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'Super Smash Brothers Tussle is another Super Smash Bros. game in the large series. This game is the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. More Nintendo characters have been added, such as Daisy. Third party characters, such as The Monkey Ball star, have been added too. Some Melee characters, such as Dr. Mario have returned. Strangely, Obi-Wan and other Star wars characters were added because of the Jedi skills and what good fighters they would make.


New modes have been added for effective gameplay.===New Story Mode=== The story mode of tussle has more of a plot and talking (Text Boxes). The main evil masterminds include Count Dooku, Bowser, and Master Gloves. The main bosses include General Grevious , Ganondorf, and Meta Titan Dweevil.


General Grevious finds out about the Smashers world. No republic or cis units were there, so General Grevious rushes over to the world with 3 capital ships. The scanners pick up many hostile neutral units bunched up. That was all of the characters in brawl looking at the ocean, where the giant subspace portal was. Mario notices the ships approaching. All of the characters get in the many diffrent ships. Captain Olimar's ship, The great Fox, The Halberd, and more. They all blast off to protect their world. Grevious wonders what crazy ships those are. Anyways, the cis ships fire. Captain Olimar and Captain falcon's ships fall to the Pikmin planet while the Great fox launches two Arwings that fall to dreamland with Kirby's Warp Star. Some people still running the Great Fox hang in there with the Halberd by its side. Cis vulture droids go down to the Pikmin Planet while Tri-Droids fly to dreamland. The halberd launches the arm and hits the first capital ship. General Grevious, at the third cruiser, commands the fleet to board the Great Fox and Halberd. The General gets in his strike bomber and boards the Halberd with a team of droid marines. Link, in the halberd rushes over to the hangar and sees the team. General Grevious taunts "What is this? The middle ages has passed, stubby!!". Link grunts and rushes over to Grevious. Grevious extends his mechanical arms and ignites his lightsabers. Link gulps and challenges General Grevious...

NOTE: the plot is still in development, so there will probably still be more stuff every week or two. If anyone wants to help (I get hooked on something then let go easily) ask me at My page. Just go to the talk section.



Tussle QuickPlay

Tussle quickplay is like the regular versus mode, but it has the player choose a playlist. Also, the difficulties are pre-set based on how good the player normally plays. It chooses the stage the player visits most, down the playlist. If its the player's first time, it randomizes it. All the player does is choose his/her characters for four battles. It is always a time stock battle with the stock 4 and the time 2:00.

Tussle Versus

This is the regular fight mode. There is different ways to play.

Tussle Modes

  • Regular-The standard score time battle.
  • Team-The standard team battle.Note that the team colors have been removed;the team name is shown at the top of the characters.You can make the team names.
  • Coin Stock-The regular coin battle has been changed;Now the stock count gives you more coins at the results.
  • Stock-the regular stock mach.

Modified Tussle

Modified tussle is like the special mode in brawl, but you can set preferences for individual characters

  • The player can-
  • Set the size for the characters from 1 to 10; 5 being the standard size.
  • Set the color (Make the characters completely black or reverse colors).
  • Set the abilities (Like Metal, bunny ears, screw jump).
  • Set the gravity from 1 to 10.
  • Set the custom mood for the CPUs.
  • Set the camera view.


There is many stages.

Legend of Zelda

Super Mario


Star Fox





Star Wars

Monkey Ball

Donkey Kong

Solid Snake