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Super smash bros 3D

Super smash bros HD

Developer(s) -BaptIce@29-
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS/WII U
Genre(s) Arcade,Battle
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)


Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge/Ninendo WII U Disk


Super Smash Bros. HD is a fighting game for Wii U and Super smah bros 3D Game in Nintendo 3DS. It is the fiveth game in the Super Smash Bros. series. The game is currently in development by [BaptIce@29]. The game is planned for a late 2016 release.


Super smash bros 3D/HD fighting game, as its predecessor with the aim to eject his opponent out of the stadium the point of his life and augmante% calculated at each blow received what augmante the chance to be ejected

Playable Character


Alternative form


Picture Name from    description Last apparition obtaining
Battlefield Super smash bros 3D/HD New -
Final destination Super smash bros 3D/HD New ?
Mushroom plain New super mario bros U New -
Sec Sec desert Super Mario 3D Land New  -
Comet observatory Super Mario Galaxy Players start at the main entrance of the Comet Observatory. At random moments a Launch Star appears and the players are shot to the Good Egg GalaxyBattlerock GalaxyStarship MarioYoshi Star GalaxyPuzzle Plank Galaxy or Grandmaster Galaxy New ?
Ghosty Manor

Luigi's Mansion 2

A huge mansion with different rooms: the Main Hall, the Kitchen, the Bedroom, the Living Room, and a completely dark room, known as The Room of Doom. The room magically switches to another room at random moments, and each room has different gimmicks. New ?
Kong island Donkey kong tropical freeze New -
Delcaburg Paper Mario Sticker stars A small town made out of paper. The stage is pretty simple. Sometimes, stickers are thrown from the background that stick on a character, lowering their stats. New -
Tiki lava terror Donkey Kong Contry Return A stage that takes place just above a sea of lava. There are only a few small platforms to stand on, and horizontal lavaball attacks can kick the player off them. ?
heavenly way Zelda Spirit Track For 3DS/For WII U ?
Hyrule Castle Zelda Ocarina Of time For 64 -
Stone temple Zelda Majora Mask New ?
Bridge edem Zelda Twilight Princess For Brawl ?
Pokémon stadium Pokémon blue/red For 64 -
Pokémon stadium 2 Pokémon ruby/saphirre for melee -
column launches pokémon diamond/pearl for brawl ?
Dragospire tower pokemon black2/white2 new ?
wisp garden kirby new -
Hallbert Kirby super star ultra for brawl ?
London Professor Layton New ?
training room Wii Fit For 3DS/WII U ?

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