Super Smash Bros. the Movie
Studio(s) Sony Pictures
Based on Super Smash Bros.
Genre(s) Action, Adventures, Sci-fi
Country of Origin Fantendo World
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Runtime 120 minutes
Super Smash Bros. the Movie is a 2018 computer-animated and live-action hybrid movie by Sony Pictures, based on the famous fighting game Super Smash Bros. In this movie, all characters from Super Smash Bros. are trying to stop a strong and mad scientists from creating a machine that causes Doomsday to the World.


The story starts out with the scene Sonic and Mario relaxing on the beach, along with their friends.

But soon, an emergency alert comes from the headquarter of the S.M.A.S.H army forces them to cancel their vacation and return to the headquarter. General Nathan Drake demands the squad to examine the suburbs of the city, where some abnormal things happened recently. After the examination, Sonic reports that there is suspicious man building a giant fortress, with many guardians protecting and a secured system. However, Tails successfully gained access to the system and stole some documents. He hands in them to the General. Nathan Drake goes over the documents and then he makes the group surprised by telling them that this is a doomsday plan of an evil, mad scientist called Dr Doom, under the guiding of Lord Dabranda, a guy who has a dream of stealing the Smash Ball, a very powerful object which is being guarded by Bayonetta, a skillful fighter which is a precious member of S.M.A.S.H army. Nathan Drake gathers all the members of the army and tells them the danger when the Smash Ball is stolen. He divides the army into two groups, one will try to attack the fortress and foil Dabranda and Dr Doom's plan, while the other will support Bayonetta in protecting the Smash Ball. The fighting group will be leaded by Mario and Sonic guides the other.

Meanwhile, Dr Doom and his henchmen have finished building the system, but the system is still missing one more thing to activate, which is the Smash Ball. He demands Commander Hog to guide his army to defeat the S.M.A.S.H army and steal the Smash Ball. The two sides meet each other. Commander Hog tells Mario that if he gives the Smash Ball to Dr Doom, he will forgive Nathan Drake for stealing his lover. Mario's rejection causes Hog to get mad, both sides start fighting. Due to the unequal strength, Mario's side becomes weaker. Sonic after realizing the danger the fighting group is facing, he decides to send some of his members to support Mario. In the fight, Commander Hog should have killed Mario but Master Chief, who is ordered by Nathan Drake to aid the fighting group, saves him. Feeling that the fight is unwinnable, Nathan Drake commands the group to retreat.

Back to the headquarter, Mario and Sonic discuss with each other about the strategy to destroy Dr Doom and Lord Dabranda. Unfortunately, a spy of the enemies records all what Mario and Sonic has discussed and reports it to Commander Hog. As a result, Mario and Sonic fails the next revolt of the Doom army. Sonic is injured on his back and has been taken back to the headquarter. Mario and the rest retreat one more time. The Doom army attack the Altar of Smash. A fierce battle between the Doom Army and the protecting group of S.M.A.S.H army breaks out. When all of the Doom army has been killed, the S.M.A.S.H army thought that they succeed, but in fact, Commander Hog has stolen it while the battle is still happening. Sonic bursts into tears after hearing that. Mario and Nathan Drake comfort him and say that they won't blame him for being not responsible for the army. After that, Nathan Drake walks into Master Chief's room and gives him seven colorful diamonds and a yellow star, all in a box, and tell him to keep them safe and give them to Sonic and Mario when needed.

The next day, Sonic, Mario and their teammates, under the guide of Master Chief, break into the fortress of the Doom army. After breaking through many barriers and defeating many guardians, the army finally get into the center of the fortress. But it's too late, the Smash Ball has already installed in the ActiveDoom machine. Sonic dashes toward to take back the Smash Ball but is whacked back by Dr Doom. Right after that, Lord Dabranda pulls the lever on the machine, activating it. The Smash Ball's energy begins to be absorbed and the S.M.A.S.H army, including Sonic and Mario, start to feel weak. Sonic and Mario attempt to fight back both Dr Doom and Lord Dabranda but useless. They gain the power from Smash Ball and smash Sonic and Mario down the ground. Master Chief commands the rest of the army to attack, but they are too weak to fight and fall on the ground. Sonic becomes desperate and start crying, while Mario just sighs. Master Chief suddenly remembers what Nathan Drake gave to him. He throws them to the air and they transform Sonic and Mario into Super Sonic and Invisible Mario. Everyone recognizes that these are Chaos Emeralds and Super Star. An epic battle breaks out. Mario and Sonic try to get rid of Lord Dabranda and Dr Doom while the remaining of the army try to get rid of lackeys bursting out from the security door. When all of Lord Dabranda's henchman has been killed, Sonic and Mario has nearly defeated him and his sidekick when suddenly Lord Dabranda absorbs the remaining energy of Smash Ball and becomes Hyper Doom King. Everybody except Sonic, Mario and Master Chief starts to feel weaker and all of them collapse to the ground. Mario and Sonic again try to fight Hyper Doom King but he's too powerful to be taken down. He badly injures Sonic and Mario. At the worst moment, Nathan Drake makes his sudden appearance. He fight agressively with both Dr Doom and Hyper Doom King. Finally, Hyper Doom King and Dr Doom are defeated with the power from Super Sonic and Invisible Mario and disappear in a puff of smoke, and the whole army wake up again, but Nathan Drake is severely injured from the battle. The whole army retreat with Smash Ball before the fortress explode. When successfully escaped, Sonic and Mario (still in Super State) realize that Nathan Drake is dead. They cry over the dead body of their beloved general. However, the tears flow from Sonic and Mario's eyes start to heal Nathan Drake's body and he slowly wake up. Everybody cheers at the revival of their general. They walk back to their headquarter as they sing their national anthem.


Characters Voice actor/ Actor Team Description
Charles Martinet Fighting (leader) A cheerful, kind-hearted plumber who serves as the leader of the fighting group of S.M.A.S.H army. Being trained from Nathan Drake, Mario's fighting skill can be compared to a master fighter. However, Mario is somewhat physically weak and thus a little too strong attack can injure him very badly. Therefore, in deadly battle, he needs the Super Star to ensure that he won't be killed.
Roger Craig Smith Protecting (formerly leader) A confident, playful and kind hedgehog. He was the leader of protecting team until being taken over by Master Chief because of his poor performance in protecting the Smash Ball. Sonic is described to be "like a wind" due to his super speed and his impatient, confident personality. However, in his heart, Sonic is very sensitive. He always feels guilty for what his team has done or failed to do. Only Nathan Drake know this so he always tries to comfort Sonic whenever Sonic is in this situation.
Master Chief SSBTM
Daniel Cudmore Protecting (leader)
Nathan Drake SSBTM AK
Nolan North General
Tails ssbtm
Colleen Villard Protecting