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Captain Toad
Ssb gx capt.-toad
Current Status Starter
Main Weapon(s) Pickaxe, vegetable
Ability/ies Speed
Weight Light
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros GX
Captain Toad is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros GX.

"Captain Toad is the leader of the Toad Brigade in Super Mario Galaxy 2. In Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Captain Toad fight against Wingo to save Toadette. He his a little bit fearful, and he always avoid the battle, except is it to save his friends."

Captain Toad is a speed type characters, and the fourth most faster in the game after Sonic, Captain Falcon and Pyrrhon. He is therefore very fast, but like in his original games, he can not jump hight. Like Vaati, Captain Toad is not a powerful characters, so fight body to body only when it is really necessary !!


Special Attacks

Control(s) Name Effect Damage given
B Neutral Headlamp Captain Toad lights around him with his headlamp. This attack paralyze the opponents. 6%
Alternative 1 (Faster) Small lightning A small and fast light explosion. 3%
Alternative 2 (Powerful) Big lightning A Giant and slower light explosion. The paralyze time of the opponents is very long. 9%
B+ <, > Minecart Captain Toad jump into a minecart and soars on the stage like the Wario bike. The minecart hurts opponents on his way. 12%
Alternative 1 (Faster) : Speedy minecart A little minecart very speedy. 10%
Alternative 2 (Powerful) : Giant minecart A giant and slower minecart. 17%
B+ down Vegetable Like Peach, Captain Toad shoot a vegetable, but he can not move with the vegetable. 10%
Alternative (Powerful) : Giant turnip Captain Toad shoot a giant turnip 20%
B+ up airbag Captain Toad inflates his backpack and flies into the air. When the backpack has no air, Captain Toad crashes on the ground and give damage the opponents below. 11%

Smash Attacks

Control(s) Name Effect Damage given
A+ <, > Head Punch Captain Toad give a giant head punch to the opponents. 10-30%
A+ down Pickaxe whirlpool  Captain Toad turns with is pickaxe. 10-28%
A+ up Airbag burst Captain inflates his backpack and burst with a needle. 10-36%

Palette Swaps

Ssb gx capt.-toad
Sans titre 166
Sans titre 333
Sans titre 444
Sans titre 265