Super Smash Bros Z
The logo.
Developer(s) Fbpro
Publisher(s) Fbpro
Platform(s) Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
Gamecube: November 6, 2004 DS: December 12, 2004
1 player
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Smash Bros
Predecessor None
Successor None
Smash Bros Z was a GameCube game released in 2004. It was a spinoff of Smash Bros and Melee.


The Smash Bros. are going on a trip to Vannia, a land that the Smash Bros go to every year. But when they get there, a giant spaceship grabs almost all of the Smash Bros and carries them away! However, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, Mario, and Mr. Game & Watch accidentally fell out! Then a scientist named Krouton agreed to help them in a quest to save the remaining Smash Bros. Krouton gives them a special machine called the Usefuller 5000, which can help them in any way possible, like displaying a map of the current area. In Plaid Plains, they meet a crazed Smash Brothers fanboy named Walter, who saves the game and provides info. After defeating Dragor, it spits out a weird stone tablet, which they present to Krouton. Krouton says it is part of an ancient stone that can open gates to other worlds. They proceed to go to areas and collect tablets, until they meet Vortex, a masked villain who is leader of the Terrible Trio and the main antagonist of the game, who kidnapped the Smash Bros. He blocks the boss gate using power from his magic sword. Krouton contacts them using the Usefuller 5000 and says that Vortex is very powerful and that they should not try to fight him. Then, they proceed to collect tablets, until something terrible happens when they are in Wiggly Waters! Vortex and his minions proceed to Vannia's castle. They defeat all of KOV (King of Vannia)'s guards and Vortex uses his sword to launch KOV out of his castle!!! Krouton and Walter try to stop them, but it is too late. Vortex has turned the castle into his new lair, the Treacherous Castle, and he kidnaps Krouton! Walter goes to Wiggly Waters to talk to them. But he couldn't find them, so he went back to Vannia. But the place was a wreck...

When they get back, Walter takes them to Krouton's lab, where he tells them what happened. They go to the Mysterious Mine and find Mario inside! Vortex kidnapped Mario and stuffed him into the Mysterious Mine. After rescuing Mario and gathering 10 pieces of the the Stone, they go into the Shadow Realm. There, they face a gauntlet of bizarre obstacles, until they reach they reach a big stone. They unleash the power inside the stone, but it turns out to be the Shadow King, a monster Shadow that was imprisoned in the stone. After they defeat the Shadow King, they get the last piece of the stone. Then they use the stone to unlock the Abyss, an alternate dimension where the key to the Treacherous Castle is located. Then they reach the end of the Abyss, where they fight a monster called the Bogus Boogie Board. After defeating it, they get the key to the Treacherous Castle.

The Treacherous Castle has a lot of obstacles and a LOT of Shadows. They encounter a lot of enemies there. Then they get to the Altar of Terror, where, with the help of Walter, discover that Mr. Game & Watch tricked them all along since the beginning in order to obtain the dark energy sealed inside Vortex's ancient treasure chest. After defeating Mr. Game & Watch, Walter joins their team, replacing Mr. Game & Watch. Then they encounter The Terrible Trio, who fight them on the roof. After an epic battle, they get defeated and the Smash Bros get rescued. A giant parade was made to celebrate their success.

However, in the castle's rubble, The Terrible Trio emerge and vow revenge... To Be Continued...


Each character has special abilities that can help them through a level. Link has the Boomerand and Hookshot, Yoshi has his tongue, flutter jump, and eggs, Kirby has his floating and powers, and Mario has fireballs and double jump. Each ability can help a character.

During the quest, the player can collect items. It can either give them to Chef Baker to cook into better items, or keep them and use them when you need them. You can also buy items.

Also, when you are in the middle of a level, the player can exit to Vannia Town Square, but there's a catch: When you get back to the area, you start at the very beginning.

The Usefuller 5000 has a LOT of uses. You can examine each character, check the area map, and check your items!


There are 12 areas in Vannia.

1: Plaid Plains, a grassy place where the grass grows in a plaid pattern.

2: Foggy Forest, a big forest that is covered in very thick fog. In the middle of it lies a giant mansion.

3: Food Land, a land that is made out of food. Even the PEOPLE there are made of food!

4: Peril Pyramid, a giant pyramid hidden in the desert.

5: Wiggly Waters, a giant ocean that has a lot of sea life.

6: Mysterious Mine, an abandoned mine. Deep underground lies a giant crystal cavern.

7: Shivering Fields, a giant field that has been frozen. The subzero temperatures mean not many people go there.

8: Evergreen Jungle, a giant jungle that is covered in vines. A giant temple lies in its center.

9: Vicious Volcano, an island that has a big volcano in the middle of it.

10: Shadow Realm, the land of the Shadows. The Shadow King, Twilight Shadows and the Elemental Brothers live here.

11: The Abyss, an alternate dimension that has the Treacherous Castle key in it.

12: Treacherous Castle, a giant castle that used to be the KOV's castle, but Vortex took it over.


Shadows are the most common enemy in the game. There are 50 of them.

All of the Shadows
Name HP First encountered
Shadow 10 All Areas
Big Shadow 30 All Areas
Super Shadow 50 Food Land
Super Big Shadow 100 Peril Pyramid
Ultra Shadow 150 Shivering Fields
Ultra Big Shadow 250 Vicious Volcano
Elemental Shadow 10 All Areas
Big Elemental Shadow 30

All Areas

Super Elemental Shadow 50 Peril Pyramid
Big Super Elemental Shadow 100 Mysterious Mine
Ultra Elemental Shadow 150 Vicious Volcano
Big Ultra Elemental Shadow 250 Shadow Realm
Shadow Crusher 200 Mysterious Mine
Dour 100 Peril Pyramid
Doppelganger 300 Shadow Realm
Ghost 30 Foggy Forest
Ghoul 80 Mysterious Mine
Specter 150 Shadow Realm
Teleporter 150 Foggy Forest
Bomber 100 Food Land
Ripper 100 Peril Pyramid
Mummy 50 Peril Pyramid
Bulki 120 Food Land
Vampire 300 Mysterious Mine
Zombie 80 Foggy Forest
Pirate 150 Vicious Volcano
Pirate Captain 300 Vicious Volcano
Squid 80 Wiggly Waters
Sucker 100 Food Land
Plasma 50 Mysterious Mine
Plasma Bot 100 Mysterious Mine
Lavahar 100 Vicious Volcano
Har Lavahar 200 Vicious Volcano
Shadow Villager 100 Shadow Realm
Ninja 100 Shadow Realm
Sensei Shadow 200 Shadow Realm
Samurai 300 Shadow Realm
Robot 300 Shadow Realm
Shadow Guard 300 Shadow Realm
Pete 150 Shadow Realm
Pot Shadow 200 Shadow Realm
Blaster 300 Shadow Realm
Healer 100 Shadow Realm
Aqua (Elemental Brother) 300 Shadow Realm
Pyro (Elemental Brother) 300 Shadow Realm
Terra (Elemental Brother) 300 Shadow Realm
Twilight Shadow 500 Shadow Realm
Rainbow Shadow 50 All Areas
Gold Shadow 50 All Areas
Shadow King 1,000 Shadow Realm

Main Bosses

Dragor (Plaid Plains)

Treezer (Foggy Forest)

Hamburner (Food Land)

Sand Hands (Peril Pyramid)

Snarkmarine (Wiggly Waters)

Master Hand and Crazy Hand (Mysterious Mine)

Frosty (Shivering Fields)

Ka-Bloom (Evergreen Jungle)

Lavatear (Vicious Volcano)

Shadow King (Shadow Realm)

Bogus Boogie Board (The Abyss)

Mr. Game & Watch (Altar of Terror)

Vortex, Clockwork, and Kickside (The Terrible Trio) (Treachearous Castle)


Mouscrowlizard (Plaid Plains)

Mold Monster (Foggy Forest)

Fry Burner (Food Land)

Mummbulki (Peril Pyramid)

Bob and Joe (Wiggly Waters)

Crystallion (Mysterious Mine)

Frostman (Shivering Fields)

Vinemeister (Evergreen Jungle)

Fire Freak (Vicious Volcano)

Elemental Brothers (Shadow Realm)

Shadow Knight (The Abyss)

Magnetroid (Treacherous Castle)

Plasma Man (Treacherous Castle)

Knight Goon (Treacherous Castle)

Peker (Treacherous Castle0

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