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Super Smash Bros 6
Developer(s) Namco, Nintendo, Filpine Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Wii 2
Release Date(s)
June 14, 2015
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone( in US), Ages 8+(UK)
Series Super Smash Bros
Predecessor Super Smash Bros 4
Successor Super Smash Bros Ultimate/7
SSB6 is a upcoming game. It will be release on June 14, 2015 in every region expect Mexico and Alaska.


Coming back(Starters)

  • Mario(Always Mario)
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Peach
  • Bowser
  • Kirby
  • Dr. Mario(1st time starter)
  • Shulk
  • Link
  • Sonic
  • Meta Knight
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Lemmy
  • Iggy
  • Roy
  • Ludwig
  • Larry
  • Mii Fighters(from SSB4)

Coming Back(unlockable)

  • Mr. Game and Watch
  • Duck Hunt
  • Falco
  • Fox
  • Sheik
  • Zelda
  • Toon Link

NEW Unlockable Characters

  • Remmy(a weird fusion of Riki and Lemmy)
  • Riki
  • Waluigi
  • Mii Soldier
  • Keeby
  • Muigi
  • Lario
  • Wamuigi
  • Walario
  • Mitch(from Papa's Taco Mia!)

Characters' moves


  • Special-Fireball(red if Red Mario or Fire Mario, blue if Blue Mario, and lastly Purple if Waluigi-colored Mario)
  • Custom Special-Iceball(freezes other players)(slow if Red Mario or Fire Mario, fast if Blue Mario, and lastly weird if Waluigi-colored Mario)
  • Special Side-Cape (Red if Wario-colored Mario is using)
  • Special Side Custom 1- Super Cape
  • Special Side Custom 2- HYPER Cape
  • Special Side Custom 3- Fire Cape(good with Fire Mario)
  • Down Special- Transform(to F.L.U.D.D Mario)(Special Move is Squirt water and the custom are from SSB4)
  • Up Special- Coin Punch
  • Custom Up Special- Firey Punch
  • Down Air attack-Mario Tornado


Same as Mario expect Down Special is Luigi Cyclone and Down Air attack is Little Luigi Cyclone and Fireballs don't care about gravity


Same as Mario but Super Muigi Tornado for Down Special and Fireballs don't care about gravity.


Same as Mario but Fireballs are green like Luigi.

To be continued...


Bold if NEW


  • Smash
  • Special Smash
  • 8-Player smash
  • 8-Player Special Smash!

Games and More

  • Solo
  • Group
  • HYPER Group(3-6 PLAYERS!)
  • Custom
  • Smash Tour
  • Stage Maker(Stage Bulider in UK)


  • Time/Stock/Coin/Bonus Smash
  • Number of minutes for Time/Coin/Bonus and Number of Lives for stock.
  • Custom Fighters ON/OFF
  • Launch rate

Additonal Rules in Special Mode

  • Weight: Set any characters weight to Heavy, Normal, and Light
  • Additonal body features: Add any thing to any Player/CPU

Game Rating

The game got a 136.753/184.262 from GamerRatios. Screw Attack put it on the BEST Smash Bros Game ever!!

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