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    • Team Battle
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    • Stadium
      • Home Run Contest
      • Target Smash
      • Boss Rush
      • Multi Man Fight
      • Board the Platforms
      • Race To the finish
      • Poly Go Trials
    • Adventure
    • G Space Story
  • Vault
    • Challenges
    • Trophy Gallery
    • Stage Customation
    • Character Customation


Character Move Set Criteria To Unlock
Smash - Mario

Normal Special - Fire Ball

Side Special - Reflect Cape

Down Special - Flud Pack

Smash - Flud Burn

Smash - Luigi

Normal Special - Green Fire Ball

Side Special - Cyclon launch

Down Special - Polterguist

Smash - Gohst Rush

Play 42 Matches

Beat Classic Mode With Mario

Unlock all of his move set for Mii

Encounter Him in G-Space

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