super Mario Bros. series. It was cut for unknown reasons.


The game was originally going to be for Wii U.

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