Interdimensional Frenzy is the story mode for Super Smash Bros Charge. Unlike Brawl's story mode, the creator intends to include every character from the game. 

(Note:This story mode is subject to change due to the roster changing.)

Chapter 0: Tournament Battle 

Mario was waiting outside Mushroom Castle, tapping his foot. Soon after, a pink ball on a star came towards him.It turns out Kirby had planned to give Mario a ride to the annual Smash Bros. Tournament.However, an army of Koopas started marching towards them, demanding them not to pass. (Stage 1: Mushroom Fields:Mario,Kirby) After that encounter, the duo get on the warp star and head out. At the tournament site, Mario and Kirby spot  Peach judging the match. In the audience, Kirby spots Rosalina, who decided to visit and take a break from running the Comet Observatory.Finally, the duo see the door open and two figures walk out: Donkey Kong and Pikachu, as a team battle is about to commence. (Stage 2:Vs Donkey Kong,Pikachu/Mario,Kirby:Mario,Kirby/Donkey Kong, Pikachu) Suddenly, one of Bowser's airships comes in and takes Peach! Rosalina comes in and Kirby takes her out of the arena with his warp star, as Mario,Pikachu, and Donkey Kong get ready to fight. (Stage 3: Defeat 25 enemies:Mario, Donkey Kong,Pikachu)

(Characters who join:Mario,DK,Pikachu,Kirby,Rosalina)

Chapter 1: Crossin' dem Animals

In a small village, Villager is seen pulling out some weeds, when he spots a green dinosaur. The dinosaur, who is called Yoshi attacks Villager in self defense, and a battle commences. (Stage 4:Vs Yoshi:Villager) after the fight, Villager apologizes, and the two team up. The duo then come across a badly beat up Tom Nook, who tells them that his shop has been robbed. The two set out. (Stage 5:Village:Villager,Yoshi) They finally reach Tom's shop, where they find Wario tearing it apart and taking all the loot. The duo chases after him. (Stage 6:Race to the finish:Villager,Yoshi) they finally catch up to Wario, who escapes on his bike, planning to sell the loot at Mii Plaza. The duo decides to follow him there.  

(Characters who join:Villager,Yoshi)

Chapter 2:Comet Combat

Kirby and Rosalina are on the warp star when Rosalina opens a portal to the Comet Observatory. The duo come in and see Cosmic Mario terrorizing the place. (Boss 1:Cosmic Mario:Kirby,Rosalina) After his defeat, a Luma informs the two that there is a power source someplace in the Observatory. (Stage 7:Comet Observatory:Kirby, Rosalina)

(Characters who join:N/A)

Chapter 3: Kanto Hills

Mario,DK and Pikachu get in an escape pod as some enemies plant a bomb in the stadium. The escape pod brings them to the Kanto Hills. (Stage 8:Kanto Hills:Mario,DK,Pikachu) the trio spots Bowser's fleet flying to a distant location. Mario,DK, and Pikachu decide to follow it. (Stage 9:Kanto Hills:Mario,DK,Pikachu.)

(Characters who join:N/A)

Chapter 4: Castle Ruins

Ike and Chrom are guarding the castle, when a strange figure flies in. Mewtwo comes in and attacks, turning Ike into a trophy and sending him far away. (Stage 10:Vs Mewtwo:Chrom) After defeating Mewtwo, he comes across the trophy of another warrior. He comes over there and sees it is Link and revives him. (Stage 11:Castle Ruins: Link,Chrom) 

(Characters who join:N/A)

Chapter 5: Galactic Confrontation

After a while of searching, Kirby and Rosalina get to the power source. Suddenly, a blue robot appears and stops them. Megaman claims it is his, and digs into the ground until he finds the energy source: a capsule containing Megaman's power ups. The three decide to team up as the Halberd soars through the skies. (Stage 12:Comet Observatory:Kirby,Megaman,Rosalina.) suddenly, a cannon shoots at Rosalina, turning her into a trophy. Paratroopas pick up her trophy and take it away, with the duo on their tails. (Stage 13:Comet Observatory:Kirby,Megaman)

(Characters who join:Megaman)

Chapter 6: Mii Plaza

At a Mii Plaza, Mii is exploring the many different attractions. He sees the Wii Fit Trainer training a small group of Miis, when Bowser's Airship comes and bombards the plaza! The two Wii characters meet up, nod, and try to protect the Mii Plaza. (stage 14:Mii Plaza: Mii,WFT) Meanwhile, Mario,DK,and Pikachu are following the airship until Wario appears and turns Pikachu into a trophy! Wario runs off with the Pikachu trophy, when Mario and DK come across Yoshi and the Villager, who decide to help them. (Stage 15:Road to Mii Plaza:Mario,DK,Yoshi,   Villager) 

(Characters who join:Mii,WFT)

Chapter 7: Medusa Battle

Link and Chrom are having trouble against the masive amount of enemy soldiers (Stage 16: Castle Ruins:Link, Chrom) after that, they see Kirby and Megaman heading for a midair temple. The two decide to grab onto the warp star. Meanwhile, Pit is sent to investigate the Midair Temple. He looks and finds Medusa, guarding a trophy not visible to the player. Medusa is about to turn Pit to stone, but Link,Chrom,Megaman and Kirby bust in to help. (Boss 2:Medusa:Pit,Link,Kirby,Chrom,Megaman) The five defeat Medusa and find Peach's trophy. The team revives her and they set out.

(Characters who join:Pit,Peach)

Chapter 8:Onboard the Halberd

Wario uses a teleporting device to get into the Halberd. He gives the Pikachu trophy to Ganondorf who highjacked the ship, and put it in a storage room with Ike's trophy, along with the trophy of Meta Knight and a box. When Ganondorf isn't looking, Snake bursts out of the box and revives Pikachu,Ike, and Meta Knight. (Stage 17: Storage Vault:Pikachu,Meta Knight,Ike,Snake) the two escape the vault and try to retake the Halberd (Stage 18: Halberd:Pikachu,Meta Knight,Ike,Snake)

(Characters who join:Pikachu,Meta Knight,Ike,Snake)

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