Super Smash Brothers: New Dawn


Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo

HAL Laboratory

Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
Japan: Summer 2015

USA: Spring 2016 European: Spring 2016

Single Player Adventure (1 player)

Local Brawl (1-4 Players) Wifi Brawl (1-4 Players) Tournament (1-24 players)

Genre(s) Action, Fighting, Adventure
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

3DS Cartridge

Super Smash Brothers: New Dawn is a brand new installment in the Super Smash Brothers Series, this game will be available for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in the coming years. Much like Super Smash Brothers 4, this game will feature two different styles of graphical enhancement and they will both have slightly different gameplay to suit the needs of many Smash Bros players.

A whole new way to brawl has been created, its time to fight to the New Dawn.


The Gameplay will be the same from the most recent installments, but this time, the gameplay will be focused on Melee's style of gameplay, it will be fast paced and blood pumping.

The gamemodes in this installment are as follows:

The Coming Dawn: The "Subspace Emissary" of this installment, this mode will allow you to interact with all the characters in the game in order to defeat a brand new threat to the Smash World

Arcade Mode: Face up against 12 opponents, play five minigames and face off against Master Hand at the final destination, but now the return of the previous Break the Target stages will add more variety in the lineup, and there is a new secret boss at the end of the Arcade Mode that people will enjoy fighting once again.

Local Brawl: A simple 1-4 player match, this mode can be edited so you can play timed matches and stock matches.

Special Brawl: Much like SSBB, Special Brawl allows you to add more features to your match to make it more hectic. In this mode you can:

  • Change the size of your character
  • Enhance their speed
  • Give them the metal box item for the whole match
  • Add HP to your character
  • Add a life sucking item to your character
  • Change the flow of time in the match

Wifi Brawl: Play against players from around the world in a 1-4 player Brawl or a Special Brawl, but you can now use the Wifi Mode to play The Coming Dawn with other players, so more people can complete the story mode together.

Multi Man Brawl: Fight against the Wire Alloys, The Metal Bros, The Polygon Team and many more in this massive brawl, choose from a 3 minute brawl, a 15 minute brawl, an impossible brawl and an Endless Brawl.

Boss Rush: Fight against all the bosses from the Story Mode, this mode is only unlocked after completing the story mode.

All Star Mode: Another mode thats unlocked after completing the Story mode, face off against all the characters in the game in a one life run, but now you can face an All Star Mode exsclusive boss that will really test your skills, can you proove yourself and become the best brawler around?


Unlike the previous installments, the characters have now been put into different classes. These classes are determined on their speed, weight and strength.

Light Weight Class


Middle Weight Class


Heavy Weight Class