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Sakurai announced Super Smash Bros Mega NX at E3 2016 and since then has worked hard to create the eight starting characters. Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Pit and Samus. The characters are shown below. Then Inkling was revealed to be in the New Smash Game. After two months another Nintendo Direct was shown confirming the last of the original eight to be returning, Donkey Kong and Yoshi along with new character, Captain Toad. Three months, afterwards, Lucario was confirmed to be returning. Having been in every Smash Game since Brawl, Lucario returns with an amazing array of combos and aura attacks while keeping a Mega Evolution Final Smash. Final Smashes were also revealed to return. After the Lucario announcement, Luigi was also confirmed. Zelda and Sheik were confirmed shortly afterwards! Villager was confirmed in an amazing new trailer. Shovel Knight and Rayman were confrimed a few months later for a random surprise. Sakurai announced in a few months about how this smash is going wild. Shantee was confirmed along with the Mii Fighters. Sonic, Peach and Bowser were confirmed for reasons. Mega Man was later confirmed after Mega Man NX was confirmed. Blaziken and Ice Climbers were leaked but no one had confirmed them until January 1. Roy was confirmed with a new trailer of Link vs Marth. Mr. Game and Watch was also confirmed! Little Mac and Olimar were confirmed in a Big vs Little Trailer. Giga Mac was confirmed to be Little Mac's Final Smash. The Original Eight (Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Samus, Yoshi and Donkey Kong)"s Final Smashes were confirmed to be the same ones as in Smash 4. Marth's and Pit's were also confirmed to be the same as in Smash 4. Inkling's was revealed to be Kraken. Captain Toad's was to be Super Pickaxe. Lucario's was to be Mega Evolution while Luigi's was to be the Poltergust 5000. No more was to be revealed until a later date. Midna was confirmed in a new Zelda game called Hyrule Battle, Legend of Link! Wario was confirmed for no reason and Ness returned because of a game called Earthbound NX. Ness's Final Smash was confirmed to be PK Starstorm from Smash 4 and Wario's continued to be Wario Man. Midna's is a cry that summons dozens of wolfs to aid Midna. This is kind of like the Final Smash Pit used to have in Brawl. The wolfs stay on the ground however and there is no background image. Sakurai also announced that there would be no Mii Fighter amiibo until further notice. More Final Smashes were announced. Zelda and Sheik's was Light Arrow and Villagers was Dream Home. Chrom was confirmed later on as a leak on a Miiverse page. It was taken down quickly but people saw it in time. Captain Falcon and Wii Fit Trainer were also confirmed. Due to poll, Meta Knight, Wolf and R.O.B were added. Greninja was also added. Wolf's Final Smash was same as Brawl while, Meta Knight and ROB used their Smash 4 Smashes. Greninja used his trapdoor. Shovel Knight's was a gigantic Shovel like Kirbys Ultra Sword. The Mii's Final Smashes were the same ones as Smash 4 and Mii Mage is like Palutena's Smash 4. Athlete's is that he's serving the player in volleyball. Shantae's was Sword Slash like Marth's. Sonic, Peach and Bowser's Final Smashes were same as Smash 4 as well. Since I'm on a roll I'm going to announce the other Final Smashes, Mega Man's is sam as Smash 4, Blaziken's is like Lucario's Mega Evolution type Smash, Ice Climbers is their mountain and Mr. Game and Watch keeps his. Roy, Little Mac and Olimar also keep their Final Smashes from Smash 4. Lastly, Captain Falcon and Wii Fit Trainer keep their Smash 4 Final Smashes. Chrom's was decided to be similar to Ike's Smash 4 one. Chrom however does not say anything as he keeps on slashing. Itstead of launching up when the opponent hits the ground, the opponent will get launched sideways. In the Brawl poll, Wolf, ROB and Meta Knight were added. Also Greninja. Their Final Smashes are exactly like the ones in Smash 4. Then in a surprise announcement Eevee joined the fight! Eevee can switch between all her evolutions by pressing down special like Pokemon Trainer was in Brawl. With each transformation, Eevee's Special Attacks would somewhat change. Her Neutral Special is Hidden Power, Flareon's is Fire Burst, Jolteon's is Electro Ball, Vaporeon's is Water Pulse, Glaceon's is Ice Beam, Leafon's is Energy Ball and so on. Eevee's Side Special is Take Down and no matter how many times you changed Eeveeloutions it would stay Take Down, Her Up Special is also the same. It is called Leaping Punch, where Eevee jumps and delivers a satisfying punch with her paw. Her Down Special is Switch. Her Final Smash is Eeveeloution Blast where all the Eeveeloutions combine to make one giant blast of destruction that is similar to Pokemon Trainer's. Palutena and Ike were confirmed in a Kid Icarus/Fire Emblem crossover cutscene in a Kid Icarus game as well as Diddy Kong! Ike's Final Smash was continued to be Aether while Palutena and Diddy Kong's were also the same.

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