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Super Smash Bros: The TV Show
Creator(s) Team Fazbear
Broadcaster(s) Fantendo Network
Genre(s) Comedy
First Air Date(s)
April 20, 2017
Super Smash Bros: The TV Show is a TV show created by Team Fazbear set in the world of Super Smash Bros The show is notable for it's

more humorous take on the characters (except for Falco having a more serious take on him)


  • Mario: A plumber who loves to laugh and is joking around a lot
  • Luigi: Mario's brother who's even funnier than Mario in every way.
  • Peach: A classy woman who loves to be fancy and always listens to Taylor Swift.
  • Fox: A prankster who loves to pull pranks on the other fighters.
  • Falco: A very dark and mysterious character, he barely ever speaks and is always sad and he is always trying to forget about his daughter's death.
  • Link: A happy-go-lucky adventurer who is very egotistical and self-centered.
  • Zelda: A total badass who knows she's good at stuff and is very honest and is likeable
  • Kirby: A lovable little puffball who's innocent and adorable and sweet and always seems to cheer Falco up a little.
  • Pikachu: The oldest out of him and Pichu, he is smart and is always repairing things.
  • Pichu: Pikachu's younger brother and is more playful and innocent.
  • Jigglypuff: A singer who loves to sing and has a beautiful singing voice.
  • Marth: A very serious young man who is very quiet as well.

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