Smash bros x2 beta roster

The Beta Character Select Screen

Super Smash Bros X2 is a game for the Nintendo XTREME, this is the 2nd Smash Bros game to have a big story mode, after Brawl. This game is created, published and completely made by Nintendo, Sega and Namco.


There are over 45 new courses, 45 retro courses, 6 Special Edition and 4 Different Dimensions courses, making 100 courses in total, only 20(26 if you have Special Edition) of them are unlocked at the beginning.

-Pokemon Stadium 4

-3D World II

-Royal Gateway

Mario And Rosalina Safetop Ride

Mario And Rosalina On Safetop Ride

-Safetop Ride

-Wii U Palutena's Temple


-Small Battlefield

-Final Destination

-True Final Destination

-Final Fortress

-Kong Jungle

-Royal Raceway


-Deep Down Caves

-Brawl Smashville

-Brawl Skyworld

-WiiU The Great Cave Offensive

-3DS 3D Land

-Sky Hills

-WiiU Gamer

-Brawl Spear Pillar

-Melee Fountain Of Dreams

-3DS Spirit Tracks

-N64 Saffron City

-Brawl Delfino Plaza

-WiiU Willy's Caslte

-Mushroom Kingdom Rush

-Hyrule Castle

-Version X1 (Special Edition Only)

-The Great Search Cave

-Unknown Temple

-Voodoo Hills


-WiiU Woolly World

-X2 Stadium

-Version X2 Kingdom (Special Edition Only)

- Version X2 Valley (Special Edition Only)

-Yarn Castle

-Wish Factory

-Smash Stadium

-Mii Plaza

-Unnamed New Years Stage (Fireworks and explosions)


There Are so far 39 confirmed characters, so far 4 of them have been unlockable.


-Dr.Mario (Unlocked by beating Classic Battles with Rosalina & Luma and Luigi)

-Luigi (Unlocked by beating Classic Battles Mode As Mario And Princess Peach)

-Princess Peach

-Toad (Toadette as alt)


-Rosalina & Luma (Unlocked by Beating All-Star on Medium Difficulty)



-Donkey Kong

-Diddy Kong




-Lana (Unlocked by beating Trophy Legends on Triforce Mode)

-Ganondorf (Unlocked By Clearing Xtreme Orders On XTREME Difficulty)

-Toon Link

-Captain Falcon


-King Dedede

-Meta Knight



-Zero Suit Samus


-Mewtwo (Unlocked by beating Trophy Legends on Pokeball Mode)

-Glaceon (Leafeon and Vaporeon as alt)

-Lucario (Unlocked by Beating Trophy Legend once)


-Greninja (Unlocked By Beating Classic Battle's With 10 Characters)




-Palutena (Unlocked by beating All-out All-star as Pit)

-Ice Climbers

-Mr. Game and Watch

-Duck Hunt Duo





-Lucina (Unlocked by beating All-out All-star as Chrom)


-Mega Man


-Little Mac


-Wii Fit Trainer

-Mii Fighter


There is 3 DLC packs confirmed, each containing 3 characters

Pokemon DLC Pack


-Pokemon Trainer (Cyndaquill, Bayleef, Feraligator) (Ash as alt (Delphox, Quilladin, Froakie))

-Eevee (Evolutions as alt)

Super Mario DLC Pack

-Dr Luigi

-Metal Mario (Metal Luigi as alt)

-8-bit Mario (8-bit Luigi as alt)

Other Character's DLC Pack


-Alph (Charlie and Brittney as alt)


Pokeball Pokemon

There has been confirmed to be 125 pokeball pokemon in this game, so far, 23 have been confirmed





-Kyorge (can become Primal Form)

-Groudon (can become Primal Form)


















they have announced to announce 27 more pokemon at the XTREME Nintendo Confrence on the 7th of January 2015 and 25 pokemon at the Nintendo Upcomming Game's Event on the 30th of January 2015

Special Edition


Super Smash!

Super Smash is the Normal Smash mode, when you click on it it shows another screen showing 5 different gamemodes you can pick for smashing!

1. Smash! - Normal Smash

2. 6 Player Smash! - 6 Player Smash

3. ???????????????????

4. Mushroom Kingdom Smash! - Can only play as Super Mario characters

5. Mega Man Smash! - ???????????????????????????

there's also the rules like normal.

Unique Smash

There are plenty of unique game modes, about well...12 to be exact!

Mega Man Mode

Special Mega Man Mode

Mega Man Smash

Not much info is know...

Mushroom Kingdom Smash!

Stage Ultimate Creator

Trophy Legend

Classic Battle

All-in All-Star!


Master/Crazy Fight!

 ??? Player Smash?

Past of Smash!

Battle Tournament's!



December 19, 2014: Nintendo Announced they would be announcing a new Nintendo XTREME Game the next day

December 20, 2014: Super Smash Bros X2 Was Announced, Revealing 13 Characters, alpha copy were given to testers

December 21, 2014: 26 other characters were confirmed, Luigi, Rosalina & Luma, Ganondorf And Greninga Were Confirmed As Unlockable Characters

December 22, 2014: Palutena was confirmed and Super Smash Bros X2 was confirmed to appear at the Nintendo XTREME Live Event and would reveal 4 characters.

December 23, 2014: Glaceon and Pac-man were confirmed, tons of photos were released and tons of stages were revealed in Glaceon's reveal trailer, Palutena and Lucario were confirmed to be unlockable.

December 24, 2014: not much info was confirmed, except for 2 stages and 1 returning characters, and the character is unlockable. We also got to see a updated version of the roster, including 2 new characters and 2 old characters, we are not allowed to post the picture until after the Nintendo XTREME Live Event on December 26.

December 26, 2014: the 4 characters were revealed, Mewtwo, Lucina, Lana and Toad, and they officially announced pokeball's and pokemon to return, along with the stage builder. A black figure appeared in a black trailer showing Mario appearing and fighting Mega Rayquaza in a japanese trailer, it has been rumored that this is the Story Mode. The first gameplay of the Ultimate Stage Builder was shown. 1 character was revealed to be confirmed tomorrow at Part 2 of the Nintendo XTREME Live Event on December 27. The release date was officially confirmed in Japan, it will release on 1 January 2018.

December 27, 2014: Duck Hunt Duo was confirmed, and a special character was announced to only private eyes (a.k.a us), and we cannot reveal it until January 1, 2015.

December 29, 2014: 2 new stages were confirmed - and Story Mode was officailly confirmed - yes, for real.

December 31, 2014: As for the final update this year, Tabuu, for Brawl, was confirmed as a boss in Story Mode, and a unnamed course featuring Fireworks was confirmed.

January 1, 2015: As for the first update this year, Mii Fighter was confirmed - in 5 forms - Brawler, Swordfighter, Gunner, Shielder(Defence), FastRunner(Speed)


-This is the only Smash Bros Game Where Falco is not unlockable

-This is the only smash bros game to feature 7 Pokemon characters are available.

-Somehow, 3DS Spirit Track's was originally going to be N64 Hyrule Castle, but was changed to 3DS Spirit Track's For Unknown Reasons


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