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|+Deafult Characters |- ! scope="col"|Mario

250px-Mario SM3D World Artwork

! scope="col" style="text-align:center;"| Standerd special


Side Special


Down Special


Up special

Super jump punch ! scope="col"|Final Smash Fire Mario |-

200px-Luigi SM3D World Artwork


Standerd special


Side Special

Green Missile

Down Special

Star spin

Up special

Super Jump punch

|Final Smash Poltergist 5000 |-

Peach - Mario Party 10


Standerd special

Toad Guard

Side Special

Peach bomber

Down Special


Up special


|Final Smash Peach Beam |- | Toad

Toad - Mario Party 10


Standerd special


Side Special


Down Special


Up special

Propeler block

|Final Smash POW Block |-

Bowser (SSBWIIU)


Standerd special

Flame Breath

Side Special

Koopa Klaw

Down Special

Bowser Bomb

Up special

Whiring Fortress

|Final Smash Koopa Klown Kart |-

|Bowser jr
Bowser Junior Junior


Standerd special

Fire ball

Side Special


Down Special



Up special

koopa klown kart

|Final Smash Shadow Mario piant |- | Paper Mario

2967 paper-mario-sticker-star-prev

Paper Mario


Standerd special


Side Special


Down Special



Up special


|Final Smash Mega Star |-

|rosalina and Luma
Rosalina - Mario Party 10


Standerd special

Luma Shot

Side Special

Star bits

Down Special

Gravtainal pull

Up special



|Final Smash Power Star |-

Yoshi by mintenndo-d63bkdw



Standerd special

egg lay

Side Special


Down Special

Ground pound

Up special

Egg throw

|Final Smash Mega Eggdozer |-

|Donkey kong 
300px-Donkey Kong Artwork (alt) - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong


Standerd special

giant punch

Side Special


Down Special

Hand Slap

Up special

Spinning Kong

|Final Smash Arcade |-

|Diddy kong 


Standerd special

Peanut popgun

Side Special

Monkey filp

Down Special


Up special

Rocketbarrel pack

|Final Smash Rocket Barrel Barrage |- | Dixe Kong


140px-Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze


Standerd special

Bubblegum popgun

Side Special

Hair twirl

Down Special

Gitar Wave

Up special

Bongo Barrel Rocket

|Final Smash Rambi |- |

King K Rool

Newcomer |

Standerd special

Blunderbuss Shot

Side Special Crown Throw

Down Special Kerslapt

Up special Heilpack

|Final smash Kanonball Barage |- |

Mr Game and Watch
Mr Game and Watch by CollegeMisfits


Standerd special


Side Special


Down Special

Oil panic

Up special


| Final Smash Octopus |-



Standerd special


Side Special


Down Special

Wario Waft

Up special


| Final Smash Warioman |- | Waluigi





Standerd special       WAAA!

Side Special  air swim

Down Special Bomb omb 

Up special Waluigi whril

|Final Smash Walluigi |- | Ashley

180px-Ashley Model SSB4


Standerd special zap

Side Special    paralyzing Shot

Down Special match

Up special broom

|Final Smash Black Magic |- | Newcomer 

King Boo
King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon


Standerd special     scare

Side Special Boo Shake

Down Special Booplasm

Up special Ripple

|Final Smash Portratfacation |-



Standerd special       Bow

Side Special Boomarang

Down Special Bomb

Up special Spin Attack

|Final Smash Triforce Slash |-

Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess)


Standerd special  Nayru's Love

Side Special Din's fire

Down Special Phantom Slash

Up special Farore's Wind

|Final Smash Light Arrow |-

Ganondorf, The Evil King


Standerd special Warlock Blade

Side Special Warlock Cape

Down Special Wizard's Assault 

Up special Dark Valt

|Final Smash Ganon |-

Sheik (SSB 3DS & Wii U)


Standerd special        Needle Storm            Side Special  

 Burst Grenade

Down Special Bouncing

Up special Vanish

|Final Smash Light Arrow |-

|Mask link 
Ssbpc young link by machriderz-d86fovy
100px-Deku Link Spin
Goron Linkmm
160px-Zora Link 3D


Standerd special       Bow , Bubble Burst, Goron Punch,Boomarang Fin

Side Special Great Fariy sword,Spin attack,Goron Curl,Dolphin Jump

Down Special Transform

Up special Spin Attack, Deku Flower Jump,Goron Pound,Shock Sheild

|Final Smash Ferice Diety |- | Newcomer

Midna (Hyrule Warriors)


Standerd special             Hair Spear                          Side Special Engery Stun

Down Special Dark Engery Attack

Up special Teleport

|Final Smash Fused Shadow |-

|Toon Link


Standerd special Bows

Side Special Boomarang

Down Special Bomb

Up special Spin Attack

|Final Smash Great Sea |- | newcomer

150px-Tetra HD


Standerd special Spoils Bag

Side Special Skull Hammer

Down Special Bombchu

Up special Deku Leaf

| Final Smash Pirate Barrage |-

Kirby by mintenndo-d5x2vmu


Standerd special Inhale

Side Special Hammer Flip

Down Special Stone

Up special final cutter

|Final Smash Hypernova |-

|King dedede 
King Dedede 7

King Dedede


Standerd special inhale

Side Special Gordo

Down Special Jet hammer

Up special Dedede Jump

|Final smash Dedede burst |-

|Meta Knight 
KRtDL Meta Knight


Standerd special Mach Tornado

Side Special   Drill rush  

Down Special DImeinsonal cape

Up special Shuttle Loop

|Final smash Galxia Darkness |- | Newcomer

Waddle dee
KRtDL Waddle Dee


Standerd special Spear Jab

Side Special Spear Throw

Down Special Spear Dive

Up special Spear Copter

|Final Smash Waddle Dee Army |-

Transparent samus other m



Standerd special Charge shot 

Side Special Missle

Down Special Morphball

Up special Screwattack

|Final Smash Zero Laser |-

|Zero Suit Samus
Samus suit zero


Standerd special Paralizer

Side Special plasma Whip

Down Special Flip Jump

Up special Boost Jump

|Final smash Gunship |- |

250px-Ridley brawl by starwaffle-d3dam4y

Ridey |

Standerd special Fireball

Side Special Airal Rush

Down Special Tail Smash

Up special Airal Slam

|Final Smash Leathal Drive |-



Standerd special Blaster

Side Special Fox ilusion

Down Special Reflector

Up special Fire Fox

|Final Smash Landmaster |-

Falco smash4 styled render by machriderz-d7ri2p3


Standerd special Blaster

Side Special Falco Phantasm

Down Special Reflector

Up special Fire bird

|Final Smash Arwing |-



Standerd special Blaster

Side Special Wolf Flash

Down Special Refelector

Up special Fire wolf

|Final Smash Landmaster |- | Newcomer 



Standerd special Freeze Blast

Side Special Fire Blaster

Down Special Ground Quake

Up special Staff Boost

|Final Smash Krazoa Call |-



Standerd special Shied Breaker

Side Special Dancing Blade

Down Special Counter

Up special Dolphin Slash

| Final smash Crital Hit |-

Ike (FE10 Artwork)



Standerd special Eruption

Side Special Quick Draw

Down Special Counter

Up special Ather

|final smash Great Ether |-

753 (1)


Standerd special Thunder

Side Special Archthunder

Down Special Nostferatu

Up special elwind

|final smash Pair Up |-




Standerd special Palatana bow

Side Special Uperdash Arm

Down Special Gardian Orbaters

Up special Power of Flight

|final Smash |-

|Dark pit
Darkpit artnewb


Standerd special Viridi bow

Side Special Angel Ring

Down Special Mirror Sheild

Up special Wings of nature

|final samsh Dark-Pit Bow  |-

|Lady Palutena 
Artwork Palutena (KIU)j


Standerd special Autoretice

Side Special Reflect

Down Special Counter

Up special Warp

|Final Smash Black Hole Laser |-



Standerd special Viridi Palm 

Side Special Viridi Claws 

Down Special cragalanche meteor

Up special Phosphora Spark

|Final Smash Reset Bomb |-



Standerd special Thunder jolt

Side Special Skull Bash

Down Special Thunder

Up special Quick Attack

|Final Smash Elctro Ball |-



Standerd special Rollout

Side Special Pound

Down Special Rest

Up special Sing

|Final Smash Puff Up |-

250px-Mewtwo SSB4


Standerd special Shadow Ball

Side Special Confusion

Down Special DIsable

Up special Teleport

|Final Smash Psystrike |-



Standerd special Water Suariken

Side Special Shadow Sneak

Down Special Subsatute

Up special Hydro pump

|Final Smash Screct Ninja Attack |-

|Pokemon trainer
548px-CharizardSSB4.Wii U


Standerd special Flamethrower Synthesis Hydro Pump 

Side Special Heat wave Razor Leaf Withdraw

Down Special Return

Up special Fly Vine whip Waterfall

|Final smash Mega Evoltion |-

Ness SSB3M


Standerd special Pk Flash

Side Special Pk Fire

Down Special Psi Magnet

Up special Pk Thunder

|final Smash Pk Starstorm |- | newcomer



Standerd special Pk Fire

Side Special Telepathy

Down Special Pk Brain Shock

Up special Pk teleport

|Final Smash PK Beam |- | Newcomer



Standerd special Pk Thunder

Side Special Pk Brain Shock

Down Special Mirror

Up special Tornado Teleport

|Final Smash Pk Starstorm |- | Newcomer

500px-Porky-Minch-Smash-Bros zps6a48bd37


Standerd special Tear Into

Side Special Stinky Gas 

Down Special Mecha Porkys

Up special Porknesis

|Final Smash Porky Minch |-

|Duck Hunt 
250px-Duck Hunt SSB46


Standerd special Trick Shot

Side Special Clay shotting

Down Special Wild Gunman

Up special Duck Jump

|Final Smash Nes Gun Posse |-

|Ice Climbers
130px-Ice Climbers Shin R


Standerd special Ice Shot

Side Special Squal Hammer

Down Special Blizzard

Up special Albotross

|Final Smash Glacier |-



Standerd special R.O.B Beam

Side Special Arm Rotor

Down Special Gyro

Up special Robo Burner

|Final Smash Super Diffusion Beam |-

Olimar SporeOutbreak


Standerd special Pikmin Pluck

Side Special Pikmin throw

Down Special Pikmin Whistle

Up special WInged pikmin

|Final Smash End of Day |-

|Little Mac
Little mac by emilykiwi-d76srz2


Standerd special Straight lunge

Side Special Jolt Haymaker

Down Special Slip Counter

Up special Rising Uppercut

|Final Smash Giga Mac |-

The Villager


Standerd special Pocket

Side Special Liod Rocket

Down Special Timbur

Up special Ballon Trip

|Final Smash New House |- |

Wii Fit Trainer
Wii fit trainer render by swagnite-d6b26o2


Standerd special Sun salution

Side Special Header

Down Special Deep Breather

Up special Super Hoop

|Final Smash Wii Fit |-



Standerd special Mando Arts

Side Special Back Slash

Down Special Futre sight

Up special Air Slash

|final Smash Chain Attack |-

Sonic Adventure pose(Super Smash Bros. Wii U)


Standerd special Homing Attack

Side Special Light Speed Attack

Down Special Spin Dash

Up special Spring

|Final Smash Super Sonic |- | Newcomer 

Tails Sonic Adventure


Standerd special Plasma Blast

Side Special Rapid Tail Attack

Down Special Exploding T pup

Up special Torado Spin

|final smash Cyclone |- | Newcomer 

Knuckles trophy pose (Super Smash Bros. Wii U)


Standerd special Maxium Knuckle Heat Attack

Side Special Knucke Bullet

Down Special Dig

Up special Firey Uppercut

|Final Smash Great Emeralds Power |- | Newcomer

Shadow Sonic 06 poses (SSBWIU)


Standerd special Homeing Attack

Side Special Chaos Spear

Down Special Chaos Magic

Up special Chaos Contral

|Final Smash Chaos Blast |- | Newcomer 

3379 doctor-eggman-prev


Standerd special Egg Canon

Side Special Egg Jab

Down Special Egg Summon

Up special Egg Jet

|Final Smash Checker Wrecker |-

Ssbpc mega man by machriderz-d86fr6w


Standerd special Metal Blade

Side Special Crash Bomber

Down Special Leaf Sheild

Up special Rush Coil

|final smash Mega Legends |-

Ssbpc pac man by machriderz-d86frmt


Standerd special Bonus Furit

Side Special Power Pellet

Down Special Fire Hydrant

Up special Pac Jump

|final Smash Super Pac Man |- | Newcomer



Standerd special Charge fist

Side Special Plum throw

Down Special Plunger gun

Up special Super heilcopter

|final Smash Moskito Ride |- | Newcomer



Standerd special Squid Swim

Side Special Piant Roller

Down Special Ink Gernade

Up special Super Jump

|final Smash Ink Nuke |- | Newcomer



Standerd special Spike Ball

Side Special Spitfire

Down Special Belly Dance

Up special Canon Fodder

|Final Samsh Genie Trap |- | Newcomer



Standerd special  Bomb  Pump

Side Special Bomb Kick

Down Special Remote Bomb

Up special Bomb Jump

|Final Smash Dangerous Bomb |- | Newcomer

Simon Belmont
Simon Belmont


Standerd special Axe

Side Special Dagger

Down Special Holy Water

Up special Moring Star

|Final Samsh Stop Watch |- | Newcomer

Banjo Kazooie


Standerd special Beak  Blaster, shack back

Side Special Rat-a-Trap-Tap, taxi pack, wing wack

Down Special Split up

Up special Feathery Flap, pack whack, Flight 

|Final Smash The Mighty Jinjonatar |-

|Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon character portrait


Standerd special Falcon Punch

Side Special Raptor Boost

Down Special Falcon Kick

Up special Falcon Dive

|Final Smash Blue Falcon |}

Unlockable Characters

Standard Special Thunder Jolt

Side Special Skull Bash

Down Special Thunder

Up Special Quick Attack

Final Smash Volt Tackle

How to Unlock

Beat Classic Mode Once

Newcomer Lana
Lana Hyrule Warriors

Standard Special Sorcerer’s Blast

Side Special  Winsdom Walls 

Down Special Deku baba Wrath

Up Special Cuckoo Flight

Final Smash Deku Baba How To Unlock Beat target smash level 1 with link,Zelda and midna
Newcomer Shovel Kinght

Standard Special  Chaos Sphere

Side Special Dust Knuckles

Down Special Dig

Up Special Propeller Dagger

Final smash War Horn Beat adventure Mode With Shante
Newcomer Lip

Standard Special Flower Panels

Side Special Switch

Down Special Garbage Block

Up Special Rainbow Run

Final Smash Fairy Magic How to unlock Use the Lip Stick on 20 Foes

Newcomer Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim 2

Standard Special Plasma Beam

Side Special Worm Whip

Down Special Mega Plasma

Up Special Suit Eject

Final Smash Pocket Rocket How to Unlock Get 20 Suits for Miis
Newcomer Marshel

Standard Special Packing Pests

Side Special Munchy Monk

Down Special Working Dough

Up Special Launch Party

Final Smash Glee Club How to unlock Get 5 Cds
Newcomer Bayonetta
Cereza Bayonetta 2 render

Standard Special Stiletto

Side Special Wicked Weave

Down Special Bat Within

Up Special Pole  Dance

Final Smash

Wheel of Torture

How to Unlock Beat Classic mode with 5 female Chars
Newcomer Gardavoir

Standard Special Moon Blast

Side Special Fire punch

Down Special Zen Headbutt

Up Special Teleport

Final Smash Psychic Beat Smash Dungon With Greninja
Newcomer dillon
Dillon render

Standard Special Charged Roll

Side Special Dynamite Throw

Down Special Tunnel Attack

Up Special Russ

Final smash Gun Tower How to unlock beat a boss in smash dungon
Newcomer Amy
Amy trophy pose (SSBWIU)

Amy Rose

Standard Special hammer whack

Side Special hammer spin

Down Special lovely kiss

Up Speial hammer valt

final smash  Super hammer How to unlock use sonic in crazy orders and win
Newcomer Tingle
251px-WWHD Tingle

Standard Special Ruppe shot

Side Special Bag whack

Down Special koolmpa dance

Up Special

Balloon Flight

Final Smash Ruppe steal How to unlock play 10 coin battles 
Newcomer Wondered 
320px-Wonder-Red - The Wonderful 101

Standard Special unite hand

Side Special unite spring

Down Special unite guts

Up Special unite rocket

final smash unite Big how to unlock get 101 trophys
Newcomer Prince fluff 

Standard Special Top spin

Side Special digger

Down Special weight

Up Special UFO

Final Smash tank bot how to unlock use kirby in  woolly word in 5 macthes
Newcomer Tempo
Tempo Icon SSB5

Standard Special Legandary  staff

Side Special archer Harp

Down Special Brass slaper

Up Special pinklef lift

Final smash harmonic synphony How to unlock get a cd as marshel
Newcomer Prince sable

Standard Special En garde

Side Special wasabi

Down Special snakes venom

Up Special frog jump

final smash Igari Z how to unlock get 1000 coins
Newcomer Skull Kid 
Skull Kid Artwork (Ocarina of Time)

Standard Special Fairy slingshot

Side Special Gale Trumpet

Down Special Lost Melodey

Up Special Hide and seek

final Smash Final Hour How to unlock play the game for 78 hours in total
Newcomer Taizo Hori
Taizo Hori

Standard Special Pump

Side Special Figar Breath

Down Special Jack hammer

Up Special

Final Smash Rock slide How to unlock beat smash dungon with pac man
Newcomer Captain Syrup

Standard Special Shake it

Side Special Piller Bomb

Down Special Mecha Kuri

Up Special Spining teacup

Final Smash 3 Three Wishes How to unlock beat crazy orders with Wario and ashley
Newcomer Diasy

Standard Special Mega Strike

Side Special Flower Swing

Down Special Crystal Smash

Up Special Flower Trampolne

Final Smash the mysterious Space Man How to unlock Use luigi and Peach in Crazy orders and beat it
Newcomer Chibi Robo

Standard Special Tooth Brush

Side Special Recharge

Down Special Boom Box

Up Special Chibi Copter

Final Smash Slihoutte Flim How to unlock get 200 Trophies
Newcomer Mona 

Standard Special Hot Slice

Side Special Mona Scooter

Down Special Animal Assist

Up Special Baton Whirl

Final Smash Mona Pizza How To Unlock Beat Smash dungeon With wario
Newcomer phoenix wright 

Standard Special Present Evedence

Side Special OBJECTION!

Down Special Investigate 

Up Special Sneeze

Final Smash Take This  How to unlock use mega man and beat Crazy Orders
Newcomer Isaac 

Standard Special Growth 

Side Special Move

Down Special Gaia

Up Special Lift

Final Smash Odyssey How to unlock Beat 100 man Smash
Newcomer Black Mage 

Standard Special Stop 

Side Special Haste

Down Special Meteor

Up Special Warp

Final Smash Random Encounter How To unlock KO One mii in Cruel Smash
Newcomer Dark Matter
Tumblr mbyqug9Law1r19apu

Standard Special Thrust Blade

Side Special Dark Scatter

Down Special Beam Blade

Up Special Distort Form

Final Smash Darkest Matter  How to Unlock beat the True Final Battle as Kirby
DLC pack 1 Heroes
Newcomer Mike Jones
Mike jones

Standerd Special

Psychic Shockwave

side special Wonder Horseride

down special  Miracle Mirror

up special Anklet

Final smash Spiked Heel Kick

Standerd Special PK Freeze

side special PK Fire

down special PSI magnet

up special PK Thunder

Final Smash PK Stars

Newcomer Excitebiker


Standerd Special Turbo

side special Wheelie

down special Air time

up special Donut

Final Smash Victory Lap
DLC pack 2 Villans
Newcomer: King Hippo

Standerd Special Guard Breaker

Side Special Hippo Squeeze

down special Duck N' Raise

up special hippo heave

Final Smash Hungry Hungry Hippo
Newcomer Plasm Wraith
Plasm wraith

Standerd Special Absorb

Side Special Elemental Plasm

down special Elemental Shift

up special Plasm Consume

Final smash Ultimate Plasm
Newcomer Ghirahim
Fig 20 ghirahim

Standerd Special Diamond Dagger

Side Special Fire Wheel

down special Disable Counter

up special Teleport

Final Smash True Form
DLC Pack 3 Heroes of the Past
Newcomer Stanley

Standerd Special Bug Spary

Side Special Beehive

Down Special Piranha Plant

Up Special Ladder

Final smash Sawrm
250px-Dr. Mario SSB4

Standerd Special Megavitamins 

Side Special Virus

Down Special Cape

Up Special Dr. tornado

Final smash Epidemic
Newcomer Cranky Kong

Standerd Special Denture pop

Side Special Barrel Roll

Down Special Pogo Cane

Up Special Balloon

Final Smash Banana Juice
DLC pack 4 Allies
Newcomer Monita

Standerd Special Shuriken

Side Special Ghost grab

Down Special Attraction Hazards

Up Special Balloon Breeze

Final Smash Nintendo land Gift Shop
Newcomer E.Gadd 
500px-Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Standerd Special Poltergust 3000

Side Special Polergust 3001

Down Special Magic Paintbrush

Up Special F.L.U.D.D

Final Smash Boo Rush
Newcomer Isabelle 
Isabelle SSB4mine

Standerd Special Fruniture Toss

Side Special Digby Dash

Down Special Fireworks 

Up Special Fishing Rod

Final Smash K.K Lullaby
DLC Pack 4 More Heroes
Newcomer Zeke 

Standerd Special Soda Bomb

Side Special Fire Extingusher

Up Special Trampoline

Down Special Bazooka

Final Smash Red Potian
Ssbpc snake by machriderz-d86fq2i

Standerd Special Hand Gernade

Side Special Remote Missle

Up Special Cypher

Down Special C4

Final Smash Gernade Launcher
Newcomer Victini 
Victini en Pokedex 3D (1)

Standerd Special Searing Heat 

Side Special Light Screen

Up Special Fusion Bolt

Down Special Fusion Flare

Final Smash V-Create
DLC pack 6 More villans
Newcomer Black Shadow 
Black shadow sorta render by war9000-d5d91yr

Standerd Special  Bind

SIde Special Boost Fire

Up Special Dark Reactor

Down Special Dark Wave

Final Smash Shadow Clone
Newcomer Kamek
Kamek Suprised

Standerd Special Minon Summon

Side Special Magic Boost Broom

Up Special Magi-warp

Down Special Transformation

Final Smash Mega Broom
Newcomer Magolor
Magolor SSB4

Standerd Special Energy Spheres

Side Special Trinty Sphere

Up Special Dimension Warp

Down Special Dark Pillars

Final Smash Soul Form

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