Revenge of the Darkness is the story mode to Super Smash Bros 4. It has 83 levels and 29 bosses. Longer that Brawl's SSE.

To see the bosses see this: Super Smash Bros 4/Bosses

Mushroom Carnival

The darkness returned and the mushroom people are trying to stop it. Mega is on a mission to stop the darkness himself and decided to get Mario and Luigi. (Stage 1: Mushroom Carnival) (Playable Characters: Mega) Mega gets to Mario and Luigi and tells them to help him. Mario and Luigi were on their way to the Princess' Castle for a cake. Ninja saw what's going on and jumped into action! Mega turned into Mega Man when he saw Ninja was going to be hard. Toad joined them. (Stage 2: vs. Ninja) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Mega Man) Mega Man revies Ninja and tells him his mission and the darkness. But then, airships came from nowhere! Bowser looked down and sent down his minons. Mega Man had to leave, Dr. Wily has an evil plan going on. Leaving the 4 with the minions. (Stage 3: Defeat 25 of Bowser's Minons) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Ninja, Toad) After all the minons were defeated, Bowser sends in Big Bomb-omb to stop Mario and his gang. He sends Toad to a far away land and Mario, Luigi and Ninja prepae their attacks to fight. (Boss 1: Big Bomb-omb) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Ninja) Mario and his friends saw the darkness coming closer so they went off to Daisy's Castle.

Green Hill Zone

Toad landed in Green Hill and decided to check it out. (Stage 4: Green Hill) (Playable Characters: Toad) Tails saw Toad coming and decided to help him get back to the Mushroom Carnival. Just then, Dr. Eggman appeared! He showed Tails his new, Egg Bomber. Tails and Toad prepared to fight. (Boss 2: Egg Bomber) (Playable Characters: Toad, Tails) After the boss fight, Eggman flees and Tails and Toad chase after him. (Stage 5: Green Falls) (Playable Characters: Toad, Tails) Toad sees Eggman getting away and calls in the Tornado 3 for them to catch up.

Dream Land

Kirby, Keebe and Prince Fluff were having a nap under a tree when a boom can be heard thogh the trees. Kirby and his friends decided to find out where it came from. (Stage 6: Green Greens) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Keebe, Prince Fluff) The three puffballs entered the cave of fears. (Stage 7: The Cave of Fears) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Keebe, Prince Fluff) The three comes in to Mecha Ridley and the beast already defeated Pit and Cream. Kirby and Keebe revie them both. (Boss 3: Mecha Ridley) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Keebe, Prince Fluff, Pit, Cream) Kirby wonders where the monsters are coming from. Cream finds Cheese on a Warp Star and the five look at it.

Jungle Japes

Some of the minions of Bowser started to blast the trees in the jungle and escape! Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong disover some of the burnted tress and jumped into the jungle to start looking for who did this. (Stage 8: The Burned Jungle) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong) The two saw Bowser in the shadows and leaped back. Bowser pulls out his Dark Canon and prepares to fire when he gets hit by a banana in the head! It turned out to be Dixie Kong. (Stage 9: vs. Bowser) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong) Bowser turns Dixie Kong into a trophy .

Daisy's Castle

Mario and co. continued to Daisy in her garden. (Stage 10: Daisys Castle) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Ninja) The tio found Daisy in her garden. Mario leaped on her! They explained about the plot of the darkness and Bowser. Suddely, Bowser Jr droped in and kidnapps Daisy! Mario and the others were stoped by Mecha Sonic. He pulls out his cannon but Mario knocked back every attack with his hammer. Mecha Sonic fires a laser to melt down Mario's hammer to stop him from attacking! Just as Mecha Sonic rasied his cannon for the kill, he was hit by the Geno Whril. Geno jumped in and told the three that he wanted them to help him stop Bowser. Mecha Sonic pulls back his cannon preparing to fight (Boss 4: Mecha Sonic) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Ninja, Geno) The darkness bomb started on them after the battle. Geno commanded them out! (Stage 11: Escape in 3:00) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Ninja, Geno) The four escaped the castle before the whole castle was destroyed! Mario saw the airships getting away into the Mushroom Mountains.

Secrect Ruins

Link was on his way to stop Ganondorf as he saw the airships with Bowser Jr and Daisy on one. Gannondorf starts blasting the ruins with Bullet Bills. Link went off to stop him. (Stage 12: Secert Ruins) (Playable Characters: Link) As Link apporch the main cannon room, Gannondorf traps him in a huge cage! Just as Gannondork was about to finally kill Link, a lightning strike flew in. Gannondorf jumped out of the way. A glow comes in and Zelda jumps out. Gannondorf realesed his ruin foes to stop them. (Stage 13: Defeat 45 Enimies) (Playable Characters: Link, Zelda) A airship flew in and Bowser Jr zoomed down the rope. Daisy warned them about the darkness. (Stage 14: vs. Bowser Jr) (Playable Characters: Link, Zelda, Daisy) Zelda revives Bowser Jr and asks him if he wants to join them. For once, Bowser Jr agreed to join them! So did Gannondorf. Daisy was worried about her castle and how it was while she was gone. A dark light brings in and Shadow Lugia appears. (Boss 5: Shadow Lugia) (Playable Characters: Daisy, Link, Gannondorf, Zelda, Bowser Jr) Bowser Jr and the others escape the ruins as a darkness bomb was setting off and exploded the ruins!

Badlands of Bowser

After Bowser hire him 3 months ago, the Black Knight looks out for his rivals. Marth was on his way to the castleanyway. He saw his old foe and decided to fight back. (Boss 6: Black Knight) (Playable Characters: Marth ) Meanwhile Kirby and his team were on their way there too. (Stage 15: World 8-3) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Keebe, Prince Fluff, Pit, Cream) Team Marth saw Team Kirby enter the castle to make up with Bowser. He saw a sunken ship opening and might think Dr Wily might be behind it.

Egg Factory

The Tornado 3 pulled in for a landing on the Egg Factory. Tails and his friends jumped out and looked at the darkness bombs being created. (Stage 16: Egg Factory) (Playable Characters: Tails, Toad) As Toad was looking around; Tails met up with Shadow, Silver and Sonic. (Stage 17: vs. Shadow, Silver/Sonic, Tails, Toad) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Toad/Shadow, Silver) The winning team revives the three losers. Eggman comes in and he has a new weapon this time! The six decided to work together to stop Eggman. (Boss 7: Egg Flamer) (Playable Characters: Tails, Toad, Sonic, Shadow, Silver) The villains come in and set off a darkness bomb time for 5:00 minutes! Sonic looked at the Tornando about to lift off. (Stage 18: Escape in 5:00) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Toad, Silver, Shadow) The whole factory was exploded with the Tornado 3 escaping with the five on it!

Castle Bleck Part 1

Paper Mario, Paper Peach and Paper Bowser were on a quest to stop the evil Count Bleck from finding hid new minion. (Stage 19: Castle Bleck Act 1) (Playable Characters: Paper Mario, Paper Peach, Paper Bowser) The three enter the dark room. A shadow figure appeared. Paper Mario was schocked to see it was Mr L! The paper heroes spring into action. (Stage 20: vs Mr L) (Playable Characters: Paper Mario, Paper Peach, Paper Bowser) Paper Luigi appeared out of the destroyed castle parts and decides to join them. Paper Mario finds Classic Sonic jumping into a warp pipe. He jumps in after him.

Mushroom Mountains

Donkey, Diddy and Pikachu continued their quest to destroy the darkness. (Stage 21: Mushroom Hights) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu) Mario and Donkey Kong were summon to meet again, they did! Mario is aware to stop Donkey Kong. (Stage 22: vs. Donkey Kong/Mario) (Playable Characters: Mario/Donkey Kong) The winner looks at the trophy and revives it. Donkey Kong came out to kill Mario when Rosalina drops in. She turns Mario into Flying Mario to help him and his team to escape the others. (Stage 23: Sky Paths) (Playable Characters: Flying Mario)

The Overthere

Mario and his gang made it to the Overthere to find Team Tails flying in on the Tornado 3. Tails saw Mario's team and decides to join him. Mario and the team saw Daisy with Link! Mario and Luigi were shocked by two strange pictures. Paper Mario and Classic Sonic were those two. Luigi took a quick look at Paper Mario than looked at the Regelur Mario. Classic Sonic saw the castle in the distance. Sonic, Silver and Shadow fall though the clouds and into a sunken ship. (Stage 24: The Overthere) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, , Tails, Ninja, Toad, Geno, Paper Mario, Classic Sonic) Meanwhile; Pac Man, Sackboy and R.O.B. were on their way to the Darkness. Mario and Sonic decided for them to take their clones with them. On the quest, the five end up with Bonechill, the evil ruler of the Overthere. (Boss 8: Bonechill) (Playable Characters: Pac Man, R.O.B., Sackboy, Paper Mario, Classic Sonic) Toc Man appeared and pulls out his Dark Cannon! But, a bomb came in and exploded it to pieces! The bomb came from Bomberman, he did that because he needed their help. The darkness bomb is about and they need to get out. (Stage 25: Escape in 5:30) (Playable Characters: Pac Man, R.O.B., Sackboy, Paper Mario, Classic Sonic, Bomberman) Overthere was destroyed in a snap!

Bowser's Castle Part 1

Kirby and his friends continued their quest in the castle of Bowser. (Stage 26: Bowser's Castle Act 1) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Keebe, Prince Fluff, Pit, Cream) The team made it up to Bowser and his koopalings. He send in them and leaves. Kirby and his friends were prepared to fight when the Halberd appeared over them. Meta Knight jumped out. (Boss 9: Koopalings) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Keebe, Prince Fluff, Pit, Cream, Meta Knight) After defeat, the koopalings set off a darkness bomb. But Meta Knight slice it up into the air and exploded. Bowser jumped out and turns Kirby into a trophy and throws him in the lava! (Stage 27: The Lava Pool Drop) (Playable Characters: Kirby Trophy) Kirby fell into a pipe trophy-formed. As the others left, Dark Matter looked over them.

Port Town

(Stage 28: Win the Race) (Playable Characters: Captain Falcon) After winning the race, Captain Falcon was given Kirby's trophy?! He revives him and Kirby was confused, he forgot everything! Captain Falcon showed him the darkness and Kirby remembered the poor locations that were destroyed. Daisy's Castle, The Secret Ruins, The Egg Factory, The Overthere. He was worried about where the darkness will strike next. A giant monster came out of the shadows! Perfect Chaos! Kirby and Captain Falcon was joined by Classic Tails. (Boss 10: Perfect Chaos) (Playable Characters: Captain Falcon, Kirby, Classic Tails) Perfect Chaos was sunken into the track when defeated. Classic Tails tells Kirby and Captain Falcon that the place is about to explode! Kirby was really worried. (Stage 29: Escape in 6:30) (Playable Characters: Captain Falcon, Kirby, Classic Tails) The three escaped as the Port Town blown up! Kirby saw Classic Sonic and his team of five. They decided to help them.

Lost Liquid

The Tornado 3 was full with Mario and Sonic's teams together. Bowser and Eggman shot a missile and shot down the Tornado 3! Tails says that he can fix it at the moment while the others went off to find Link and Daisy. (Stage 30: Lost Liquid) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Ninja, Geno, Toad) Mario finally found Link and his team with Daisy in it! Luigi wanted Daisy back. Luigi and Link battled for the princess. (Stage 31: vs. Link/Luigi) (Playable Characters: Luigi/Link) The winner revives the trophy. Just as Luigi and Link were about to fight again, Tetra appeared. Link ofter Luigi back Daisy! Mario and Link teams leave. Tails has now fixed the Tornado 3! The plane flied away. Shadow and Silver looked from above.

Bone Ship

(Stage 32: Sunken Ship) (Playable Characters: Marth, Ike, Mega Man) As the two continued, they saw the Waluigi trophy and revives him. Waluigi was glad to help them on their adventure. (Stage 33: Cortez's Lair) (Playable Characters: Marth, Mega Man, Waluigi) In the lair's treasure room, Cortez rises from the dead! He is about to attack when a sword sliced though an arm. The attack came from Lyn, who followed the three to the room. Cortez prepared to fight. (Boss 11: Cortez) (Playable Characters: Marth, Mega Man, Waluigi, Lyn) The monster fell to pieces and Wario jumped in! He saw Waluigi and shook hands with his bro. The ship started to rumble and shake. A darkness bomb was on it! (Stage 34: Escape in 7:00) (Playable Characters: Marth, Lyn, Mega Man, Wario, Waluigi) The five got out fast enough before the ship sunk into the sea. The five ended up in the Badlands of Bowser.

Castle Bleck Part 2

The other 3 paper characters continued on without Paper Mario. (Stage 35: Castle Bleck Act 2) (Playable Characters: Paper Luigi, Paper Peach, Paper Bowser) The three enter the room of Count Bleck. But, he wasn't there! Instead Dr Wily was there! Paper Luigi ask him where Count Bleck was. And he said "He's a little tied up at the moment!" The three saw Count Bleck tied to him doom over a pit of lava! (Boss 12: Dr Wily) (Playable Characters: Paper Luigi, Paper Peach, Paper Bowser) A darkness bomb set off as Team Paper started to escape. (Stage 36: Escape in 7:30) (Playable Characters: Paper Luigi, Paper Peach, Paper Bowser) As the heroes went off to find Paper Mario, Castle Bleck was destroyed with Count Bleck inside!

Sky Santuary

King K. Rool was launching a laser on Donkey Kong's team. Kirby and his pals must stop him before he fires it. (Stage 37: Sky Santuary) (Playable Characters: Paper Mario, Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Pac Man, Sackboy, Bomberman, R.O.B.) The team ends up with King K. Rool and he prepared to fire the laser on Kirby's team! A engine roared and started. As a biker hits King K. Rool! He was the Excitebiker, the NES looking racer. (Stage 38: vs. King K. Rool) (Playable Characters: Paper Mario, Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Pac Man, Sackboy, Bomberman, R.O.B., Exitebiker) Paper Mario revives King K. Rool and ofter him to join them. The teams splited up because the team has too many members. Kirby, Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Sackboy, Exitebiker and King K. Rool are on one team. Captain Falcon, Paper Mario, Pac Man, R.O.B. and Bomberman were on the other. Team 1 went to Shadow Town, while Team 2 went to the Pokeman Staduim.

Rock Rock Mountain

Toon Zelda was looking over the peaks of Rock Rock Mountain. A dark light appeared on the other side. Toon Zelda's only hope is to find out what it is. (Stage 39: Rock Rock Plains) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda) Dark Samus came out of the shadows and saw Toon Zelda coming his way! He blasts her backwards! Toon Zelda ran back to attack. But Dark Samus knocks her backwards again! He raises his cannon to finish off Toon Zelda when Roy punches him backwards. (Stage 40: vs Dark Samus) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy) After the two win, Dark Samus flies away! He had a plan to turn evey smasher but him into trophies! A darkness bomb set it self on and the two began to escape. (Stage 41: Escape in 7:45) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy) The two made it to Neo Bowser City before the mountains explode.

Bowser's Castle Part 2

(Stage 42: vs. Bowser) (Playable Characters: Keebe, Prince Fluff, Pit, Cream) After the fight, Bowser was revived by Cheese. Mario, Luigi, Ninja, Geno and Daisy decided to find Bowser's throne room. (Stage 43: Bowser's Castle Act 2) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Ninja, Geno, Peach) Mario's group meets up with Dark Matter. He had a plot to defeat Kirby and stop him from stoping the Darkness. Mario would not give up. Captain Falcon's team appeared out of nowhere to stop the Dark Matter. (Boss 13: Dark Matter) (Playable Characters: Captain Falcon, Paper Mario, R.O.B., Bomberman, Pac Man) The team left to the Pokemon Stadium while Mario's team went deeper in Bowser's Castle. Shadow, Silver and Metal Sonic still looked at them.

Shadow Town

Marth and his team discover a door and decide to enter. It leaded to a Shadow Town of Shy Guys. One Shy Guy decided to help them. (Stage 44: Shadow Town) (Playable Characters: Marth, Ike, Lyn, Mega Man, Wario, Shy Guy) Kirby's group made it to the Cave of Shadows where Wart's Lair is. (Stage 45: Cave of Shadows) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, King K. Rool, Sackboy, Exitebiker) The team meet up with Wart and prepared to fight. Out of nowhere, Toon Link and Young Link make awesome appearances by coming out of a pipe. (Boss 14: Wart) (Playable Characters: Toonk Link, Young Link, Kirby, Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, King K. Rool, Sackboy, Exitebiker) Wart Escaped and left a darkness bomb! Kirby and his team knew it was time to retreat! (Stage 46: Escape in 8:00) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, King K. Rool, Sackboy, Exitebiker, Toon Link, Young Link) The nine escaped as the Cave of Shadows burts into flames! Kamek looked from above and left.

Neo Bowser City Part 1

Toon Zelda and Roy soon come up to a crown. Then Peach came out and put it on! It turned out that the crown belonged to Peach. She looked at the two and decided to run off! (Stage 47: Catch Peach) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy) The two caught up with Peach and tells her about the darkness bombs over at Rock Rock Mountain. Peach decides to join them and she does! (Stage 48: Neo Streets) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy, Peach) The three saw Dry Bowser leaving them to the highest town in the city.

Pokemon Stadium 3

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Pikachu entered the Stadium where Richu (an evolved version of Pikachu) was waiting for Pikachu. He prepared to fight him! (Stage 49: vs. Richu) (Playable Characters: Pikachu) Pikachu revives Richu and askes him to help him. Pokemon Trainer comes in and welcomes Pikachu back! Them a dark force came in and Zero from Kirby came in! Pokemon Trainer Challenges him to a fight. (Boss 15: Zero) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Richu) After the battle, Pichu, Jigglypuff and Lucario came in to thank Pikachu to help them. The seven looked at Zero as he turned into 02 and leaved. The team took off for Sarasaland , where Baby Peach and Baby Daisy are.

Forest Maze

Blaze and Amy were having a picnic when the darkness glowed. The two girls decided to stop it and have their picnic. (Stage 50: Forest Maze) (Playable Characters: Amy, Blaze) The two walk past Yoshi and the babies bros. The five saw enimies falling from the sky. (Stage 51: Defeat 75 Enimies) (Playable Characters: Amy, Blaze, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Yoshi) The five continued the quest and meet up with Eggman. This time he pulls out his Egg Beetle! (Boss 16: Egg Beetle) (Playable Characters: Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby, Blaze, Amy) The five move on to the Egg Base as Master Chief secretly looked at them!

Neo Bowser City Part 2

02 looked upon the shadows of the city and leaves a darkness bomb! Set for 30:00. Toon Zelda and her team enter the highest tower. (Stage 52: Neo Tower) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy, Peach) The team entered Eggman as he pulls out his Egg Breaker. The three started the fight. (Boss 17: Egg Breaker) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy, Peach) Eggman's machine breaks down and fell to it's doom! Kamek appears and sees Eggman on the ground. He plans his revenge by making a darkness bomb appear in thin air. The darkness bomb hited 8:30! The three decided it's time to escape! (Stage 53: Escape in 8:30) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy, Peach) The heroes escaped the city before it exploded! Peach saw Siege Castle as the three zoom in.

Bowser's Castle Part 3

(Stage 54: Bowser's Castle Act 3) (Playable Charcters: Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Geno, Ninja) The five saw a Hammer Brother, sleeping on the job! He wakes up and leaps to Mario. Mario jumps at him and poses at him. (Stage 55: vs. Hammer Brother/Mario) (Playable Characters: Mario/Hammer Brother) The winner will look at the trophy and suddely feel bad for him. So Mario/Hammer Brother revives Hammer Brother/Mario. (Stage 56: Bowser's Throne Room) (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Geno, Ninja, Hammer Brother) The six enter Bowser. He turns around and reviles himself as Dark Bowser! Bowser jumps in and prepares to fight him. Mario and his team was confused. Bowser told them to retreat, he'll take care of it. Mario and his team left as Bowser prepared to fight. (Boss 18: Dark Bowser) (Playable Characters: Bowser) The real tooked the fake down! Dark Bowser turned the real one into a trophy when he wasn't looking. Dark Bowser left the castle after setting... A DARKNESS BOMB! Mario and his pals escaped fast enough before the castle exploded with Bowser inside! Captain Falcon, Pac Man, R.O.B., Sackboy and Paper Mario looked from above.


Inside the ruins Baby Peach and Baby Daisy broke from their cage and set off the lava trap. The two ran for their lives. (Stage 57: Golden Fortress Act 1) (Playable Characters: Baby Peach, Baby Daisy) As they reached the exit, a dark figure apeared and grabbed the babies! Kirby Lover7485 jumped in and explored the cave. (Stage 58: Golden Fortress Act 2) (Playable Characters: Kirby Lover7485) As he reached the huge door. Kirby Lover7485 felt a shock sences tingling. It was Pikachu's Electio Ball! Kirby Lover7485 dodged the attack. Pikachu and his team were right behind him! (Stage 59: vs Kirby Lover7485/Pikachu) (Playable Characters: Pikachu/Kirby Lover7485) After the fight, Kirby Lover7485 jumped away. The team were confused as they continued their quest.

Mushroom Village

Dr. Mario was taking care of Goombas when Knuckles appeared.He told Dr. Mario about the darkness and askes him to help him . Amy, Blaze, Yoshi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi came in and ask them to help them. A shadow jumps out and in hops Master Chief! (Stage 60: vs. Master Chief) (Playable Charcters: Knuckles, Dr. Mario, Amy, Blaze, Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi) Amy revives Master Chief and tells him to join them. He finally gives in with the seven. A shadow appeared (NES Mario) and jumps in the unknow. (Stage 61: Mushroom Village) (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Master Chief, Dr. Mario, Amy, Blaze, Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi) The eight opened up to Majora's Mask and it has the 7 Chaos Emeralds! Rouge shows up and finds the emerald Her team must fight and win to get them! (Boss 19: Majora's Mask Boss Line) (Playable Characters: Rouge, Knuckles, Master Chief, Dr. Mario, Amy, Blaze, Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi) The seven Chaos Emeralds were held in their hands. They go off to find Sonic.

Dark Star's Lair

Fox, Falco and Krystal were looking for the lair of the Dark Star. Ness, Lucas and Claus were with them to find the Golden Baseball Bat (Stage 62: Dark Star's Lair Act 1) (Playable Characters: Fox, Falco, Krystal, Ness, Lucas, Claus) The found a secret room where the Baby Daisy and Rosalina trophies are. Shadow Bugs surround the and making them faluse versions! (Stage 63: vs. False Baby Daisy and Rosalina) (Playable Characters: Fox, Falco, Krystal, Ness, Lucas, Claus) As Baby Daisy and Rosalina get on their feet, Krystal told them what happened. Baby Daisy told then a dark type pokemon captured her and Baby Peach. The team grouped up. (Stage 64: Dark Star's Lair Act 2) (Playable Characters: Fox, Falco, Krystal, Ness, Lucas, Claus, Baby Daisy, Rosalina) Fox and his friends end up with Wolf and they fought. (Stage 65: vs. Wolf) (Playable Characters: Fox) Fox revives Wolf and ask to help him and his friends. (Stage 66: Dark Star's Lair Act 3) (Playable Characters: Fox, Falco, Krystal, Ness, Lucas, Claus, Baby Daisy, Rosalina, Wolf) The team met the Dark Star and they fought. (Boss 20: Dark Star) (Playable Characters: Fox, Falco, Krystal, Ness, Lucas, Claus, Baby Daisy, Rosalina, Wolf) The whole lair started to shake and the gang retreated cause of the darkness bomb! (Stage 67: Escape in 9:30) (Playable Characters: Fox, Falco, Krystal, Ness, Lucas, Claus, Baby Daisy, Rosalina, Wolf) The gang escaped as the lair exploded! As the group got back on their feet, the dark figure that grabed the babies flew past them.

Pokepark Wastlands

Kirby Lover7485 continued his path to the babies. Just then, Kyogre jumped out of the shadows to fight Kirby Lover7485. Rayquaza and Goundon followed along. Kirby Lover7485 jumped into action! (Stage 68: vs the Trio Masters) (Playable Characters: Kirby Lover7485) Kirby Lover7485 manges to recrute the Trio Masters and it worked! Later on, the Pokemon team entered the wastelands. (Stage 69: Pokepark Wastelands) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Richu, Pichu, Jiggypuff, Lucario, Kirby Lover7485, Trio Masters) The team encounter the kidnapper. (Boss 21: ???????) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Richu, Pichu, Jiggypuff, Lucario, Kirby Lover7485, Trio Masters) It was seen that Darkrai was the kiddnapper that stole Baby Peach in the first place. He escaped into his space shuddle as a Darkness Bomb was set by his minion Deoxys! The heroes escaped. (Stage 70: Escape in 11:00) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Richu, Pichu, Jiggypuff, Lucario, Kirby Lover7485, Trio Masters) The team manage to hop onto the shuddle as it blasted into space.

Siege Palace

(Stage 71: Siege Palace) (Playable Characters: Ike) Ike saw three figures coming down on him! It turned out to be Toon Zelda's team coming in for a landing. Ike looked at them and ran off! The three decide to catch up. (Stage 72: Catch Ike) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Roy, Peach) After a while, Peach caught Ike! Dry Bowser appeared and explains his evil plan. Ike was shocked when Dry Bones comes in. The four prepared for action. (Boss 22: Dry Bowser) (Playable Characters: Roy, Toon Zelda, Ike, Peach) Waluigi set off a darkness bomb as he and Dry Bowser left. The four decided to retreat back into Mushroom Kingdom, the home of Peach. (Stage 73: Beat Siege Palace in 10:00) Roy, Peach and Ike escapeed while Toon Zelda fell into a pipe!

Underground Tunnel

Samus is on a mission to stop Mother Brain and save the Metroid. (Stage 74: Underground Maze) (Playable Characters: Samus) Samus saw Toon Zelda falling to her arms. The two decide to team up. The two made it to Mr Game and Watch. He challenge them to a fight (Stage 75: vs. Mr Game and Watch) (Playable Characters: Samus, Toon Zelda) Samus revives Mr Game and Watch and ask him to join them. Mr Game and Watch shook his head. Toon Zelda saw two climbers on their way to see the Mother Brain too. They're call the Ice Climbers! Samus decides to talk to them. (Stage 76: Undergroun Ice Path) (Playable Characters: Samus, Toon Zelda, Ice Climbers, Mr Game and Watch) Baby Peach saw the five coming her way and saw Ridley behind her. Samus prepared to fight him. (Stage 77: vs. Ridley) (Playable Characters: Samus) After defeating her rival, Samus ask her to help. The heroes came upon Mother Brain. (Boss 23: Mother Brain Phase 1) (Playable Characters: Samus, Toon Zelda, Mr Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Ridley, Baby Peach) Samus saw Mother Brain still alive and grow arms and legs! (Boss 24: Mother Brain Phase 2) (Playable Characters: Samus, Toon Zelda, Mr Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Ridley, Baby Peach) The six saw Metal Sonic and Eggman appear. The six prepare to stop the metal hedgehog! (Stage 78: vs. Metal Sonic) (Playable Characters: Toon Zelda, Samus, Ridley, Baby Peach, Ice Climbers, Mr Game and Watch) 02 came in and send in a darkness bomb set to 11 minutes! The seven decided to retreat! (Stage 79: Escape in 11:00) (Playable Characters: Samus, Toon Zelda, Mr Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Ridley, Baby Peach) The heroes escape as the underground explodes! The seven saw King Dedede and Waddle Dee and ask if they can join them. They both agree.

Darkrai's Space Shuddle

We return to the shuddle and team Pokemon. Baby Peach was still captured. Kirby Lover7485 jumped off the shuddle into the darkness. The team moved on without him. (Stage 80: Darkrai's Space Shuddle) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Richu, Pichu, Jiggypuff, Lucario, Trio Masters) Finally they reach the kiddnapper. The team prepared for battle. (Boss 25: Darkrai) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Richu, Pichu, Jiggypuff, Lucario, Trio Masters) After that, the shuddle fell to the ground!

Entrence to the Darkness

The heroes unite at the enterence of the darkness. One step to go! (Stage 81: Enterence to the Darkness) (Playable Characters: All but NES Mario and Kirby Lover7485) Mario look up and finds a mirror room. He falls in! In the mirror, Mario finds his NES self. He prepares to fight. (Stage 82: vs. NES Mario) (Playable Characters: Mario) Mario revives his past self and decides to ask him to join. NES Mario said yes. The two Marios got back to the team and Zelda saw an enterence to the darkness.

The Darkness

The heroes continued to the core of the darkness. 02 meet them again. Baby Rosalina and Birdo perpared to fight! (Boss 26: 02) (Playable Characters: Baby Rosalina, Birdo) 02 goes up to smoke and expolde! The gang meet up with the Great Maze with areas that were destroyed by the darkness bombs. (Stage 83: The Great Maze) (Playable Characters: All but Kirby Lover7485) Eggman comes back in his Egg Dragoon! The Sonics decide to end him. (Boss 27: Egg Dragoon) (Playable Characters: Classic and Modern Sonics) The heroes came in and saw the Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Mario and his pals fight them. Kirby Lover7485 watches from above. (Boss 28: Master Hand and Crazy Hand Duo) (Playable Characters: All but Kirby Lover7485) Kirby saw a shadow figure coming in. Eveyone was shocked! Tabuu was back from the dead. Master Hand and Crazy Hand tried to attack but Tabuu attacked back! The heroes fight back but as Tabuu was about to kill them, Kirby Lover7485 slashes his Off Wings off! Tabuu raises his arms as the heroes prepared to fight. (Final Boss: Tabbu Strikes Back) (Playable Characters: All of them) With the explosion, all the darkness bombs reverse their explode and everything came back to normal. But, a Darkness Bomb set off in the Darkness and heroes try to escape but the bomb exploded!


The team landed in the Mushroom Carnival and all the babies see fireworks. Kirby Lover7485 looked at Kirby and told him that he wanted to help. Kirby smiled! King K. Rool tells the Kongs that he'll give up stealing their bananas for while. It was too much work or too little pay. Besides he had something more than bananas that he was thinking about that moment. Peach thanks the Mario Brothers for saving her. She gave Mario a kiss. Luigi got left out. But Daisy kissed him too to make it fair. Sonic thanks his past self for helping him and Modern Tails, but something happened to his past self. Classic Sonic evolved into Dreamcast Sonic! Kirby and Ribbion looked in the sky as the fireworks set off. Kirby looks down and finds out his Warp Star is gone. He yells out "WHERE'S MY WARP STAR?!" The Warp Star fly off into space and Baby Peach , Baby Daisy, and Baby Rosalina wave goodbye at the screen. The Warp Star takes off as Kirby chases after it as everyone else laughs. As the credits roll, the cast of playable characters, enimies and bosses will roll. After the credits, an image of Mario, Link, Pikachu and Kirby will appear in the sky

The End

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