Super Smash Bros: Subspace Rivals RPG (shortened to Super Smash Bros. RPG outside Japan, commonly called SSBRPG) is a spin-off of the Super Smash Bros series, released in 2021 by Nintendo for the FlexiCon and Nintendo Switch. Its gameplay is very different to most Smash games, as it plays as a topdown isometric RPG, similar to Earthbound and Pokemon.

It borrows characters and story elements from Super Smash Bros. Subspace Rivals.


The plot is identical to the plot of Super Smash Bros. Subspace Rivals.


The game is a topdown isometric RPG. You guide one main character around (who has slight perks above all the others in your party) and the rest of the party follows. You can have four members in your party. You unlock more characters as you progress.

Each character has four regular moves (their Special moves in Smash Bros.) and a Final Smash, which can be activated using Smash Balls to defeat tricky opponents. The battle phase is turn based. You can choose between any character in your party on each turn.

Character's moves, general strength, HP and properties can be upgraded at Upgrade Stations. Items such as smash Balls and items and weapons found in Smash can also be bought at Smash-Marts and Warp Pipes.


The game received mostly positive reviews from critics, for its creative premise. IGN rated it 8.5 out of 10.

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