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Super smash bros logo 1 by gameonion-d8u72zs
Developer(s) Baptice29
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Supercell and Ubisoft
Platform(s) Android's Platform , IOS
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
- 12
Genre(s) Arcade,Battle
Series Super Smash Bros
Predecessor Super Smash Bros For 3DS/For Wii U
Successor  ???
Media Included Europa and America

Super Smash Bros Pocket is an arcade and battle game developed by Baptice29 and publised by Nintendo in Android and IOS  Platform it will be Free available (Lite Version ) or a Professional Version for the sum of 6,99 euros or 6,99 dollars.


The game controls identically to its predecessor and very similar to Super Smash Clash Brawler in the All Store

Playable Character

in the game , There are ??? available character (more character will be available in the pro version)

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