Please Note, This is not a real game. This is fake and will never happen. 
Also, do not add characters or stages without my permission. Suggest in the comments. 
Finally, many people wonder why this is called "too insane". This is the amount of characters in the roster, and the choices. NOW YOU KNOW!

Super Smash Bros.: This Is Too Insane! is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch and Power Pyramid in 2020.


Veteran Starters

Newcomer Starters

Unlockable Veterans

Unlockable Newcomers


Game Modes


Classic Mode has four variants. Original, 3DS, Wii U, and New. In all modes, difficulty is ranked with Fiends Cauldron.


The original Classic Mode is fought in this order. It has 13 rounds, not counting mini games.

Stage 1: A Zelda, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, or Kid Icarus fighter. Team Fight or Normal Fight.

Stage 2: A Mario, Wario, Yoshi, or DK Universe. Can be Giant, Team, Stamina, or Normal. 

Stage 3: Pokemon, Animal Crossing, or Kirby. Giant, team, or Normal.

Stage 4: 2 Random Third Party Reps

Bonus Stage: Random Minigame.

Stage 5: Earthbound, Ice Climbers, Duck Hunt Giant, Team, Multi, Normal

Stage 6: Metroid, Pikmin, or StarFox. Giant, Team or Normal.

Stage 7: F-ZERO, Wii Fit, Punch-Out. Giant, Team, Multi, Normal                                                                    

Stage 8: Splatoon, Golden Sun. Giant, Multi, or Normal                                                                    

Stage 9: Game and Watch and ROB: Giant, Multi, Normal.                                                                    

Stage 10: 3 Random 3rd Party Characters.                                                                    

Bonus Stage 2: Random Minigame. Will not be the one in Bonus Stage 1.                                                                    

Stage 11: Random 3 Characters not fought earlier.                                                                    

Stage 12: Metal Mario. 4.0 adds Silver Luigi. 6.0 adds Pink Gold Peach. 8.0 adds Bronze Bowser.                                                                    

Stage 13: Master Hand. 3.0 adds Crazy Hand. 5.0 adds Master Edge and Master Shadow. 6.0 adds Master Beast. 7.0 adds Master Giant. 8.0 adds Master Fortress. 9.0 adds Tabbu.  


Once again, there are 13 stages. You can choose a path each turn, each with a random series and difficuly. Every 4 rounds, you choose one of 3 minigames. The 12th stage is always Multi-Man Smash.

Wii U

There are 13 stages. First, you choose 3 stages, then you are challenged to Target Smash, varying on the dificulty. 3 more stages, then Board the Platforms. After this, custom fighters start appearing. 3 more stages, then Target Blast. 3 more stages, then Multi Man Smash. Then the final Battle begins. 


There are 13 floors in a Tower, similar to Bowser's Tower. On each floor, you choose if you want to do a Smash, Special Smash, or Minigame. Every 3rd floor, a boss is fought. The first boss is always Ridley, the Yellow Devil, or Metalface. The second boss is a random boss from Story Mode. The one you fought in the first round won't have a chance of appearing again. The third boss is Metal Mario. 4.0 adds Silver Luigi. 6.0 adds Pink Gold Peach. 8.0 adds Bronze Bowser. The last boss is Master Hand/Crazy Hand/Master Core/Tabbu.