Super Smash Bros Free-For-All (SSBFFA) is an upcoming entry in the super smash bros series. It is on the WII U. It is not real and is fan made. It has a large number of characters and is the first entry in the series to have more unlockable characters than starting ones. Do not edit without my permission. Yes, some of these descriptions are from smash wiki, only for returning stuff though.

Starting Characters

There are 12 starting characters

Character Series/homestage Overview Special moves


Super Mario bros

Mushroomy kingdom

An all around average fighter Nuetral: Mario fires a weak, bouncy ball of flames is shot from his hand as a projectile

Side: Mario swings a defensive cape that reflects projectiles and enemies

Up: Mario performs an upward punch that releases aesthetic coins from those it hits. Has medium recovery value

Down: Mario pulls out F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine, which will blast jets of water to push back opponents, but not damage them.

Final smash: Mario's final smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He shoots a massive tornado of flames horizontally across the stage.

Donkey Kong
DK Stronggg

Kongo Jungle

A slow heavy fighter, good, strong melee. Neutral: Donkey Kong winds up and thrusts out his arm as a potentially powerful attack. The attack is at full power after nine windups. The punch can be saved and chosen when to be released after being fully charged.

Side:Donkey Kong slams his head downward. When performed in the air, the struck opponent is meteor smashed. When performed on the ground the opponent is buried and will remain submerged longer if the opponent has already dealt a fair amount of damage. Unlike in Brawl, DK will not stall in the air.

Up:Donkey Kong spins with his arms outstretched. DK has knockback resistance when using this move, and it is an effective horizontal recovery. However, it's weak as a vertical recovery

Down:Donkey Kong repeatedly slaps his hands against the ground, causing earth-shaking vibrations in the process.

Final smash: Donkey Kong's final smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Donkey Kong will take out a pair of bongos and begin to play them to the beat of "DK Island Swing", sending out shock-waves in the process.

Legend of zelda

Bridge of Eldin

A good melee fighter with some projectiles, bad air game and recovery Neutral:Link equips his bow, with the arrows serving as projectiles. Charging increases the speed, distance and damage dealt by an arrow.

Side:A projectile which damages opponents as it flies away and drags opponents towards Link during its return. Can be angled up or down.

Up:This move functions differently when grounded and airborne; an aerial Spin Attack is used as recovery which grants Link great vertical distance. Hits 5 times in the air. A grounded Spin Attack is akin to most Zelda games, and functions similarly to a smash attack with great knockback.

Down:An item based projectile Link pulls out, with its design from Twilight Princess. An explosion deals damage when in direct contact with an opponent, though it's possible to get additional damage from an indirect hit from a blast.

Final smash:Link's final smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Link locks onto an opponent and proceeds to slash them repeatedly with his Master Sword. A luminous image of the Triforce appears around the opponent as Link slashes them. The final strike launches the opponent.

Pikachu bn

Pokémon stadium

A fast, light character. rapid attacks and good recovery neutral:Fires a jolt of electricity forward. Travels forward whilst bouncing along the ground, and can also travel up walls, below the edge, and along ceilings.

Side: fires itself forward like a missile

Up: Moves at warp speed in two directions that can be selected via the control stick.

Down: Causes a large thunderbolt to come down on itself

Final smash: it temporarily turns into a gigantic ball of electricity. Pikachu will then fly around the stage at great speeds, and the direction Pikachu goes during this move can be controlled by the player


Green greens

a light character with great recovery. can jump five times. neutral: Kirby sucks up his opponent. He can exhale them as a star to deal damage, or copy their neutral special attack

Side:Kirby swings his hammer forwards in an arc, which increases in power the longer it charges

Up: Kirby jumps straight up and falls straight down, When landing, Kirby creates a shockwave projectile that moves forwards quickly.

Down: Kirby turns into a heavy object and plummets straight down

Final smash: Kirby puts on a chef's hat and clangs a spatula & frying pan, and nearly everything within a limited radius is drawn into the cauldron to stew. After a short while, the characters that are sucked in and various items, mostly food items, are launched upward



A slightly slow/ heavy character with good projectiles neutral: Pressing the special move button will cause Samus to start charging energy in her arm cannon, which can be fired by pressing the button again. When the attack has reached maximum strength, Samus will stop charging and resume her neutral standing position, but her arm cannon will start to flash. Pressing the special move button in this state will let her fire the fully charged shot.

Side:She makes a brief animation of pointing her arm cannon in front of her, then firing a missile, They home on opponents to a degree

Up:The move causes Samus to somersault into the air, surrounding herself in a bluish electrical field; inflicting damage on any opponents that touch her. Decent recovery

Down:Samus shifts into Morph Ball mode and lays a bomb, which will explode either after a set time period or upon contact with a character

Final smash: Samus charges her arm cannon and fires a large beam of energy that deals a high amount of damage. The Zero Laser also passes through characters and portions of stages

Fox SSB4
Star fox


A fast, quick character with good melee and ranged cobat. decent recovery neutral:Fox fires his blaster, which can fire rapidly but doesn't stun the opponent

Side: Fox becomes invisible and suddenly dashes through opponents, leaving behind after-images

up:Fox charges up and suddenly fires himself in one of eight directions, depending on what direction is held

Down: Fox activates a Reflector around him. All projectiles are deflected and do more damage than they normally would

Final smash: fox calls in a landmaster. The Landmaster is a large and powerful machine, capable of delivering multiple KOs to a single player or group.



An average character with good ranged combat neutral: A sphere of green light appears above Ness. As the attack button is held, the sphere moves downwards and increases in power, until the attack button is released or until it is fully charged, it explodes.

Side:Ness fires a yellow, lightning-bolt shaped projectile, that travels in a straight line until it hits an enemy or destructible portion of a stage, at which point it explodes into flames.

Up:Ness creates a stream of lightning that can be aimed into opponents to deal damage with the head and stun with the tail. Aiming the head into Ness himself will launch him in a trajectory opposite to the side he was hit on, which can be used as a recovery

Down: Ness creates a purple energy field around him which allows him to absorb almost any incoming projectile to restore health

Final smash: ness yells "PK... STARSTORM!", summoning a rain of meteorites ("shooting stars") down, passing through the stage and striking any opponents in their way.

Captain Falcon

Port town aero drive

A fast, heavy hitting character. neutral: Captain Falcon winds up and releases his iconic fiery FALCON PUNCH!

Side: Captain Falcon dashes forward and follows up with a surprise uppercut. Meteor smashes the opponent if used in the air.

Up: Captain Falcon attempts to grab an opponent, finishing with an explosion. If successful, he will cry; "YES!!!". Does a harmless flip if the attack fails. weak recovery

Down: Captain Falcon bursts forward with a flaming high-speed kick. If used in the air, Captain Falcon will plunge down at a diagonal angle. Final smash: Captain Falcon calls in the Blue Falcon, which crashes through the stage in front of Captain Falcon. Whoever it hits when it first appears will be hit by the rest of the move. Characters who are not hit will stay in place until the end of the smash. A short cutscene appears, and the opponents are run over and sent flying.

Kid Icarus


a light character with great recovery and decent melee and ranged combat. neutral: Pit will pull his bow string back, and fire it when the button is released. The player can change the direction the arrow will go while holding it; backwards, forwards, and upwards. Pit's arrows move much more quickly than other character's arrows, and can be controlled in midair

Side: When used, Pit rapidly spins his bow in front of him, which damages opponents while deflecting any Incoming projectiles.

Up: When performed, Pit's wings glow blue and he gains the ability to fly for approximately 3 seconds. This, combined with the fact that, during flight, he can move in any direction, makes this one of the most mobile recovery moves in the game.

Down: The move involves Pit taking out a large reflective shield that acts as a very strong defense against almost all attacks. can reflect

Final smash: When equipped Pit fires off a series of enchanted arrows that cover the entirety of the arena. The first barrage summons arrows that fly off in random directions. The second fly off in a spreading arch in front of him, the third flying straight forward. In addition, Pit may fire three green energy blasts that home in on the opponent's current location during the last three barrages. The final barrage has him shooting arrows up into the sky, causing pillars of light to shine down from the heavens and damaging all those who get hit in the process. Pit automatically aims at enemies as he fires.

480px-Marth SSB4
Fire emblem

Castle siege

A fast character with really good melee and no projectiles. neutral: a chargeable thrush that breaks shield and does massive damage

Side: It is a unique special move, as it consists of four different attacks chained together; a variety of combos can be performed depending on one's tilt on the control stick or d-pad for each attack.

Up: Marth quickly swipe upwards, with their blade extended vertically. It provides decent vertical recovery, but very little horizontal recovery

Down:a counterattack to deliver damage to the attacker when the user is hit.

Final smash: Marth raises his sword, then charges forward incredibly fast, one hit killing anyone one and showing a fire emblem health going down.


Windy Hill Zone

Neutral: When used, Sonic curls up into a ball, hovers momentarily while slowly moving upwards, then shoots towards the opponent closest to him

Side: Sonic goes into ball form and spin dashes very fast in on direction. steerable

Up: a spring from the Sonic series to immediately appear underneath Sonic, shooting him up a great vertical distance.

Down: Similar to side, but only goes one way, does more damage and knockback, and must press B multiple times

Final smash: The screen zooms in on Sonic, and he transforms, When Sonic transforms, he gains the ability to fly around the stage at an incredible speed. The transformation lasts for about 15 seconds and, while Sonic is transformed, he is completely invincible. Sonic can attack in this form by simply ramming into opponents;

Starting Stages

There are 15 starting stages. two series veterans. one for each starting character, and one more.

Stage Series description music
Smash bros A simple stage consisting of one large platform with three smaller platforms flying above it. Battlefield (WII U/3DS) [1]

Battlefield (Brawl) [2] Menu (Melee) [3] Boss Battle (Melee) Beat any boss character [4] Brawl Theme Beat classic on 6.0 difficulty or higher [5]

Final destination
Smash bros A simple stage consisting of one large platform. That's it Final Destination (WII U/3DS) [6]

Final destination (Brawl) [7] Master Hand Beat classic mode with no continues [8] Final destination Ver. 2 Unlock all stages [9]

Mushroomy kingdom
Mario level
Mario bros A side scrolling stage based on new super Mario bros. Some blocks have items and enemies spawn on the path New Super Mario Bros. Wii [10]

Ground theme [11] Classic theme Beat classic as mario and luigi [12] Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley Heal 300% in one life by eating food [13]

Kongo jungle
Kongo Jungle
DK This stage is made up of a big platform with four small platforms above it. Two small stationary platforms are above the left and right sections of the stage, and between them are two smaller platforms that circulate clockwise. Under the stage there is a barrel that will launch you up if you hit it.
Bridge of eldin
Eldin bridge
Legend of Zelda Bridge of Eldin is a completely flat stage, except when the bridge is partially destroyed. King Bulblin occasionally interferes with the battle by throwing bombs that destroy the center of the bridge. Characters can take damage and massive knockback from the exploding bombs, touching King Bulblin which has low knockback and can also fall into the abyss underneath the bridge. After a short amount of time, a twilight portal appears and drops the missing section back onto the bridge.
Pokémon stadium 2
Pokemon stadium 2
Pokemon A flat stage with two floating platforms. will occasionally change to a different form. There are four possible stage transformations, each of which represents a particular type from the Pokémon games

Electric: Has two conveyor belts near the edges on the stage, both rotating outward. The two platforms are replaced by three platforms in varying locations, either above the center of the stage, above either conveyor belt, or very high above the center of the stage.

Flying: Fans in the ground create an updraft that enhances all characters' jumping abilities and delays falling time drastically. Characters flung upward have a much higher chance of being Star KO'ed. The updraft only extends above the platform. Both floating platforms disappear, giving the stage a Final Destination style layout.

Ground: The layout changes to a large mound of dirt and a hut built into a tall rock. The hut provides two platforms, the lower one being longer and curved, and the higher one being short and flat. No physical effects are added.

Ice: Makes all platforms and surfaces extremely slippery, so characters are more likely to trip. A hut can be seen in the background, and the two standard platforms are replaced by two icy platforms that slope inwards slightly.

Pokémon main theme [14]

Battle! Unlock Greninja [15]

Green greens
Kirby The stage is made up of three floating islands. The island in the middle is the largest. There are two floating platforms over the middle island. The tree, Whispy Woods, in the middle of the middle island will occasionally blow gales of wind in a certain direction to disrupt the fight. Between the islands are blocks that stack up. Combatants can break the blocks by attacking them; hitting a bomb block causes an explosion in the vicinity, dealing heavy knockback and damage. The blocks will rebuild often after they are destroyed
Pyrosphere press image
metroid The main body of the Pyrosphere stage is fairly long aerial platform with a metallic surface. Above it float four platforms, arranged in a parallelogram shape. FG II-Graham Units, Joulions, and Zeros appear as enemies on the stage, as well.
Corneria full
Star fox The stage is set on the Great Fox. Arwings and Wolfens fly down to fire lasers at players, usually coming from the right hand side or from up above. The lasers can damage players, but they will only make characters flinch very slightly and do no knockback. They may come in and lock on from the background, flying past the Great Fox. They also serve as moving platforms when they come, though they can carry characters past blast lines.
640px-SSBB Onett Stage
Earthbound It consists of two buildings on the far right and left, and a series of unstable awnings in the center. The awnings in the center of the stage will eventually give way, if enough players jump onto it. The awnings will be reset after a short period of time. On occasion, an exclamation point will appear onscreen, signifying that a car or van will pass by the bottom of the stage. These can hit the player(s) or opponent(s), so they should be avoided or guarded against.
Port town aero drive
Port Town Aero Dive
F-zero The main platform for this stage zooms along the track, stopping randomly in several locations, each of which has its own terrain. After a certain amount of time has passed, an indicator will appear that warns the players that the main platform will shortly take off, damaging or KOing players that are left behind. The platform will fly around, which allows players to see larger sections of the track, until it lands in a new area. This cycle repeats infinitely.
Kid Icarus The stage consists of a main floating platform, with three smaller platforms above the main platform and one platform below, which is connected to the right side of the main platform by a chain, and can raise and move right, or fall and move left. All platforms have clouds directly beneath them. All platforms are breakable, excluding the bottom platform below the main platform. When they are broken, all that is left is the clouds they were on top of. The player can stand on the clouds and drop through them as well
Castle siege
Castle Siege
Fire emblem When the match begins, players begin the fight on a small section of the unnamed castle's roof, which is bombarded by heavy fire from catapults. Eventually the floor shatters as the castle defenses waver and players fall into the throne room, which has breakable statues, four platforms and a solid floor with no drop-off points. Two platforms are held in place by destructible statues. There are also two hanging cloth emblems above serving as platforms. Players later fall again into the underground, which contains one stone platform balancing on a stone spire in the midst of a lava cavern. A part of this area is slightly elevated. After a while the stage will transition back to the top of the castle.
Windy Hill
300px-Windy Hill press image
Sonic The stage has a main platform with curved hills with multiple platforms above. There is a windmill with platforms connected to each blade on the very right side of the stage with a portion of the windmill going past the blast line.
boxing ring
640px-Boxing Ring Punch Out
Punch out A generic indoor stadium with a jumbotron, with a visible audience in the background, and fights taking place in a boxing ring. It has been shown that characters can stand on the ropes surrounding the ring and perform spring jumps off of them for extra height. In addition, the light fixture above the ring can be stood on, and it can be destroyed when players attack it, dropping it onto the ring and dimming the lighting of the entire stage. The light fixture can damage players as it falls and cause potential KOs at high percentages.

Unlockable characters

Character Series/homestage Unlock Method Overview Special moves
480px-Jigglypuff SSB4

Pokémon Stadium

A light, aerial based fighter. Can jump multiple times Play 1 match Neutral: Jigglypuff charges then rolls really fast in direction aimed

Side: It is a short-range attack that sends Jigglypuff forward a short distance with its arm out in front of it to punch while exclaiming "Puff!". Up: Soundwaves and music notes come out from its body and travel out a certain distance. All opponents within range and touching the ground will fall asleep for a short amount of time. This attack does no damage at all to playable characters and simply disables opponents to set up for attacks.

Down: Jigglypuff turns toward the camera and falls asleep for about 5 seconds. Before Jigglypuff falls asleep, any opponent in contact with it is instantly hit, with a Ping sound being heard. This attack is known for having high knockback

Final Smash: When used, Jigglypuff slowly inflates itself to a very large size, enough to almost entirely cover a small custom stage. While growing, enemies and items will be pushed away. Once Jigglypuff reaches its full size, it shouts "JIGGLY!!!", which causes a massive push that will most likely KO any enemies too close to its body


Yoshis island

Play 5 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Legend of Zelda


Play 10 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Mario bros

peach's' castle

play 25 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

animal crossing


Play 33 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Wii fit trainer
480px-Wii Fit Trainer SSB4
Wii fit

Wii fit studio

Play 45 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Zero suit Samus
Brinstar Play 50 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Fire emblem

Play 66 battles Neutral: This is an auto-chargeable special move that fires a long ranged electric projectile. Like most moves of its nature, the move will automatically charge once the B button is tapped, and any attack button will fire it during the said period. Thunder has 4 different stages, each with different projectile properties, damage and knockback that is determined by the charge of the attack

Thunder A small jolt of electricity that travels quickly in a straight line. Has poor range. Elthunder A ball of electricity that travels in a straight line. Has moderate range Arcthunder A slow moving ball of electricity that traps opponents in an electric 'X' shape and inflicts damage, and has moderate knockback Thoron A large beam of electricity that rapidly travels across the stage, passing through opponents. Holding down the B button increases damage and knockback. Has long range and considerable knockback Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Infernape (NEWCOMER)

Play 75 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Shulk SSB5 Icon

Guar plain

Play 100 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Spiderman (NEWCOMER)

Play 125 battles Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Metal Gear

Shadow Moses island

Play 150 battles Neutral: Snake takes a grenade, pulls out the pin, and throws it. Press B once to pull the pin, press it again to throw it.

Side: Snake pulls out a Missile Launcher, and shoots a remote missile. The missile can be controlled with the control stick, but Snake is defenseless.

Up: He grabs onto the namesake flying reconnaissance camera to recover. Very good recovery distance.

Down: Snake places a C4 on a surface, and may detonate it at any distance by using it again, meaning that only one C4 can be used at once.

Final smash: When his Final Smash activates, Snake will say "It's showtime!" as he leaps off the stage and grabs onto a rope ladder of a helicopter. The camera becomes an over-the-shoulder view and the player can aim with a crosshair to make Snake shoot grenades at his opponents. Snake can fire up to two clips with six grenades; after firing six shots, he loads a new clip. The Final Smash ends when Snake runs out of time or uses all of his grenades

Little mac
480px-Little Mac SSB4mine
Punch out

Boxing ring

Play 15 battles on boxing ring Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Meta Knight
480px-Meta Knight SSB4. Wii U


Play 10 matches that end in sudden death Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Dark pit
480px-Dark Pit SSB4 Render
Kid icarus Win 20 matches as Pit Heavier and slower version of Pit. Neutral: Neutral special has Dark Pit fire a dark arrow from his Silver Bow at his opponent. The arrow can be angled

Side: Side special has Dark Pit use the Electroshock Arm, dashing towards his opponent and launching them upwards

Up: Uses his wing for a quick upward boost

Down: Down special has Dark Pit use the Guardian Orbitars, which are used to reflect attacks and knock back attackers

Final smash: Dark Pit's Final Smash has him fire a high powered laser from his Dark Pit Staff, which in most cases can One-hit KO.

Pikmin and Olimar

Garden of hope

Beat classic mode as anyone Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Ice climbers
Ice Climbers Sprite SSBB (1)
Ice climbers


Unlock any locked character Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Mario Bros

Luigis mansion

Beat classic as Mario Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Toon Link
Legend of Zelda

Sprit tracks

Beat classic as link Similar to link, but lighter, and much better at aerial combat and recovery Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Star fox

Lylat cruise

Beat classic as Fox Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Dark samus (NEWCOMER)
Dark Samus Icon SSB5

Frigate orphean

Beat classic as Samus Neutral:

Side: Fires a sparking shot that on hit electrocutes, damages and stuns target for a couple seconds Up: Down: Charges, then rushes forward, grabs, and then drains health to heal itself, and then throws target away. Amount healed depends on how long it's charged Final smash:


Pokémon stadium 2

Beat classic as Pikachu Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Lucina SSB4
Fire emblem

Arena Ferox

Beat classic as marth Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:


Wilys' castle

Beat classic as all 12 starting characters Neutral:

Side: Up: Uses Rush's Spring to jump up Down: Spawns a shield of leaves around that block attacks and can be thrown Final smash:

Rosalina and luma
Rosalina and Luma Icon SSB5
Mario galaxy

Mario galaxy

Beat classic as peach Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Super smash bros wii u lucario render by rosacelestia-d74igu7

Spear pillar

unlock 20 characters Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Fire emblem


unlock 25 characters Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:


Kalos pokemon league

Beat classic as lucario Neutral: A chargeable projectile move which cannot be stored and will automatically fire once fully charged. Uncharged shuriken hit for damage with little knockback. When fully charged, this attack damages opponents multiple times and carries them backwards, sending them flying on the last hit

Side: While holding B, Greninja's shadow moves forwards along the ground. Greninja can move around while the move charges. Once released, Greninja will teleport to the shadow's position and perform an kick based on his position relative to the other opponents

Up: Greninja shoots a stream of water from his palms, sending him upwards. Can function similarly to Pikachu's Quick Attack, in that he can move in two different directions. Greninja can also choose to instead travel in a single direction for a longer period of time.

Down: A countering move, allowing Greninja to teleport and attack foes with a flying kick. If a direction is held after countering, Greninja can be made to appear from the front, back, or above the opponent.

Final smash: Greninja has to face its opponent to initiate the Final Smash. It will hit its opponent with a mat flipped up (a possible reference to one of Greninja's signature moves, Mat Block) and immediately launch the opponent into the sky in a dark silhouette illuminated by a full moon. Greninja will proceed to rapidly strike the opponent and finish with a slash, launching the opponent back towards the stage


Beat classic as sonic Neutral:

Side: Up: Down: Final smash:

Fire emblem

Yliesse castle

Beat classic as Robin Neutral:


Up: Chrom slices the opponent upward, then does a diving stab.


Final smash:

Fire emblem

Unlock 5 female characters Lyn is not as fast as lucina or marth, nor as strong as ike. but she is the best aerial fighter from fire emblem Neutral:

Side: Lyn leaps forward and slashes downward Up: An upward slash, very high, good for recovery Down: Counter Final smash: Screen darkens and there is a white slash on a random player, KOing them and nearby players

Unlockable stages

Stage Series Unlock method description music
Big Battlefield
Smash bros Play an 8-Person smash A simple stage consisting of one large platform with 6 smaller platforms flying above it. Battlefield (WII U/3DS) [16]

Battlefield (Brawl) [17] Menu (Melee) [18] Boss Battle (Melee) Beat any boss character [19] Brawl Theme Beat classic on 6.0 difficulty or higher [20]

Pokémon Stadium
Pokemon Unlock Jigglypuff/ Charizard the basic stage is comprised of three platforms; one large platform, and two smaller ones. The large platform is on the bottom is flat with two very small elevations for the sides of the stages.

The second stage is a forest/jungle area. It is somewhat flat on the main platform. There is a small elevated plateau on the right, it ends about 1/3 of the level through, followed by a flat grass area that goes the rest of the level through. There is also a river a little left of the halfway mark that has a minor depression. There are three aerial platforms of this second stage. The third stage is a water level. It is flat on the right side with an elevated left side that depresses back down before the stage ends at the left side. On the smooth right side of the level, there are two aerial platforms The fourth stage is a fire area. The bottom platform is not very flat at all. The middle is a small valley. Where the valley ends on the right, it is flat through the rest of the level. There is one floating platform that follows the elevated plateau for the rest of the level. That floating platform is flat. To the left of the valley in the middle is an unusual shaped obstacle. As soon as the valley ends on the left, there is a strait up elevation that you can not pass through The fifth and final stage is a rock/mountain stage. This stage has a very rugged bottom platform, with 5 aerial platforms in the center. Two on the left are very small and attached to the mountain, they are parallel and are flat. The other three on the right are all on top of each other, each with their own different angle

Pokémon main theme [21]

Battle! Unlock Greninja [22]

Yoshi Island
640px-SSBB Yoshi's Island Melee Stage
Smash bros Unlock Yoshi On the far right of the stage, there is a hill sloping upwards. You can go up the hill, but walking too far will result in a self-destruct. On the left, there is a large Warp Pipe supported by two smaller ones. In the center of the stage are 9 Turning Blocks. Six of the blocks are in the air, while three of them are in the middle of the stage, building a bridge. Below the three middle blocks is a pit. If you attack a block or jump into it from below, it will start spinning, like in the original Super Mario World. You won't be able to stand on the blocks while you they are spinning.
Animal crossing Unlock Villager in this stage. players battle on a platform with a moving horizontal jump-through platform suspended above an Animal Crossing town while spectators watch on.

The stage dynamically changes based on the time of day, and even the day of the week, determined by the internal clock of the Wii U. During the day, if either Blathers or Celeste (who are both owls) are present in the background, they will be asleep and not pay attention to the match. At night, the town gets darker. On Saturdays, between 8.00 PM and 12.00 AM, K.K. Slider will perform one of six different songs.

640px-SSBB Brinstar Stage
Metroid Unlock Zero suit samus This stage is based after the first area of Planet Zebes from the original Metroid. The stage consists of a base platform, two sides held by fleshy stalk-like poles, and a hovering metallic platform in the centre. There is another fleshy substance in the middle of the base platform that holds the stage together. The main feature of this stage is the acid which rises from the bottom, which causes the ground to shake, which will also damage anyone who touches it, and has large knockback. The acid will periodically rise high enough to cover the entire stage, save the top-most platform, forcing players to retreat there to avoid damage.
Mario Galaxy
MarioGalaxyStage SSBA
Mario bros Unlock rosalina The stage takes place on the top of a planet, meaning you can walk off stage by going too far to the sides. Because the gravitation in the center always pulls you to the middle, your characters will fall down towards the core. The stage also has two platforms.
Liugi's mansion
640px-SSBB Luigi's Mansion Stage
Mario Bros Unlock luigi In this stage, the characters battle on the downsized version of the mansion that appeared in Luigi's Mansion. The mansion's interior rooms will be visible when the characters pass through the mansion's outer walls; similarly, when all of the fighters are outside of the mansion, the mansion's exterior is shown, although this is only if all four quadrants of the building are still intact. By attacking the support pillars, the mansion crumbles section by section until it is all gone. Due to its supernatural origins, though, it will rebuild itself back to its original status after a is impossible to destroy a quarter of the stage if another is on top of it.

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