Super Smash Bros Z
Developer(s) Fire Bro Productions
Publisher(s) Fire Bro Productions
Platform(s) GameCube, Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
GameCube: September 23, 2006

DS: September 23, 2006

This is the sequel to Super Smash Bros Z.


After defeating Vortex, Clockwork, and Kickside, everything goes back to normal. But then, Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu get suspicious of Vortex and get to the Treacherous Castle. But they are caught off guard as instead of Vortex, they get two new bad guys called Richard and Oliver, and they get beaten up and captured along with the other Smash Bros. 

Meanwhile, Walter hears about this in the newspaper and goes to Vannia in the ship called the S. S. Roadkill. He arrives at Vannia to discover that Vortex has returned and is planning to steal the Mystic Moustache. They disappear, and Walter and Krouton get to Vannia.

Chapter 1

When Walter is at Vannia, Krouton tells him that they need to stop Vortex from getting the Mystic Moustache. They explore the Mysterious Museum where the moustache is at. Krouton tells Walter that the Mystic Moustache belonged to a hero, who was actually Krouton's great-great grandfather. Krouton tells Walter that

his name was Matthew, and he fought against the ancient monster, Vortex. He defeated Vortex, but his moustache got possesed by an evil power and it transformed into a monster. The moustache ate him and his power up, and magicians sealed the moustache deep underground.

Walter meets Richard and Oliver in the basement, and they tell Walter that they want to release the moustache to create the monster. Walter tries to stop them, but he falls. They release the moustache, and they flee to the Treacherous Castle. The moustache transforms into a monster, and Walter defeats it. An orb drops from the sky. The moustache goes to the Treacherous Castle.

Krouton finally tells Walter why Richard and Oliver are here instead of Vortex. He says that they lied about Vortex returning, and that Richard is the leader of a space empire and Oliver was his assistant. They were looking at Earth to capture it. Vortex was to build a base on the planet (the Treacherous Castle), and Richard was to send a fleet of goons towards the planet. Finally, when Richard and Oliver heard of Vortex's defeat, they came to Earth to manage their base. All of the enemies in the Treacherous Castle are those goons.

Chapter 2

Walter meets Krouton at Vannia, and Krouton tells Walter that, in order to get in the Treacherous Castle, they must collect 4 orbs (including the one Walter got at the Mysterious Museum). Krouton tells Walter that the Terrible Trio split up and Vortex, the "leader" of the Treacherous Castle, got trapped up in a bottle by Richard and Oliver, and they contained his power in the bottle. Krouton tells Walter that the next orb is in Spook Woods. Walter goes to Spook Woods to get it.

Walter meets Kickside at Spook Woods, and Kickside tells Walter that the Terrible Trio is an evil team of necromancers. They are Alnarfia, Malladia, and Parandicia. Also, Richard and Oliver are called the Dynamic Duo, and they are the new masters of the Treacherous Castle. Walter defeats Kickside afterwards.

Walter encounters Alnarfia in Thunder Cove, and Alnarfia shoots a laser-ray that destroys Walter's Walter-Talkie, which means he cannot contact Krouton during his adventures. Walter fights Alnarfia, and after defeating him, he transforms into a giant beast. He defeats the beast and gets the Spook Orb.

Chapter 3

Walter goes to Foodland and encounters Clockwork there. Walter fights Clockwork, but at the last second the Terrible Trio show up. They say they are the TERRIFYING Trio, not the Terrible Trio. Walter defeats them, and the Dynamic Duo show up and take the Terrifying Trio and Clockwork with them. The Dynamic Duo place a barrier to block Walter from getting to the orb.

Walter goes on to fight minions such as Terror Burger and Mean Mask. Afterwards, Walter discovers that the barrier has lifted and he goes in. Walter finds Malladia inside the barrier. Malladia proceeds to fight Walter. Walter wins and Malladia transforms into a giant head. Walter destroys the head and kills Malladia for good. Walter gets the orb and Krouton tells him the next orb is on the Element Island. Walter goes to the island to retrieve the final orb.

Chapter 4

Walter goes to Element Island, only to discover it is split up into 4 parts: Icy Mountains, Rocky Slope, Fiery Siege, and the Great Garden. Walter goes to the Icy Mountains and goes through some annoying enemies. He then goes to Rocky Slope and discovers that the slope is too steep to climb. Walter takes a detour to Rocky Slope. He goes through very extreme temperatures to get up the Rocky Slope, then he gets to Fiery Siege. 

After Fiery Siege, Walter goes to the Great Garden to discover that it is an endless garden filled with tricks, traps, secret entrances, and hoaxes. He navigates the garden, and gets to a big door. Walter goes into the door to discover that...

the Dynamic Duo create ANOTHER barrier to block Walter. Walter goes through more of the Great Garden and discovers that the barriers were just a distraction for Walter. Walter runs right through the barriers to discover that the Dynamic Duo, the Terrifying Trio, Clockwork, and Kickside are all there and have the final orb. They flee to the Treacherous Castle almost immediatly after seeing Walter. Afterwards, Parandicia finds Walter and fights him. After being defeated he transforms into a giant dragon. Walter defeats him and gets the orb. Walter goes to Krouton to give him the orbs.

Chapter 5

Walter finally goes to the Treacherous Castle. Unfortunately, Richard learns of Walter's progress and sends his goons to defend the castle. Walter goes through the courtyard and defeats the gatekeeper there. Walter goes towards the castle. He goes towards an elevator that doesn't work. He goes upwards and is encountered by Clockwork, who tells Walter of Richard's plan. He plans to use a generator to shoot a ray at the moon, extracting the power from the moon to give to the mustache. He would then give Oliver's leftover power to the mustache, along with his defeated goons' power. He would unleash the mustache's inner power and it will become a giant monster. The mustache will destroy Vannia and Richard will build his empire on top of the rubble. Walter defeats Clockwork and proceeds with a new goal: to destroy the generator and foil Richard's plan! He goes towards the generator, only to discover that the door is shut with a force field. He goes towards the elevator, and it goes down with a mysterious force. He delves down into the basement and finds a key. Before getting back to the elevator, Kickside blocks the path. Walter defeats him and learns that Richard has a laboratory which guards the switch needed to switch off the force field. But it is locked with a key that Walter has now. Walter goes to the lab and switches off the force field. He goes towards the generator and destroys it. But the ground collapses under Walter's feet and he falls way down. He ends up in the castle's dungeon. He gets out of the dungeon and ends up on a giant bridge. He crosses the bridge and gets to an arena. Richard is there and puts him against fighting his toughest goons. Walter wins and gets taken to a large room. He sits on a couch and it transports him to a strange room. He goes through the hall to get to the generator tower. He climbs the tower and climbs the staircase to go to Richard's lair. He gets in and runs towards the door. Richard just finished the energy transferal and says that he was going to use another power source for the mustache, Vortex's soul. Walter proceeds to fight Richard and wins... kinda. Richard unleashes the mustache's true power. It goes on a rampage. Walter chases after it. After a long battle, he destroys the mustache and leaves the Treacherous Castle. However, the castle flies in the air and flies far away somewhere else...


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