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Super Smash Bros. Infinite (stylized as Super Smash Bros. ∞) is a fighting game made by BatWolfGaming (tbc), described as "the biggest Smash game made". The game features a massive amount of characters, stages, items, and much more. This game is said to be the last in the series after Ultimate and took a very long time in development in order to be made.

(Credit to Puddlecat for Striped Images) (Credit to HollowPharaoh for help with Format) (Credit to CrispyCol for some other images)

(DLC name hints:

"Cyber sword" 



"Blue Demon"


"Orange twister"

"The Determined"



"Iron Grip"


"Big Game Killer"

"Wolf Form"

"Red Feathers"



"Treasure Hunter")

CrispyCol images: 

Differences from Ultimate

  • Despite being a new game, menu is nearly identical to Ultimate, except with more spots for new, yet unreveleaed game modes.
  • In the Rules, you can set which Pokémon and Assist Trophies appear by toggling them on and off individually.
  • Like with Ultimate, the roster initially starts with the starting lineup from Super Smash Bros. 64, but now it includes the four unlockable characters from that game as well.
  • Special Smash now has more options, such as Killer Smash, where the participants always have the item Killing Edge with them, Slip Smash, where everyone is constantly tripping and Reverse Smash, where all the controls have been reversed.
  • A new, unnamed type of stage is now available based off the stage Smashville, giving the option to players to play with any stage on the Smashville layout.
  • Stages are unlocked alongside characters. The initial stage lineup gives a home stage to the starting 12 alongside the Smash iconic stages Battlefield and Final Destination.
  • A new stage based off the original Donkey Kong replaces 75m from Brawl.
  • Echoes can now have differentiating moves or abilities taken from other fighters.
  • The story mode will be the longest in any Smash game. The storymode is called Final Smash 
  • If multiple players are on New Pork City, Great Cave Offensive and Palutenas Temple, if some characters are far away a split screen will appear 
  • Snakes Codes and Pits "codecs" make a return
  • There is now Infinite Battlefield stage, a massive but slow side scrolling stage that looks like battlefield but slowly evolves into a cross between Battlefield and Final Destination
  • Stage Builder returns. You can also now build your own Break the Targets stages! (inspired by another person if I can find their name I will credit them!)
  • Boss battles return. You unlock this mode by either: Clearing Classic Mode with all characters on any difficulty' Or the alternative "Beat Final Smash on any difficulty'
  • Bowsers Castle stage, for the first time in Smash history!
  • Stage Builder has a ton of new options, more than it's predescesors from Brawl and 4 combined!
  • You can give assist trophies food and team healers as if they were an actual team member!
  • In Classic Mode with the routes you can unlock any character that is mentioned with them
  • 10 Player Smash!


Like with Ultimate, the roster is organized by the character's debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Character Description
Mario SSBU

Nintendos Mascot, Mario, returns for the last Smash Game. This red plumber is ready to fight, leading all of these video game characters into the most intense smash game yet! Mario is still as agile as Ultimate, but he has a few more changes. His Fair has a stronger knockback, you can charge up his fireballs and fire a bunch of them similar to Ridley, Super Jump Punch is stronger and travels higher. Finale is now much more ferocious, bigger and able to move it around similar to Zero Suit Samus and Lucario's final smashes from Ultimate! He also has his fire mario costume back, along with Tanooki, Shadow, Ice, Flying, N64 and even a design referencing his classic look (Red overalls with blue undershirt)! 

Unlocked: Base Roster

DonkeyKong SSBUltimate

Donkey Kong, a previous rival, joins Mario for the final battle! His Giant Punch deals a lot more damage than ever, and can even stun opponents for a second on high amounts of damage! He also has voice lines similar to DK64 rather than Gorilla grunts! He now also has a boxing alt costume and his ground pound will sometimes also bury opponents!

Unlocked: Base Roster"

Link SSBUltimate (Tunic)

The Hero of Hyrule returns! His sword attacks are more efficent, he can use his glider as a recovery. (more to be added)

Unlocked: Base Roster"

Samus SSBUltimate

Samus Aran, the infamous bounty hunter, dawns her suit once more! Her charge shots are much faster as is she, may not be the strongest character straight out of the box but she is a worthy opponent to face against! Her screw attack lasts longer, dealing more damage in the process! Her alts are also now all different depending on the suit they are based off. These include: Power, Gravity, Phazon, Light, Dark, PED and Hazard. Oh you may be wondering where the Dark Samus suit is? That's right, Dark Samus returns! Her final smash is the same as before.

Unlocked: Base Roster"

DarkSamus SSBUltimate

Dark Samus returns from Ultimate! (more to be added)

Unlocked: Classic Mode (Samus), Storymode, Normal Smash"

Yoshi SSBUltimate

Yoshi rolls in, helping his old friend Mario in this battle, you can cancel his egg roll any time to avoid falling off the stage and he can use his tongue as a ledge recovery! His black alt also returns as well as all the others. This includes the plush-look-alike Yoshi! His final smash is the same as Ultimate with the Yoshi stampede!

Unlocked: Base Roster"

Kirby SSBU

Kirby flies in on his warpstar to save the day!...again...for the 3rd time. But who can blame him? He may seem like a pink marshmellow but he is a one man army, especially in Infinite! 'He is a lot more floaty than ever but can still pack a punch with his hammer, eating enemies has never been quicker and his Final Smash from Ultimate and 4 return. All of Kirbys alts return, including ones inspired by project M such as a grey one and purple one!

Unlocked: Base Roster"

Fox SSBUltimate

Fox swoops in, equipped with a more deadly blaster and a better dash. (More to be added)

Unlocked: Base Roster"

Pikachu SSBUltimate

Pikachu finishes the original base roster (excluding unlockables) being more powerful than ever. Holding down special long enough will summon multiple lightning strikes! He now has a detective pikachu alt, his final smash is the same, however.

Unlocked: Base Roster"

Luigi SSBUltimate

Luigi jumps back into the fray, he can now use his poltergust as a special! He is now a lot faster and can jump higher. He now has a Mr L costume and the L on his purple costume is upside down as a nod to another certain plumber!

Unlocked: Base Roster"


Ness returns, now with a stronger bat and faster, PK flash is also now faster! He now has a Ninten alt for those Ninten fans!

Unlocked: Base Roster"

CaptainFalcon SSBUltimate

Captain Falcon drives back into action, now packing much more of a punch with his Falcon Punch doing a lot more damage and being a lot quicker. His kick is also a lot more precise and can be angled from the air like Fox's up special! We also have a new echo fighter...

Unlocked: Base Roster"

BlackShadow SSB

First new character of Infinite is revealed! Well, echo fighter. But epic nonetheless. He may be slower but he is certainly stronger than the Falcon. Delivering his devestating Bull punch and kick and a new final smash with the Black Bull replacing the Blue Falcon!

Unlocked: Classic Mode (Captain Falcon), Storymode,Normal Smash"

Jigglypuff SSBUltimate

Jigglypuff returns, finishing the original 64 lineup! This balloon pokemon is ready to pop any enemies that stand in her way! Her final smash is the same but she is a lot more floaty than ever before so have fun essentially flying around the stage!

Unlocked: Base Roster"

Peach SSBUltimate

Our first Melee veteran, Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, returns! Equipped with her parosol she is ready to fight one last time to show she isn't just a damsel in distress! Her final smash includes toads carrying the players off the screen similar to the assist trophy Kap'n from Ultimate and she has a new alt, evil Peach from Paper Mario!

Unlocked: Classic Mode (Mario), Storymode, Normal Smash"

Daisy SSBUltimate

Daisy returns from Ultimate! (more to be added)

Unlocked: Classic Mode (Peach), Storymode, Normal Smash"

Bowser SSBUltimate

Bowser returns, fighting his longtime foe Mario once again! (apart from RPG and the sports games) He has more swipes in his combos, which are more powerful than ever and his grabs are more souped up. He can also carry grab like Donkey Kong! His alts include Dry Bowser and Dark Bowser!

Unlocked: Classic (Mario), Storymode, Normal Smash"

IceClimbers SSBUltimate

The ice climbers return, now immune to Ice! (apart from an upcoming character which we will come to later) They have a bunch of new colored alts, they work pretty much the same as ultimate...except for a new echo!

Unlocked: Classic (Ness), Storymode, Normal Smash"


That's right. Captain Toad and Captain Toadette! Our first other-game echo fighter! Toad and Toadette are slightly slower than our Ice Climbing friends but they certianly pack a punch with their pickaxes! Instead of an iceberg for their final smash they summon a mountain which has rockfalls! Between Nana and Popo or Toad and Toadette, pick your favourite playstyle!

Unlocked: Classic (Mario), Storymode, Normal Smash"

Sheik SSBUltimate

Sheik returns to the fray! (more to be added)

Unlocked: Classic (Link), Storymode, Normal Smash"

Zelda SSBL

Zelda rejoins the fight, still retaining her A Link Between Worlds look and just as powerful as ever! (more to be added)

Unlocked: Classic (Link), Storymode, Normal Smash"

DrMario SSBUltimate

Once the fighters are finished in the ring, they may not want to see this doctor! Dr. Mario makes a return from Ultimate, now quicker than ever making him even more distinct from Mario! His Final Smash has him shoot pills at everyone, stunning them or if they're over 100% damage, K.O-ing them!

Unlocked: Classic (Mario), Storymode, Normal Smash"

Pichu SSBUltimate

Pichu strikes back! (more to be added)

Unlocked: Classic (Pikachu), Storymode, Normal Smash"

Falco SSBUltimate Falco flies back into battle, with faster ray guns like Fox, but he is faster than ever! His final smash is the same as Ultimate. He also now has a "Captain Falco" alt, added for fun! 
Marth SSBUltimate Marth returns! (more to be added)
Lucina SSBUltimate Lucina makes a comeback as Marths echo! (more to be added)
YoungLink SSBUltimate Young Link returns from Ultimate, now a lot more nimble and quick than  Link was in previous titles. His final smash is now fierce deity!
Ganondorf SSBUltimate The King of Evil, Ganondorf, returns! He has more sword attacks which are equal in power to his warlock punch so keep at a long distance! His final smash is still Demon King Ganon. He also has Hyrule Warriors, Twilight Princess and BOTW alts. But he also has a new echo...
PhantomGanondorf Phantom Ganon! (more to be added)
Mewtwo SSBUltimate Mewtwo returns! He is faster than ever, able to glide and attack opponents with ease. He also has a new alt, Shadow Mewtwo!
Roy SSBUltimate Roy joins the fray once more, another fan favourite veteran from Melee! (more to be added)
Chrom SSBUltimate Chrom returns! (more to be added)
MrGameandWatch SSBUltimate Mr. Game and Watch returns, now with a pletorah more moves! (more to be added)
MetaKnight SSBUltimate Meta Knight flies in on his His tornado is more deadly than ever and he now has multiple galacta knight and dark meta knight alts as well as a horned red one! His Final Smash now also summons a huge tornado which splits in two and travels along either side of the stage, knocking opponents out!
Pit SSBUltimate Pit flies back into battle! (more to be added)
DarkPit SSBUltimate Dark Pit joins Pit as an echo fighter! (more to be added)
ZeroSuitSamus SSBUltimate Zero Suit Samus returns! She is as agile and powerful as ever, even without her power suit! She also now has alts referencing her past games such as pink, white and black 2 pieces!
Wario SSBUltimate Wario is back! His punches and bites are just as deadly as his farts but becoming stronger comes at a price as he is now slightly slower, but atleast he can still use his motorbike to get around! He also now has a warioman alt, which is good since there are no longer transformation final smashes!
Snake SSBUltimate Snake is back! Snake may be a stealthy soldier but it doesn't mean he doesn't have a set of skills! He may not seem as big as a character like King K Rool but combining sheer force with bullets and grenades is a sure way to guarantee victory! His grenades have much harder knockback as are his throws.Snake's codecs are also back! We don't have much new alts, but one we were considering did make it as an echo fighter...
BigBossSnakeSSBC Big Boss joins the battle as an echo fighter of Snake! He is a more brutal version of the Snake you know, he retains his appearance from Metal Gears latest installment, Metal Gear V The Phantom Pain. His final smash also flies you into the air and shoots you with a drone. Brutal, I know.
Ike SSBUltimate Ike unsheates his sword, ready  for the final fight! You can cancel great aether to do a side special to recover from near death or if you want to hit your opponent midair! His special deals a lot more damage, to him, but more importantly, his foes! He is ready to fight for his friends in this epic installment, but a classic enemy has returned to stop him....
Blackknight Obliteration Both Ike and Black Knight were trained by General Gawain. Now, both disciples must clash in this final battle for the fate of the universe (will be touched on later with storymode) Will they settle their differences, or will one perish? Enough storytelling, Black Knight is slower than Ike but extremely powerful, he also has Roys dash!
PokemonTrainer SSBUltimate - Solo Red and Leaf return with their Pokemon ready to be the very best that no-one ever was! There is also now an armor alt for each pokemon. Also the final smash is the same, but it's super effective!
DiddyKong SSBUltimate Diddy Kong, Donkey Kongs longtime friend jetpacks right back in! He is more spry than ever and his jetpack is a lot easier to control, working more like R.O.Bs blasters! He also has his orange costume from project M. But that's not all, cause he has brought a friend with him...
10.SSBC Dixie Kong transparent Dixie Kong joins the battle! Instead of her tail, like Diddy she uses her hair to attack opponents! She can also fly, spinning with it similar to Donkey Kong!
Lucas SSBUltimate Lucas joins alongside Ness! (more to be added)
Sonic SSBUltimate Sonic dashes back into battle, a lot faster than before! Stay out of the way of his special rolls! Also no more Sonic effect for alts! Now he has Alts of Silver, Metal Sonic, a dark one referencing Shadow, Yellow and some more such as a brown one and a darker blue one! He is however, bringing an echo into the fray.
Shadow Sonic Rivals Shadow the Hedgehog! he has mewtwos teleport and bayonettas guns, leading to a much darker, edgier hedgehog than his fast blue foe! His final smash is Chaos Control!
KingDedede SSBUltimate King Dedede! (more to be added)
Olimar SSBUltimate Olimar and Pikmin! (more to be added)
Lucario SSBUltimate Lucario makes a comeback! He now also has Mega Lucario as an alt despite also having him in his final smash! His aura charges are a lot quicker too!
ROB SSBUltimate R.O.B returns! he has barely changed since ultimate but has a new alt...THE ANCIENT MINISTER FROM SUBSPACE!
ToonLink SSBUltimate Toon Link arrives on his Red Dragon! (more to be added)
Wolf SSBUltimate Wolf returns, now more ferocious than ever, unleashing a flurry of attacks with his claws and his ray gun! Other than that, no changes.
Villager SSBUltimate Villager returns! His moveset may be the same as Ultimate, but he has new alts referencing the original animal crossing, Lets go to the city and Wilf World! And for an extra bit of creepyness, villager also has the alt of the original animal crossing if your game messed up...your face turns into a gyroid!
Mega Man SSBUltimate Megaman returns! (more to be added)
MM10ProtoMan Protoman arrives as Megamans echo fighter! (More to be added)
WiiFitTrainer SSBUltimate Wii Fit Trainer returns! They now have a tone more moves, such as a down attack where they do a split or a dash attack which can be sometimes a flip, or a cartwheel! They may be faster but their final smash is the same as Ultimate.
RosalinaandLuma SSBUltimate Rosalina and Luma! (more to be added)
LittleMac SSBUltimate Little Macs charge up punch is now more powerful than ever so you better get out of the way! He may not be as powerful as Giga Mac but he is certainly a deadly opponent once he's in the ring and on his toes! He now has a new alt referencing his appearance ins Super Punch Out on the SNES!
Greninja Greninja teleports into the battle! His attacks are a lot quicker and he is able to use his tongue as a ledge recovery, just like Yoshi! He also now has an Ash Greninja alt.
MiiFighters SSBUltimate The Mii Fighters return! They are the same as they were in Ultimate...just kidding, now they have a bunch of new abilities. You can even be "trained" by an amiibo to gain an ability from them. Mii fighters can now be the best echo, or even best unique fighter in the game!
Palutena SSBUltimate Palutena! (more to be added)
Less pale pacman


Pac-Man! He now has more color swap schemes referencing the 4 ghosts and a Mrs Pac-Man alt! He is a lot faster too!
Robin SSBUltimate Robin is back! (more to be added)
Shulk SSBUltimate Shulk has forseen the upcoming battle and has decided to help! Equipped with his monado he is ready to fight! (more to be added)
BowserJr SSBUltimate Bowser Jr joins his father in the fight! Nabbit has also been added to his alts (despite Nabbit not even being a koopa).
DuckHunt SSBUltimate Duck Hunt Duo return! (more to be added)
Ryu SSBU Ryu returns for the fight! He has a bunch more combos making him more like his appearance in the Street Fighter series.His Hadoken is much more powerful so you better use those air dodges! (Use them with ease as the dodge punishment is still present from Ultimate) He also gets a Dark Ryu alt!
Ken SSBUltimate Ken returns as an echo fighter of Ryu! (more to be added)
Cloud SSBUltimate Cloud Strife has returned! (more to be added)
Corrin SSBUltimate (Female) Corrin is back! (more to be added)
Bayonetta SSBUltimate Bayonetta is back! (More to be added)
Inkling SSBU Inkling is back from Ultimate! And they've brought an Echo with them! (more to be added)
TwoPlayableOctolings The Octolings! (More to be added)
Ridley SSBUltimate Ridley is now even bigger for Smash, as powerful as ever! (more to be added)
Simon SSBUltimate Simon Belmont is back! (more to be added)
Richter SSBUltimate Richter is back! (more to be added)
KingKRool SSBUltimate King K Rool is back! (more to be added)
Isabelle SSBU


Isabelle is back! (more to be added)
Incineroar SSBUltimate Incineroar returns to the fray! (more to be added)
PiranhaPlant SSBUltimate Piranha Plant returns! (More to be added)

NEWCOMERS (not my picture)

Hence the name 'Infinite' we have included a TON of characters, some fan favourites, some obscure and some joke ones with many uniques and echoes sprinkled around. We also have a surprise character at the end! (Ultimates DLC was 71-75)

Chain Chomp 70ε

Chain Chomp is an echo fighter of Piranha Plant! (more to be added)
Joker 4 smash omfg

Joker 71

Joker from Persona 5 returns! (more to be added)
New geno render by nibroc rock-d9kkuzk-2

Geno 72

Geno returns!
KSA Bandana Waddle Dee

Bandana Dee 73

Joker from Persona 5 Returns! (more to be added)

Shantae 74

Shantae returns! (more to be added) (image by CrispyCol)
Banjo Kazooie SSBGR

Banjo and Kazooie 75

Banjo and Kazooie return! (more to be added)
Rex Xenoblade Render

Rex 76

Our first unique newcomer, Rex from the Xenoblade Chronicles series, joins the battle! (more to be added)
Plusle & Minun DSSB

Plusle and Minun 77

Plusle and Minun join the battle! They are tag team fighters similar to the Ice Climbers!  You can switch between the two at any time however. Minus is fast, nimble and electric, quite similar to Pichu. Plusle however is pretty strong but rather slow, heavy character. So pick wisely! 

King Boo 78

King Boo floats his way into battle! His final smash has him take over another play and use their final smash against all other players, even on team battle! (more to be added about regular moveset)

Chorus Kids 79

The Chorus Kids join the fray! (more to be added)
Dillon Dillons Dead Heat Breakers artwork DSSB

Dillon 80

Dillon rolls in! (more to be added)

Funky Kong 81

Funky Kong joins the battle! (more to be added)
Waluigi - Wario World 2

Waluigi 82

Waluigi joins the battle! (more to be added)
Tails pose 30

Tails 83

Tails joins the battle! (more to be added)

Isaac 84

Isaac from Golden Sun lends a hand! (more to be added)
Spring Man (ARMS)

Springman 85

Springman joins the battle! (more to be added)
Ribbon Girl

Ribbon Girl 85ε

Ribbon Girl joins the battle as an echo of Springman! (more to be added)
Ashley SSB4 Trophy

Ashley 86

Ashley joins the battle! (more to be added)
SSBC Bomberman 3D

Bomberman 87

Bomberman finally joins the battle! (more to be added)
Pyra - Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Pyra 88

Pyra joins the battle! (more to be added)
Krystal Assist Trophy (SSBU)

Krystal 89

Krystal joins the battle! (more to be added)

SkullKid 90

Skullkid joins the battle! He has two final smashes like Ryu and Ken, the Moon and Majoras Wrath! (more to be added)
428px-FESAB Lyn

Lyn 91

Lyn, along with many others, gets a promotion from Assist Trophy! (more to be added)
Shovel Knight Assist Trophy (SSBU)

Shovel Knight 92

Shovel Knight digs into battle (more to be added)

Chibi Robo 93

Chibi Robo joins the battle! (more to be added)

Meowth 94

Meowth joins the battle! (more to be added)

Wonder Red 95

Wonder Red  joins the battle from the Wonderful 101 series! (more to be added)

Amaterasu 96

Amaterasu joins the battle from the Okami series! (more to be added)

Phosphora 97

Phosphora joins the battle from the Kid Icarus series! (more to be added)
250px-Sylux mph Artwork

Sylux 98

Sylux joins the battle! (more to be added)
Steve SSBL

Steve 99

Steve from the Minecraft series joins the battle! Equipped with tnt, swords, bows and arrows and even potions he and Link will be worthy to go head to head! His final smash is an Enderdragon!


Master Chief 100

Master Chief joins the battle! (more to be added)

Dante 101

Dante from the Devil May Cry series joins the battle! (more to be added)

Slippy 102

Slippy from the Star Fox series joins the battle!

(more to be added)

Birdo SSB

Birdo 103

Birdo joins the battle! (more to be added)
Uprising medusa e3 2011 press kit

Medusa 104

Medusa from the Kid Icarus series joins the battle! (more to be added)

Zero 105

Zero from the Megaman series joins the battle! (more to be added)

(image by CrispyCol)


Saki Amamiya 106

Saki Amamiya joins the battle! (more to be added)

Sora 107

Sora joins the battle! He is also the only character to have fourth party characters in his final smash! (Goofy and Donald) (more to be added)

Machamp 108

Machamp joins the battle as our second wrestler pokemon! (more to be added)


Dr. Eggman 109

Sonic's sworn enemy, Dr. Eggman joins the battle! (more to be added)

Gray Fox 110

Gray Fox joins the battle! (more to be added)

Raiden 111

Raiden joins the battle! (more to be added) (image by CrispyCol)

Spyro 112

Spyro joins the battle!

(more to be added)


Knuckles 113

Knuckles joins the battle! (more to be added) (image by CrispyCol)

Elma 114

Elma from the Xenoblade series joins the fight! (more to be added)

Rayman 115

Rayman joins the battle! (115)

Panther 116

Panther joins the fray! (more to be added)
Pokkén Decidueye

Decidueye 116

Decidueye joins the battle! (more to be added)


Porky Minch 117

That's right, Porky Minch joins the battle! (more to be added)

Galleom 117

Galleom joins the battle! (more to be added)

Alucard 118

Alucard joins the battle! (more to be added)
BlackMage by Or Ben Ezra

Black Mage 119

Black Mage joins the battle! (more to be added)

Phoenix Wright 120

Phoenix Wright...does NOT object this battle! (more to be added)

Amy Rose 121

The last Sonic character on this list, Amy Rose, joins the battle! (more to be added)
Eevee Pokken

Evee 122

Evee joins the battle! (more to be added)
MachRider SSBR

Mach Rider 123

DSSB Newcomer


Sandbag 124

We welcome SANDBAG (his cinematic teased Goku to troll fans, sorry, no fourth parties with the exception of Soras Final Smash) (moveset will be revealed soon)

Each DLC character is going to be revealed on the days up to Christmas but for a sneak peak at what insane characters to expect here is DLC character No. 1!

DiscordRoster DLCFighter1

DLC (#1)


2B 125

That's right, "Cybersword" was the codename for 2B! (more to be added, expect even more insane challengers!)

Scorpion (SSBVMK)

Scorpion 126

Codenamed "Sting", a fighter from one of the most gorey Fighting Games in history...Scorpion joins the fray from Mortal Kombat! Yes, he uses his chain hook as a grab (more to be added)

Aloy 127

Codenamed "Archer", Aloy joins the battle from Horizon Zero Dawn! (more to be added)
Tabuu (2)

Tabuu 128

That's right, the big bad of Brawl's Subspace Emissary joins the fray! codenamed "Blue Demon" (more to be added)
Tracer portrait

Tracer 129

Tracer, codenamed "Pilot", joins the fray! (more to be added)

Crash Bandicoot 130

Crash Bandicoot, codenamed "Orange Twister", spins into battle! (more to be added)

Frisk 131

Frisk, codenamed "The Determined", joins the battle from Undertale! (more to be added)
Bathtub Maxwell

Maxwell 131

Maxwell joins the battle, codnamed "Artist"! (more to be added)
Kratos and Atreus

Kratos 132

Kratos, the God of War, codenamed "Wrath", joins the battle! (More to be added)
Master Hand SSBU

Master Hand 133

Master Hand, codnamed "Iron Grip", a previous enemy, joins the battle for the ultimate showdown! (more to be added)
Ratchet & Clank Render

Ratchet and Clank 134-135

Codnamed "Rodent + Robo", Ratchet and Clank join the battle!

Monster Hunter 135

Monster Hunter, codenamed "Big Game Killer", joins the battle!

Midna and Wolf Link 136

Midna and Wolf Link, codenamed "Wolf Form", joins the battle!

Angry Bird (Red) 137

Red, codenamed "Red Feathers", from the Angry Birds series joins the battle! (more to be added)

Rico Rodriguez 138

Rico Rodriguez, codenamed "Mercenary", joins the battle! (more to be added)

Sly Cooper 139

Sly Cooper, codenamed "Racoon", joins the battle! (more to be added)

Lara Croft 140

Lara Croft, codenamed "Treasure Hunter", joins the battle! (more to be added)

Chun-Li 141

Chun Li joins the battle!
Impa - Hyrule Warriors

Impa 142

Impa joins the battle!
74 - Heihachi

Heihachi 143

Heihachi from the Tekken series joins the battle!
The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Artwork 8

Gerald (Witcher) 144

Gerald from the Witcher series joins the battle!
WSSB - Doomguy

Doomguy 145

Wii Fit logo DSSB

Wii Fit Balance Board 146

Yep, our joke DLC character is the Wii Fit Balance Board!

Dragonborn 147

The Dragonborn joins the battle!

Assist Trophies

You may be asking: Where's Rathalos?  Well he is in a new item category now. Say hello to Boss Summons! These are similar to assist trophies but will only appear once or twice per battle even if you have items set on high. These bosses don't disconfirm DLC and are unlocked after you beat them throughout the games story or classic mode (apart from the final boss). To stray away from the spoilers of the story mode the storymode bosses will be kept seperate, however that doesn't mean some of these bosses won't appear as an intruder in the story mode.  Take a look at some of the first revealed Boss Summons!

This is what the Boss Summon icon looks like. 

Boss Summon

If a player has it, it will flash red so if they aren't on your team, you better stop them before they unleash a devastating boss! The boss difficulty will vary depending on the CPU level if you are fighting one, or if a player has more losses or more wins. Someone is losing will have a higher chance of summoning a top tier boss than someone who has a winstreak!

Various Bosses



Metalface isn't just a stage hazard anymore, now he is a fully functional

boss! (More to be added)



Dracula also gets a promotion from stage hazard boss! (more to be added)

MM MajorasWrath2

Majoras Wrath

While Skull Kid is a character, Majoras Wrath was not deconfirmed as a boss! This boss will require a lot of timing to beat! (more to be added)


Each Smash Bros game has a number of stages, some amazing some....we don't speak of. However, if you thought Ultimate had a lot of stages. This one has 205 stages! over 600 if you count the Battlefield, Omega and Smashville forms.

Smashville makes every stage have the design of Smashville. Of course, to refresh your memories here is Smashville:


Now. Here is all stages, each can be unlocked with a fighter which will be captioned under the stages' name. Please, take a good look!



Unlocked right off the bat


Big Battlefield

Unlocked right off the bat

FinalDestination SSBU

Final Destination

Unlocked right off the bat


Shadow Moses Island

Unlock Snake (through matches or Storymode)


Fountain of Dreams

Unlock King Dedede and Metaknight (through matches or Storymode)


Find Mii

Unlock the Mii Fighters (through matches or Storymode)


Peach's Castle

Unlock Peach (through matches or Storymode)


Kongo Jungle

Unlocked right off the bat


Poke Floats

Unlock all Pokemon OR beat the Saffron City level in the storymode


Rainbow Road

Unlock Rosalina and Luma 


Suzaku Castle

Unlock Ryu and/or Ken


Pac Maze

Unlock Pac-Man


Pokemon Stadium

Unlocked right off the bat


Pokemon Stadium 2

Unlock Lucario, Greninja and/or Incineroar


Living Room

Unlocked right off the bat


Windy Hill Zone

Unlock Sonic


Green Hill Zone

Unlock all Sonic characters


Green Greens

Unlocked right off the bat


Boxing Ring

Unlock Little Mac


Saffron City

Unlock every Pokemon or beat the Saffron City level in storymode


Spiral Mountain

Spiral Mountain, Unlock Banjo and Kazooie (Picture not mine)


Reset Bomb Forest

Unlock Dark Pit 



Unlock Pit or beat the Skyworld level in storymode



Unlock Lucas



Unlock Ice Climbers


Bowsers Castle

Bowsers Castle, unlock Bowser


Yoshi's Story

Unlocked right off the bat


Brinstar Depths

Unlock either Dark Samus, Ridley or Sylux



Unlock all Zelda characters....just joking, this fan favourite is available right off the bat!


Clock Town

Unlock Skullkid (picture not mine)


Great Bay

Unlock Young Link


Pirate Ship

Unlock Toon Link


Mushroom Kingdom U

Unlock Toad and Toadette


Mushroomy Kingdom

Unlock all Mario Characters or beat classic mode as any Mario character


Mushroom Kingdom 2

Available right off the bat!


Dracula's Castle

Unlock Simon or Richter Belmont or Alucard!


Great Plateau Tower

Great Plataeu Tower, unlock all Zelda characters or beat Classic mode as Link


Moray Towers

Unlock Inklings or Octolings


New Donk City Hall

Unlock all Donkey Kong characters or beat Classic mode as Donkey Kong 

YoshisIslandMelee SSBU

Yoshi's Island

Unlocked right off the bat!


Big Blue

Unlock all F-Zero characters (which shouldn't be too hard) or beat Classic mode as Captain Falcon



Unlocked right off the bat!



Unlock all Star Fox characters or beat Classic Mode as Fox



Unlock all Mother/Earthbound characters or beat Classic mode as Ness


Jungle Japes

Unlocked right off the bat!


Kongo Falls

Unlock Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Funky Kong or King K Rool



Unlock Wolf or play a match on Final Destination, Fox only, no items


Bridge of Eldin

Unlock Ganondorf 


Castle Siege

Unlock Marth


Delfino Plaza

Unlock either Bowser, Bowser Jr or Piranha Plant


Distant Planet

Unlock Olimar

Frigate Orpheon

Unlock Dark Samus or Ridley



Beat Classic mode with Meta Knight (when you unlock him) or unlock all Brawl Newcomers (Subspace homage)


Waluigi Pinball

Waluigi Pinball, unlock Waluigi


Luigi's Mansion

Unlock King Boo or beat Classic mode with Luigi

6.CSSB Lylat Cruise Artwork

Lylat Cruise

Unlock either Falco, Wolf, Krystal, Panther or Slippy


New Pork City

Unlock Porky Minch



Unlock all Metroid characters or beat Classic mode as Samus


Mario Circuit (Wii)

Unlocked right off the bat!


Mario Circuit (Wii U)

Unlocked right off the bat!


Port Town Aero Dive

Unlock Black Shadow



Unlocked right off the bat!


Spear Pillar

Unlock every Pokemon or beat Classic mode with Pikachu or Jigglypuff


WarioWare Inc

Unlock Wario or Ashley


Duck Hunt

Unlock Duck Hunt Duo


Gaur Plain

Unlock Shulk



Unlock Cloud


Mario Maker

Beat Classic mode with all Mario characters


Suzaku Castle