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Super Smash Bros:Nes Heroes is a Spin-off of the popular Super Smash Bros series, where the main foucus is to add a roster of characters, stages, etc... based on the Nes console this game was made to celebrate Nintendo long lasting years, meaning that items like the pokeball will not come back.

Super Smash Bros- Nes Heroes


Mario(from mario 3)

Mario 3 sprite

Mario got a new makeover for this game, he has his mario 3 sprite, and a lot of his new moves comes from that game, instead of having his Mario 64 moves, for example, beyond his fire flower attack, he can now throw a new projectile, the hammer from the hammer suit, it is slow and can only be trown one at a time, but when it hits, it does massive damage, he can also use his frog suit to swim better, and use his tail to reflect projectiles(just like cape mario)and his final smash could be the flute, he would turn into a tornado and K.O people

Bowser(from mario 3)

Bowser from mario 3

Now as for bowser over here i dont know what could be changed, maybe give him some hammers just like mario, or make him slower, but since a lot of his attacks in the games already come from his 8-bit rutes, again, i dont know what could be changed, if you have any ideas please post them in the comment section below. I think that the only thing that could change would be his final smash, he could spawn a fake version of him(just like in the original mario bros) and then he would go out beating the players togheter with the real bowser, and when the final smash ends, it could reveal that the fake clone was inded a minion of his. 

Peach(from mario 2)

Peach flying gif

I think that the same thing that i said about bowser implies here, most of peach moveset comes alredy from mario 2, so nothing to add, i just think that her final smash now should last longer and that she should have a better defense, making it harder to K.O her.


Luigi 8-bit
This time around, Luigi will only be a clone character, well, kind of, lets say that it will be similar to mario, but not the same, since luigi in the Nes days did not have a personality, his moveset will be similar to mario, but whit some different changes, to start, luigi is a lot harder to control, but he can jump higher and hit faster, but dealing less damage, and his final smash is different, since in his final smash he will take a photo of him making a pose, while the characters in the background(of the photo) are flying of the stage( a reference to mario missing)

Mouser(from mario 2)

Mouser 8-bit

Birdo(from mario 2)   

Birdo 8-bit

Yoshi(Mario Missing)

Yoshi 8-bit

Wario(Wario Woods)

Wario 8-bit

Link(Zelda 2)

Link 8-bit