Super Smash Bros. Rixam is the sixth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. It is being developed by Namco-Bandai games and is currently set to release on the Nintendo NX during the 2020 Holiday season. Development on the game was secretly started as early as 2014 during the final stages of Super Smash Bros For Wii U's development, however the project was postponed when it was announced that Super Smash Bros For Wii U would be receiving a port to the Nintendo NX.

Super Smash Bros Rixam
Genre Action,Fighting
Rating ESRB: T
Release Date Holiday 2020


Super Smash Bros Rixam has an unprecedented number of characters larger than that of any other game in the series, with over 50 past members of the Smash Bros Series and over a dozen newcomers. These characters hail from a wide variety of franchises, from the series mainstays like Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda to brand new entries to the fray such as the hit new series Splatoon.

Starting Roster

Image Series Veteran/Newcomer Character Description
Super Mario Bros Veteran Mario
Peach ssbc
Super Mario Bros Veteran Peach
Bowser yendo alts
Super Mario Bros Veteran Bowser
Super Mario Bros Veteran Bowser Jr.
Rosalina yendo alt
Super Mario Bros Veteran Rosalina & Luma
Yoshi union
Yoshi Veteran Yoshi
Donkey Kong Veteran Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Veteran Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong Newcomer Pauline
Punch Out! Veteran Little Mac
Link smash wii u
The Legend of Zelda Veteran Link
The Legend of Zelda Veteran Zelda
Samus smash wii u png
Metroid Veteran Samus
Kid Icarus Veteran Pit
Marth yendo alts
Fire Emblem Veteran Marth
Fire Emblem Veteran Ike
Fire Emblem Veteran Robin
Duck Hunt Veteran Duck Hunt (Duo)
Kirby Veteran Kirby
Kirby Veteran King Dedede
Kirby Newcomer Bandana Waddle Dee
Fox union
Star Fox Veteran Fox
Pikachu png smash wii u
Pokemon Veteran Pikachu
Pokemon Veteran Charizard
Villager Smash Bros
Animal Crossing Veteran Villager
Pikmin Veteran Olimar
Wii Fit Veteran Wii Fit Trainer
Xenoblade Veteran Shulk
Inkling Smash5
Splatoon Newcomer Inkling

Unlockable Characters




Returning Stages

Returning Stages
Image Series Name Description
Kirby Halberd
Lylat Cruise Brawl
Star Fox Lylat Cruise
250px-SSB4 Corneria
Star Fox Corneria
640px-SSBB Brinstar Stage
Metroid Brinstar
Metroid Norfair
Kid Icarus Skyworld
Fire Emblem Castle Siege
Wii Fit Wii Fit Studio
Summit Ice Climbers
Pirate Ship Legend of Zelda

New Stages



Single Player Modes




Break The Targets

A returning mode from Brawl and Melee, Break The Targets is a mode where one must traverse a mazelike platform layout in order to, well, break targets as quickly as possible.

Home Run Contest

A longtime series mainstay, the object of Home Run Contest is to inflict as much damage on a Sandbag item as possible before proceeding to knock it out of the launch platform as forcefully as possible using a Home Run Bat. Some characters may also have their own unique ways of launching the Sandbag, particularly Ganondorf, who's powerful Warlock Punch is so effective at launching it that an achievement in the game is based entirely around using his attack to send it flying across the stadium.

Story Mode

The Super Smash Bros Rixam story mode is unique in that it is an entirely exploration-based mode. The entire storyline takes place in a single massive single player map, with the object being to find areas of interest while accepting missions and purchasing items from NPC characters in certain dedicated noncombatant areas such as towns and cities.

The fighting style is most similar to that of Brawl's Subspace Emissary and For 3DS Smash Run, however some enemies now die in just one or two hits in exchange for having far more complex AI and trickier placement in the levels.

Multiplayer Modes


Super Smash Bros Rixam has a variety of different online modes, each dedicated to serving a unique multiplayer preference.

With Friends

With Friends is a mode dedicated to arranging matches with individuals on your friend list rather than finding a random opponent online. Due to the more personal environment making it easier for players to voluntarily consent to the usage of various options, the number of settings on With Friends is much larger than that on With Anyone, even allowing custom fighters and Miis.

With Anyone

With Anyone is the standard online play format for any individual that wishes to play a match without the constraints of having to set up a lobby and add another player to one's Friend List. In this game, there are three different settings for With Anyone, each catering to a different type of gameplay: For Fun, For Glory, and Party Room. The first two of these modes date back to Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS, while a third is a new addition in Rixam.

For Fun

The traditional form of casual play, For Fun sends players to every map except Final Destination and has all items on by default.

For Glory

For Glory is the more competitive setting, using exclusively Final Destination and the various Omega Mode stage variants as stages and leaving all items disabled.

Party Room

A newly introduced mode in Super Smash Bros Rixam, Party Room was created to channel the desire for alternative play that had initially overrun online in Super Smash Bros Brawl before proceeding to locate itself in For Fun mode in Wii U. In Party Room, all damage is turned off, and matches are exclusively timed. The only object of Party Room is to maneuver your characters in whatever manner you so please for your own entertainment. At the end of each match, a screen with the same animations as a No Contest is displayed, and no score is offered. This mode is meant to be a suitable play option for anyone who wants to take advantage of Nintendo's greatest crossover without needing to engage in a high-octane fight every match.

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