Mario jumps on a Koopa, then sends it's shell flying. The shell hits Sonic, who sees Mario. He says he must be Eggman's brother, since they both are fat and have a bad taste in mustaches. Mario, angered, charges up his Firebrand, while Sonic goes into a fighting stance.


While running, he is jumped on by Mario, who mistook him for a Spiny. Sonic, taking it as an insult, pulls out the Ener Beam, while Mario get's his hammer.


Kirby is running around, following a butterfly, while Pacman is practicing his power ups. One of his ghosts hits the butterfly, and KIrby, angered, pulls out his hammer and charges, while Pacman charges up a smash attack.


While eating ghosts, Pacman is accidently swallowed by Kirby, who was eating. Pacman sees the ghost get away, and, angered, gets a Bonus Fruit and get's ready to fight, while Kirby looks hungrily at the food.


Megaman is tacking down Elec Man, but runs into Samus. Mistaking her for a Robot Master, he pulls out the Metal Blade. Samus, thinking Megaman is another Boss, aims her charged shot.


Samus, while searching for Ridley, sees Megaman, and gets her cannon ready. Megaman, pulling out the Crash Bomber, aims it at the bounty hunter.


While walking through the jungle, DK spots King Dedede eating his bananas, and runs at Dedede. King Dedede, confused, pulls out his hammer.

King Dedede

King Dedede is walking through Dreamland, but then sees DK beating all of the Waddle Dees. Angered, King Dedede charges at DK, while the gorilla picks up a barrel.


Walking through the Mushroom Kingdom/Hyrule, she spots Zelda/Peach, and assumes it is another army trying to invade her land. She pulls out her paraso/sword as Zelda/Peach pulls out her sword/parasol.


Luigi, walking through World 1, sees Diddy Kong destroying the toad's houses, assuming they are evil tikis. Luigi, angered, pulls out his Poltergeist 5000, and runs at the monkey.

Diddy Kong

While walking through the jungle, Diddy sees Luigi smashing barrels, hoping to get coins. Diddy, thinking that Rambi is in one of the barrels, goes to stop the green plumber before he finds the rhino.

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