Dixie Kong
[[File:SSB {{{symbol}}} Series.png|50px]]
Universe Donkey Kong
Availability Locked
Final Smash Guitar Solo
Dixie Kong appear as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros GX and she has been revealed in a pre-release trailer for "Donkey Kong Country : Tropical Freeze"'s sequel in the trailer. She is a Speed type characters, and most of his attacks are powerful, so is it for these reason that Dixie Kong his a locked characters.

"Dixie Kong is a friends of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, and she has helped Diddy Kong to save Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Country II : Diddy Kong Quest. She even had his own game, Donkey Kong Country III : Dixie Kong Triple Trouble !! .Dixie Kong love music and she is a realy good guitar player."

She confirmed to have Tiny Kong (Donkey Kong 64) and SNES Dixie Kong for alternatives costumes.

For his appearance in SSBGX, she retains his voice actors from his games, Stevie Vallance and Kahuro Sasajima in Japanese.



  • Good KO power
  • Can perform wall climbing
  • Jump very highter


  • Light Weight
  • Fall rapidly when in the air


Dixie Kong is a light weight character. She can perfom the wall climbing and jump very hight, but she fall rapidly when she is in the air after the double jump.


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral punch 2% (1-3 hits), 4% (4 hits), 7% (5 hits) A five punch combo, because Dixie punch with his fist, after then with his foots and finaly with his tail. 
Neutral Combo
Dash attack 12% Dixie roll and punch the opponents. Good damage and knockback.
Side tilt 8% Punch forward.
Up tilt 10% Skyward punch.
Down tilt 9% Tail punch.
Side Smash (all directions) 15% Similar animation to Donkey Kong side smash, but the Dixie hands are more small.
Up Smash 12% A big head punch.
Down Smash 10% Sweeps legs like Fox.

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral aerial 5%

A quick tail kick.

Forward aerial 8%

A very big fist punch, but this is very slow.

Back aerial 10%

Like Captain Falcon, Dixie Kong balance her fist in the air.

Up aerial 4% (punch in the air), 10% (fall on)

Dixie shoot a lots of banana peal in the air and above it.

Down aerial 6% Dixie give a tail hit to the opponents below it

Specials Attacks

Controls Name Damage Description
B Neutral Bubble Gum 10% (not charged), 15% (medium charged), 20% (max charged) When you make the attacks, Dixie blowing a bubble gum. More you loading the gum, the gum will be more powerful. Just watchout to not overload the gum, otherwise it will explode on the Dixie face.
Custom 1 Giga Bubble Gum 15% (not charged), 20% (medium charged), 25% (max charged) Similar to the bubble gum, but the gum takes longer to charged.
Custom 2 Speedy Gum
B + <, > Roulade 13% (punch), 17% (crushing) Dixie Kong roll on the stage like a ball, and like the Sonic's spin dash, she roll around during 10 second.
B + up Barrel cannon 15% (punch), 22% (crushing) Dixie Kong fly with 2 barrel cannons. Like the Diddy Kong's barrel Jet pack, at a moment, the barrel fall on the stage and crush the opponents behind it.
B + down Orange Grenade 9% (punch), 18% (explosion) Like in Donkey Kong 64, Dixie use the oranges grenades. She shoot the orange that punch the opponent before the grenade explode.

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