These are reveal trailers for the newcomers in Super Smash Bros Crossing Worlds

De Blob Joins the Battle!

Midna Joins the Battle!

Game on; 9-Volt!

Rift into Overdrive

They Ink; There for they are!

Homer's Invite

No Smash too Big; No Pup Too Small

Dreaming of Smash

Hero of Patchland!

Paper Thin Plumber

Trio of Tempo

Hinakos on the Go!

Nature Rejoice!

Deadfully Smashful!

The Forces of Smash

Great Power, Great Smash-Ability!

The Future is Now!

Better Know her name.....

Smash everyone, Create anything!

Gamers beware.....

Test #12; The Super Bell

T.V. Invite

Nabbing the Roster!

Kitten Konquest




Princess Daisy


King K. Rool

Dribble and Spitz


Kat and Ana


Bucky the Beaver

Just Dance Coaches

Raving Rabbids 


Blaze the Cat


Skull Kid


Jimmy Thang

Phoenix Wright

Professor Layton


Scrooge McDuck

Clockwise Hinako




System Smasher



Phanthom R




Chase McCain

Tifa Lockhart

The Three Stooges



Samurai Pizza Cats

Inspector Gadget


Kai and Zero


Toon Zelda

Barbara the Barbarian

Emmy Altava

Hold on to your Tentacles.....

(The trailer starts with a news report from the Squid Sisters)

Callie: Hold on to your tenctacles....

Marie: It's Inkopolis news time!

Callie: Before we begin; we have some great news!

Marie: What is it; what is it?!

Callie: Me and my sister will be taking part of something very exiciting!

Marie: What is it?!

(The screen then cuts to black; with it then showing Slappy and Emily Shinjitsu fighting each other on Battlefield. Until they are knocked out of the stage by two mysterious figures.... The Squid Sisters!)

Callie: A tournament of multiversal fighting mayhem!

(Splashart then appears: Callie and Marie Staaay Fresh!)

(The OST known as Final Boss Phase 2 from Splatoon then starts to play)

(Gameplay then shows the Squid Sisters performing their up taunt on Splatfest; with them also dealing damage to Smeargle with their tilt attacks and combos. The gameplay then shows them using grabs and throws on both Emily and Bowser. It then shows them using the Special attacks on Kirby; Duck Hunt; Ice Climbers and Pikachu)

Marie: Looks like these guys have gotten weaker!

Callie: Then maybe we should unleash our finishing move!

(The duo then unleash their attacks on a Smash Ball; and start to glow the SB's aura)

Squid Sisters: Squid Sister Song Session!!

(The gameplay then shows them unleashing a flurry of music notes; though they have squid like features)

Callie: Until next time newbs....

Squid Sisters: Staaay fresh!

(The Super Smash Bros Crossing Worlds logo then appears; with the three Os being replaced with an Ink blot)

(The scene then shows them dusting their hands off; until a shadow lurks over them)

DJ Octavio (Offscreen; but shadow shown): Well well well; Agents 1 and 2 have come back to face me?! Good luck with that!!

(The two sisters then get into fighting stance; and the trailer fades to black)

Agnes Oblige



The Elite Beat Agents

Shovel Knight

Going a tad Off Script

(The trailer starts in Mr. Peabody and Sherman's Apartment; with their show beginning)

Orchoptitron: Dreamworks Animation proudly presents your hosts; Mr. Peabody and his boy; Sherman!

(The two then appear on stage)

Mr. Peabody: Welcome to another episode of the Mr. Peabody and Sherman show! We have a great show for you toni-

(Suddently; the lights go out!)

Sherman: What happened Mr. Peabody??

Mr. Peabody: Mh.... Must have blown a fuse....

(A spotlight then shines on an empty area; with it then having Master Hand appear)

Sherman: M-M-Master Hand?!

(The severed glove says nothing; rather it hands them a letter. The screen then fades to black... The scene then shows Pac-Man; Doraemon, R.O.B and Pichu fighting in Peabody's Penthouse. Until Pichu and R.O.B. are knocked out by the duo themselves; Mr. Peabody and Sherman!)

Mr. Peabody: Seems we have some uninvited guests to the show ladies and gentlemen.... But not to worry; we'll take care of this!

(Splashart then appears: Mr. Peabody and Sherman time their Attacks!)

(A floushied remix of Pompeii by Bastelle then plays)

(Gameplay then shows the duo unleashing their attacks on several members of the Smash roster. Mr. Peabody then grabs an assist trophy and it summons out Sweet Tune; who flies around and starting attacking Duck Hunt. The gameplay then shows the duo unleashing their special attacks; and then unleashing their final smash)

Sherman: Looks like all that mayhem messed up the WABAC!

Mr. Peabody: Oh dear.... RUN!!!

(They then unleash their final smash: Time Crash!! Which has historical landmarks and artifacts falling from the sky)

Sherman: Huh, an odd opening act huh?

Mr. Peabody: Well there is more where that came from!

(The Super Smash Bros Crossing Worlds title then appears; with the WABAC replacing the Os)

(Mr. Peabody then catches his breath; and so does Sherman)

Mr. Peabody: Phew! Let's just hope nothing like that happens again!

(The elevator then opens up to reveal a mysterious shadow that looks a bit like Metal Sonic; but with Peabody's body!)

Sherman: Not him again.....

(The screen then cuts to black

Captian Syrup


Lord Vortech



Captian Toad and Toadette