Super Smash Bros Brawl the Movie is a movie based on the story mode of Smash Bros Brawl. It's around 115 minutes long with a prologe, a few chapters and eploge


Pop Star is a very nice place and Kirby Lover7485 had a special power, talking to Kirbies. One day, Kirby Lover7485 went to earth on a mission. You see, an evil force is on the loose. He knew that the evil was making a world of their own, Subspace. Kirby Lover7485 looks down on a Midair Stadium. And his new adventure had begun! In the Floating Stadium, there were two lovely princess (Peach and Zelda). Kirby Lover7485 knew it can only mean one thing, a brawl. That time it was the most famous plumber Mario against the Super Tuff Pink Puff Kirby. As the two were battling above the clouds, another smaher was watching from below. His name is Pit and he was confused when he sees Kirby Lover7485. Mario was beated badly by Kirby. As the victory was going, Mario and Kirby discovered a ship fling in from above. It was the Halberd from Kirby! Kirby Lover7485 gasped. shadow balls felled out of the ship and small strange foes appeared. Peach and Zelda came to the heroes side and the four stoped all the new foes. Kirby Lover7485 was amazed! A slight figure slowly came to Kirby Lover7485. He was the Acient Minister. Kirby Lover7485 never met a person like him before. A space bomb droped to the ground set for 3 minutes. Kirby Lover7485 gasped again. Mario runs off to try and stop the bomb, when a giant canonball sturck him in the face! Kirby looked scared. When he turned around, Peach and Zelda were in cages! It was the plant monster, Petey Piranha. Kirby breaks the cages and let both Peach and Zelda free. All of a sudden, Wario appeared. He set up his Dark Canon to turn all 3 into trophies, when the bomb was left to 00:10! Wario and Kirby Lover7485 left without a trace. Kirby and the two princess escaped on Kirby's Warp Star just in time. The whole stadium got sucked up the Subspace!

Chapter 1

Pit discovers the explosion of the Midair Stadium. He wonders what he must do. Kirby Lover7485 enter the Sky World and walked to Pit. He said Kirby send him to tell him. Pit and Kirby Lover7485 ran off to save the world. But, the two found the Halberd. Kirby Lover7485 saw it before. It was the small foes Kirby Lover7485 saw before. Pit broke his bow into two and start beating up the small foes with it. Kirby Lover7485 finds the Mario Trophy and frees it. Mario tells Kirby Lover7485 Petey killed him. Pit told them about the expolsion of the stadium. The three desided to work together. But before doing so, an Airwing past them. Meanwhile, Kirby, Peach and Zelda found the Halberd and crash land on it! As they got on their feet, the same Airwing that past Mario, Pit and Kirby Lover7485 came inout of nowhere. But, the Main Canon 2's arm zoomed up and hit the Airwing, making it go off course! In result, crashing into Kirby and the two princesses, making them all fall the ground! Kirby got Peach and Zelda to safty. The three see the Airwing crashing into the ground and exploding.

Chapter 2

In the jungle, a cargo of bananas are taken by Hammer Bros, Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Donkey Kong appears to the edge of the jungle. Two bullet blasters blast out Bullet Bills. Out of the trres, anouther kong appeared and shoot down the bullet bills. His name was Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong's little bro. The two followed the cargo of bananas and Diddy shot down the wheels and all the Mario foes crashed into the trees. The two kongs leaped in victory, but behind them was a green hero killing machine. The King of Koopas, Bowser! The two kongs were scared. Bowser pulls out his Dark Canon and prepares to shoot both of them. Donkey Kong punched Diddy and send him fling as Bowser turned Donkey Kong into a trophy. Mario, Pit and Kirby Lover7485 chased the Acient Mister though the plains. The three tried their hardest, but the space bomb as well as the Acient Miniser got away! Kirby Lover7485 ran off to catch up. Mario and Pit were left together without him.

Chapter 3

Diddy Kong made it to safty near a lake, well that what he thinks. A lake monster arises from the water. The monster, of bthe name of Rayquaza, uses a Dragon Pulse to burn the Airwing that was shot down eairlier. Rayquaza grabbed Diddy Kong and goes for the kill, when a flash saved Diddy. The flash turned out to be Fox, Fox McCloud from Star Fox. Rayquaza uses a Dragon Pulse again but this time, Fox uses a reflection to shot the attack back to Rayquaza. The two defeat the monster and Diddy tells Fox about Donkey Kong. Diidy and Fox later finds Bowser. the two defeated him and sees his trophy was glowing purple. It was a fake! the real Bowser appeared and tried to shoot Fox and Diddy Kong with his Dark Canon. Diddy gets mad at him for almost shooting him and prepares to fight but Fox pulls him away from danger of Bowser. The evil king laughed evily. In a disance zoo, Lucas was walking along when little shadow balls suround him. Then, a giant Porky Satatue appears and Lucas screams! He ran off with Porkey Satatue behind him!

Chapter 4

As Lucas was running, he triped on a root and fell to the ground. Just as Lucas was a goner, a shock hit Porkey reviling his true form. Lucas saw it was his best friend, Ness. The two defeat Porkey and smiled. But in the shadows came out Wario! He pulled his Dark Canon and aimed it to Ness. But, no matter how he shoots it, Nees dodges it anyway. Then Wario aimed it at Lucas! When he shot, Ness gave up his life to save Lucas. Wario grabbed the Ness trophy and laugh evily while Lucas ran away. Lucas eventually ran into Pokemon Trainer. He had one pokemon, Squirtle. The small foes appeared and Lucas and Pokemon Trainer defeated all the foes and ran off to save Ness. Later in a battlefield, the Acient Minister and his R.O.Bs. use anouther space ball to make a part of the battlefield. On the top of the castle, Marth watched the evil plan go out. He jumped off the castle and looked at the hole to an evil space. A second later, a sword slice swept though Marth's sword. The slice came from Meta Knight. The two see an army of new foes. Defeating them made their eyes on the Acient Miniser who has another bomb. The two tried their best but failed. Eventully, a sword sliced the bomb in to and it fell to the ground. Ike was the one who did it. He looked at the Acient Miniser as he leaves. The three looked at him leave from upon the edge of a clif.

Chapter 5

Luigi was having a bad day. He keeps seeing Waddle Dees. Then a large hammer hits him and made him fly into the air. When he came down, he was a trophy. King Dedede caught him and he and the Waddle Dees discovers Wario in the cargo with Ness in it. Wario laughs when he sees Luigi, but the Waddle Dees stuned him and the trophy of Luigi landed in the cargo now belongs to Dedede. King Dedede zoomed off with all thw Waddle Dees behind. Wario is now mad! Later in the forest, Link walked up to the master sword and prepares to pull it out. He sucess big time. Later on his quest, he sees Yoshi taking a nap. Yoshi woke up and looked at Link. All of a sudden, the Halberd appeared and shocked them both by sending out small foes. The two followed the Halberd until Link relized the Halberd got away for now. In a factory on a floating island, a female boundy hunter named Zero Suit Samus found the track to her Power Suit. As she was looking around, she saw a captue with a Pikachu recharging. Zero Suit Samus, knew that the poor creature was in danger, breakes the glass freeing Pikachu. Alarms were set off everywhere! R.O.B. foes appeared all around the dou. Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu made it past the foes and enter the control room. Zero Suit Samus soon discover that her power suit was in the next factory.

Chapter 6

Kirby sees something and runs to it. It was Kirby Lover7485. Behind Peach and Zelda was Bowser. He soots both with his Dark Canon. The Faluse Bowser walked up to Bowser and entered the princesses bodys. Then, Faluse Peach and Zelda sight Link and Yoshi. They were about to shoot Link and Yoshi when a arrow hits the Canon spliting it into two. Mario and Peach defeat the faluse princesses and they dissapear. Link and Yoshi see the two and expose them as traters. Mario and Pit prooved it wrong by beating them. Just then, King Dedede appeared and take Link and Yoshi, but Kirby and Kirby Lover7485 appeared out of nowhere. Kirby uses the final cutter and Kirby Lover7485 saved Link and Yoshi. King Dedede charged at them but Pit and Link shoot an arrow at the cargo stoping it. The 6 ran off to the cave where Dedede escaped to. Later on, Kirby discovered the Castle of Dedede. The Halberd was going there too. In the control room, Ganondorf order Bowser to go to Dedede's castle and kidnap the princesses. Bowser and his minons got on their way to the castle. Lucas and Pokemon Trainer made it up to the ruins. Lucas was stopped by Wario who turned Nees into a trophy in the first place. Wario tried to beat them but Pokemon Trainer and Lucas worked together to defeat him. In the end Wario turned into tropthy and Lucas and Pikemon Trainer entered the ruins. As Lucas still worries about Ness and where his trophy is.

Chapter 7

Back at Dedede's Castle, King Dedede was looking at his new 4 trophies he got. He was glad he had friends. Then, he pulled out 3 timed badges. Puted one on Ness, Luigi and Zelda. He was about to put one on Peach, when he ran out! But he remember he puted that last one on himself. He took it off and on the princess. Just then, the celing crumbled under him and K.O. him when landed on his head! The minons and Bowser leap in though the hole they made, looking for Peach and Zelda. Sunddly, Bowser sights them under a part of the celing. Litlle did they know, they made a hole in the wall. Mario, Pit, Kirby, Kirby Lover7485, Link and Yoshi entered the serect cave to look for hints. Outside the castle, Bowser know that Mario and his team were about to try and stop him. They were, Mario and Link tried to attack together, but Bowser hold up the two trophies that were Peach and Zelda. Then Pit soots an arrow, but Bowser missed! Losing his balance, Bowser fell of the cliff, making the badges of Peach and Zelda all off. Luckly, Bowser escaped in his Koopa Clown Car. Kirby and Kirby Lover7485 discovered the badges and looked at them. Back to the castle the Acient Minister was about to pull the castle in a nega space. The R.O.B. foes pull out a space ball and it explode right away. Sending Luigi, Ness and Dedede in to a nega space caled Subspace. Back at the control room, Ganondorf tried to summit the Master Hand. The hand master ordered him to do something. But, Ganondorf desided to go to Subspace to find out what he wants him to do.

Chapter 8

Pokemon Trainer and Lucas traveled though the cave and finds Ivysaur. Pokemon Trainer captures him. Continuing though the cave, the two later found Charizard. Pokemon Trainer captures him too. They ended up in a very tall tower. At the top of the tower, Marth, Ike and Meta Knight got his eyes on a mech named Galleom. Marth and his gang stoped him and they fought. As to the team's victory, Galleom fell off the cliff into the stone floor. It turned out, that Lucas and Pokemon Trainer were actully in a chamber when Galleom landed. He grabed them and to Lucas surpise, he saw a Subspace Bomb set to 15 seconds. He tooked them up into the air, but Lucas uses his PK Thunder to break off Galleom's arm. Before the two thought they were falling to their death, Meta Knight swooped in and saved them. The Subspace Bomb explode, sending the Wario trophy into Subspace. As the Acient Minister looked upon the lastest Subspace Bomb explode, he thought of the three others and the R.O.Bs. who had died then. He turned to leave, but was stoped by Mario, Pit, Kirby, Kirby Lover7485, Link and Yoshi. Kirby Lover7485 saw two R.O.Bs. activating another Subspace Bomb. Mario and Pit try to attack them, but two other R.O.Bs. grabed them and pulled them away. The Acient Minister looked sadly at the R.O.Bs. and started to leave. The Subspace Bomb explode sending the R.O.Bs. into Subspace. Mario got on Yoshi, Kirby Lover7485 started to run as fast as he could and the others were on Kirby's Warp Star.

Chapter 9

Fox and Diddy Kong walked thogh the jungle island, when Bowser finally hit Diddy with his Dark Canon. Just then, Falco flew in on his Arwing. He jumped out and shot the gun apart. Bowser sent in shadow bus to create the Faluse Diddy Kong and leaved in his Clown Car back to the Halberd. The Faluse Diddy grew twice as big. Fox, with lighting speed, freed Diddy Kong. The three faced the faluse Diddy. After the battle, thefaluse Diddy dissapeared. Falco turned to leave but Diddy Kong told him all that had happen. The three followed the path to a waterfall where a Smash Skiff flew off to a floating island. But that one had the Donkey Kong trophy from eairlier. Falco summit help from the Great Fox. The three don't know what awaits them there. Back in the factory, Pikachu and Zero Suit Samus followed the trail all the way to the room where the power suit is. Just then, shadow bug clones apeared surrounding the two. The two fighters defeat the clones and R.O.Bs. appeared in all areas. However, they were blast away by the attacks by Samus. She and Pikachu contined their quest. Soon the two encounter Ridley, a metal dragon. He grabed Samus and draged her along the wall. Pikachu stoped him with a thunder attack. After a mighty defeat and exiting the factory, the two discovered two R.O.Bs. carring a Subspace Bomb from anouther factory. The two desided to check it out.

Chapter 10

On another part of the island, a couple of Pikmin were tring to attack a R.O.B. but failed and were nearly wiped out. One Pikmin warned Olimar that something was behind him. A fast race machine named the Blue Falcon zoomed onto screen. Captain Falcon leaped out and defeated the R.O.B. with a Falcon Punch. But the landing wiped out all the Pikmin in his way! The two team up to make it to the edge of the island as the Smash Skiff where the Donkey Kong trophy was getting to the floating island. Just then, Falco appeared in his Arwing and Diidy Kong droped in. He attacked the Subspace army and revives Donkey Kong. Captian Falcon grabed Olimar and jumped off the edge onto the Smash Skiff and helped the kongs defeat the Subspace army. After the fight, Diidy Kong waves goodbye to his new friend, Falco. The four were taken into a secret entence to the second factory. Back at the desert, the Halberd and the Great Fox were having a battle near a mountain. He starts to charge up the mountian leaving Lucas, Pokemon Trainer, Ike and Marth behind. As he climbed, Meta Knight saw two other mountain climbers. They were know as the Ice Climbers. Meta Knight tried to get up the mountain before them. The Ice Climbers reach the very top a little before Meta Knight. As they look on the point the mountain stand Lucario. He leaped at Meta Knight and prepares to fight him. Before they do, the Halberd had the Great Fox ramed into the mountain. As Meta Knight and Lucario jumped onto the Halberd, the Ice Climbers fell to the bottom where Lucas, Pokemon Trainer, Ike and Marth were. They found themselves in a husle with the Subspace Army. Just then, Mario, Pit, Kirby, Kirby Lover7485, Link and Yoshi appeared. They leaped off the clif they were on about to fight the huge army. The screen goes to the Halberd after the battle is done.

Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter 14

When it looks like all hope is lost, a surprise happened in Castle Dedede. It turned out that those timed badges Dedede put on the trophies saved Luigi and Ness. They revive Dedede and he was glad to see them. The three decide to team up and revive all who is fallen. But no before one last Luigi flight. The three encounter Bowser's trophy and Dedede revives him. Bowser looks at Dedede and punches him! Than, a duel took in. With King Dedede the victor, he revives Bowser again and shows him the path to the great maze. The four moved on. Meanwhile, the badges that Kirby and Kirby Lover7485 picked up eariler (or ate to Kirby) finally got to them. The two discover what happened and decide to team up to revive all the trophies in sight. The two encounter Ganondorf's trophy. But before they did anything, Bowser jumped in and beated it up! King Dedede catch up them and showed them the path to the great maze. And he drags the two towards it. Link and Zelda (who were revived by Kirby and Kirby Lover7485 eariler) decide that Ganondorf should help them. On the other hand, Wario encounters Dedede, Ness and Luigi. The two looked upon the staircase and aggred. However, Wario zoomed past them on his Wario Bike. The team soon encounter Tabuu again as the Off Wings attack was prepared. Just as it was ready to fire, Sonic breaks though his wings and a battle takes place. All remains was Kirby Lover7485, Sonic and Kirby. Soon, Tabuu takes out Sonic and Kirby! Kirby Lover7485 finds and smash ball and uses it to go super and zoom into Tabuu. The whole screen goes white.

Chapter 15

The screen turns back with Kirby Lover7485 and Tabuu still standing. The final duel begins between good and evil. It all ends as Kirby Lover7485 as the victor and Tabuu destroyed after the final blow. Kirby Lover7485 looked on his brother's trophy and revives him. Sonic looked upon Kirby Lover7485 and thanked him. Than, they revive Kirby and the others. At the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his friends returned to the castle to have Peach's cake. Only to be stoped by Bowser. Mario and Luigi jump in and prepared their duel against Bowser. Meanwhile, Kirby Lover7485 and Kirby looked upon Pop Star and smiled. After the credits, the Army discover a new foe.

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