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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS logo
Developer(s) Ω Studios, Sora Ltd., HAL Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo, GameZ Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo XDS
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: 13th October 2018
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Fightning
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
Available Input *XDS
  • (While connected to TV) WiiMote
  • WiiMote+Nunchuk
  • Wii Classic Controller
  • Wii U Gamepad
  • Wii U Pro Controller
  • GameCube Controller
Storage Needed 18.2 GB
Cost €59.99

WARNING: This page is a reboot of the past game Super Smash Bros. X (ZeroCube).

SYSOP APPROVAL! This game was SYSOP APPROVED! That's grand!

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS (Great Fray Smash Brothers Ultra for XDS in Japan), often shortned/referred to as SSB5, Smash 5, SSBXDS, Smash XDS, Smash X or SSBX, is a 2.5D fightning game for Nintendo XDS developed by HAL Laboratories, Sora Ltd. and Ω Studios. and published by Nintendo. It was released along with the Nintendo XDS the 13th of October 2020. Content-wise, it is the biggest in the series, offering a total of __ characters, __ stages, ____ trophies and ___ music tracks. Like all games for Nintendo XDS, you can connect your XDS to a TV and play the game on it, you can connect all the Wii U compatible controllers; multiple XDS can connect to a single TV and play together.

The game was announced with a trailer at E3 2017 along with the Nintendo XDS, confirming it being a launch title. At E3 2018 a beta was made available, featuring 11 fighters: Mario, Luigi, DK, Yoshi, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon and Ness, and featuring 2 stages, Battlefield and Final Destination. At E3 2019 many newcomers had been revealed, and the release of the demo downloadable at eShop for free. At E3 2020 the game was close to release and Sonic was confirmed to return as a DLC fighter in the near future after the game's release.

The overall main theme is a medley of the series' themes. In the very beginning we can hear a fraction of Smash 64, then goes to Smash 4, then to Brawl, then to Smash 4 again and at the end Melee.

A sequel for the game (AKA another entry in the series. duh) was also comfirmed. Similarly to Smash 4, it will have two versions that differ from each other but retain same character roster and movesets.


  • Sans Is Nomore (also known as "Project S.I.N.")
  • Character section was enhanced visually.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS is the 5th entry of the series. Similarly to all other entries of the series, characters instead of having an health bar have a %. The % gets higher the more damage they take; the higher the % the stronger they will be launched with an attack. The goal is to make opponents go out of the screen, by launching them.

There is a new feature: Special Sets. Players now have access to two different Special Move sets which are labelled "Set X" and "Set Z". Each set is available from start; each set can be used in any mode, even in online mode. Both sets have Customized Specials that can also be unlocked with various ways.

Equipment and Custom Moves return, now adding a third variant to special moves, and adding a new variant for the Final Smash, which is totally different (King Dedede's Standard FS: Masked Dedede. King Dedede's Custom FS: Dedede Burst).

Accompanying Omega stages (which also return) Delta forms become a new feature. Delta stages are Battlefield-like versions of stages.

Stages's hazards can be removed in the rules.

Final Smashes do return. While in normal gameplay you get to break the Smash Ball in order to gain access to the Final Smash, there is an optional Final Smash system, which is also the only way to gain access to the Final Smash in Online - With Anyone and Boss Battles. Just sustain or give damage and the Smash Meter will fill up. Once it's full, press B and unleash your Final Smash as usual. Now, each character has 2 Final Smashes. Special executes Final Smash 1 while Special+Attack executes Final Smash 2.

Now attacks that have a Fire or a Thunder effect have special properties. Fire attacks may give an additional 7% of damage and Thunder attacks may paralyze the opponent.

Most characters have a unique victory theme that differs from the series's victory theme.


  • A: Neutral Attacks (with Left Circle Pad)
  • B: Special Attacks (with Left Circle Pad)
  • X/Y: Jump
  • L/R: Shield
  • ZL/ZR: Grab
  • START: Pause
  • SELECT: Instant Snapshot (can be used in Online)
  • Left Circle Pad: Move (left/right) Jump (up) Crouch (down)
  • Right Circle Pad: Smash Attack
  • D-Pad: Taunts

Game Modes (short)

  • Smash - The basic modes of the game.
    • Smash
    • Special Smash
    • 8-Player Smash
    • Master vs. Crazy
    • Tournament
    • amiibo Card Smash
  • Smash + - Games that differ from the original Smash mode, but are multiplayer modes.
    • Smash Run
    • Smash War
    • Smash Dungeon
    • Smash Tour (DLC)
    • StreetSmash (DLC)
  • Story Mode: Ultimate Chaos - A sequel to the Subspace Emissary.
    • I: Black Awakening
    • II: Starstorm
    • III: Legendary Labyrinth
    • IV: Darkness Overdrive
    • 0: The Subspace Emissary DX (DLC)
  • Solo - Games that are normally played alone or with a friend.
    • Classic
    • Classic Quest (DLC)
    • Adventure
    • Melee Adventure (DLC)
    • All-Star
    • Tower of Smash
    • Event Match
    • Special Orders
    • Boss Battles
    • Training
  • Stadium - Minigames to have fun with.
    • Multi-Man Smash
    • Home-Run Contest
    • Target Test/Madness/Blast
    • Platform Test
    • Enemy Rush
    • Race to the Finish (DLC)
  • Online - Online modes.
    • For Fun
    • For Glory Ω
    • For Glory Δ
    • Master vs. Crazy
    • Survival Crusade (with version 1.2)
  • Vault - Everything left.


This game has 101 characters (when counting each Mii Fighter class as a stand-alone character) to choose from, 43 more than Smash 4, 63 more than Brawl, 75 more than Melee, and 89 more than Smash 64.

The game has 58 veteran fighters and 43 newcomers (ironically enough, the same as the difference of the characters in Smash 4. In fact, almost all veterans included here have appeared in that game, with Wolf "taking the place" of Duck Hunt.)

The game has 29 unlockable fighters, 55 starters, and 18 DLCs.

White means "Starting veteran", red means "Unlockable veteran", gold means "Starting newcomer" and silver means "Unlockable newcomer".

Not all characters of this game have been announced before the game's release. Newcomer unlockable fighters weren't revealed at all to make the game "more surprising", as stated by Sakurai. The only exception was Geno.

Mario Luigi Bowser Bowser Jr. Peach Rosalina & Luma
Mario SSBX5
Luigi SSBX
Bowser SSBX5
BowserJr SSBX
Peach SSBX5
Rosalina SSBX
Paper Mario King Boo Yoshi DK Diddy Kong Wario
Yoshi SSBX5
Wario SSBX5
Geno Mr. Game & Watch Link Toon Link Zelda Sheik
Game&Watch SSBX
Link SSBX5
Zelda SSBX
Sheik SSBX
Ganondorf Midna Vaati Kirby King Dedede Meta Knight
Ganondorf (SSB 3DS & Wii U) TPHD Midna Artwork Vaati smashified transparent by shinfurevindo-d97tpo4 Kirbypngsmashwiiu KingDededeAnarchy2 MetaKnightAnarchy2
Magolor Robobot Kirby Knuckle Joe Bandana Dee Galacta Knight Samus
Magolor SSB4 Kirby Robobot KnuckleJoeSSB4 Bandana DeeSSBV GalactaKnightSSB4 Samus smash wii u png
Zero Suit Samus Dark Samus Pit Dark Pit Palutena Magnus
ZamusArt DarkSamusRadioactive PitOblivion DarkPitSSB4 Palutenassb4 Magnus Trophy Render
Fox Falco Wolf Ness Lucas Ninten
FoxSSBV Full Falco Smash Bros Wolf Smash Bros Ness smash wii u Lucas-0 NintenSmash
Masked Man Marth Ike Lyn Roy Robin
Masked Man SSB Marth yendo alts 250px-Ike SSB4 LynFEA Roy-0 Robin-0
Corrin Captain Falcon Pikachu Charizard Jigglypuff Mewtwo
CORRIN M Captain falcon union PikachuPokkénTournament Charizardpokken Jigglypuff SSB4 Mewtwo yendo alts
Deoxys Greninja Lucario R.O.B. Shulk Chibi-Robo
PTSR-Deoxys GreninjaOblivion LucarioPokkénTournament 480px-Rob SSB4 Render SSBUShulk Chibi robo smash bros style render by nibroc rock-d9ak4np
Olimar Little Mac Ice Climbers Takamaru Mach Rider Excitebiker
OlimarSSB4 SSBULittleMac SSBUIceClimbers Takamaru Smash5 Mach rider smash4 styled render by machriderz-d7ri3q0 ExcitebikerSSBH
Isaac Pac-Man Mega Man Ryu Phoenix Wright Bomberman
Isaac yendo alts PacmanAnarchy Megaman (WGC) Ryu yendo alts PhoenixWright-AA5 Bomberman Smashified
Shovel Knight Quote Black Mage Inkling Mii Fighters ????
ShovelKnightSSB Quote! S00105-blackmage Inkling Smash5 MiiFightersAnarchy ????
DLC Characters
Sonic Cloud Wii Fit Trainer Villager Sylux Snake
Sonic yendo alt Cloud SSB4 WiiFitTrainerMillennium Villager cover SSB4 SyluxSSBH Ssbpc snake by machriderz-d86fq2i
Bayonetta Genesect Phosphora NES Mario Dark Matter Impa
Bayonetta SSB4 Genesect 3D Phosphora3D NESmario Tumblr mbyqug9Law1r19apuDarkmatter Hyrule Warriors Impa Longsword Artwork
Linkle ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
HWL Linkle Crossbow


There are __ stages in the game. Each stage has an Omega and a Delta.. When a stage is in Omega form, it will turn flat, just like Final Destination. When a stage is in Delta, it will resemble Battlefield's layout.

Stages's hazards can be removed in the rules.

Red denotes unlockable stages.

Battlefield Big Battlefield Final Destination
SSBMania Battlefield SSBMania BigBattlefield SSBMania FinalDestination
1-1 Super Bell Hill Mushroom Kingdom U
SMB World 1-1 SuperBellHills MushroomKingdomU
Delfino Plaza Mario Kart Stadium Rainbow Cruise
640px-SSB4UDelfinoPlaza Mario Kart Stadium course SSBMania RainbowCruise
3D Land Luigi's Mansion Mario Galaxy
3DLandAnarchy SSB4ULuigisMansion Stagemariogalaxy
Golden Plains Super Mario Maker Peach's Castle 64
Goldenplains SSB4U Super Mario Maker 300px-SSBUPeach'sCastle64
Bowser's Castle Mushroom Kingdom 64 Paper Mario II
640px-Bowsercastlensmbwii ProjectLMushroomKingdom64 PaperMarioStageAnarchy
Mario Circuit (Brawl) WarioWare Inc. Gamer
250px-SSB4UMarioCircuit 250px-SSB4 WarioWare, Inc 300px-SSB4UGamer
Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Story 64 Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
YoshiIsland YOSHIISLAND64 SSBBRZS YoshisIsland
Kongo Jungle 64 Gangplank Galleon Jungle Japes
Super smash bros kongojungle64 GangplankGalleonVS JungleJapes-3DS-1
Bridge of Eldin Hyrule Castle 64 Temple of Time
Bridge of Eldin 300px-SSBUHyruleCastle64 Temple of Time SS
Hyrule Temple Gerudo Valley Clock Town
Temple SSBWU.png GerudoValleyAnarchy South Clock Town
Pirate Ship Zelda U stage Sky Realm
PirateShipAnarchy ?PTU 300px-TFH Floating Garden Stage 1
Dream Land 64 Classic Dream Land Battleship Halberd
300px-SSB4UDreamLand64 Dream Land 3DS SSBU Halberd
Great Cave Offensive Dedede Arena Another Dimension
TheGreatCaveOffensiveAnarchy KFZ Dedede Arena KTD Another Dimension
Fountain of Dreams City Trial Mind in the PROGRAM)
250px-Fountainofdreams 300px-Citytrial Mind in the PROGRAM
Planet Zebes 64 Norfair SR388
Planet Zebes 250px-SSB4UNorfair BSL soldiers
Tourian Pyrosphere Skyworld
Tourian-thumb PyrosphereSSBU 250px-SSB4USkyworld
Palutena's Temple Reset Bomb Forest Space Pirate Ship
PalutenasTempleBox ResetBombForestAnarchy SpacePirateShip
Sector Z 64 Lylat Cruise Orbital Gate Assault
SectorZSSB Lylat Cruise SSB5 Orbital Gate
Area 3 Onett New Pork City
AreaThree Onett SSB4 New Pork City1
Magicant Castle Siege Arena Ferox
MagicantBox 300px-SSB4UCastleSiege 250px-Arenaferox
Sacred Palace My Castle Saffron City 64
1235 - Fire Emblem (U)(Venom) 01 MyCastle SaffronCitySSB
Sun/Moon stage Pokémon Stadium X Pokken Street
?PTU PokemonStadiumX PokkenStreet
Sky Pillar Port Town Aero Dive Mute City (Melee)
SkyPillarVS 250px-SSB4UPortTownAeroDive Mutecityf
Flat Zone Z Gaur Plains Mira Fields
Flat Zone Z 300px-Gaur Plain Wii U Mira
Gyromite Zip Lash World Desk
GyromiteVS Chibi-robo-zip-lash-gameplay DeskVS
Formidable Oak Pikmin 4 stage Boxing Ring
Formidableoak ?PTU BoxingRingAnarchy
Rhythm Heaven RttMMC Mach Rider
Rhythm Heaven The-Mysterious-Murasame-Castle Machriderstage
The Summit Balloon Fight Excitebike
250px-The Summit Balloonfight Excitebike-0
Sol Sanctum Turf War Pilotwings
SaturosinSolSanctum TurfWarVS 300px-SSB4UPilotwings
Wuhu Island Wrecking Crew Nintendo Badge Arcade
WuhuIslandAnarchy WreckingCrewAnarchy Nintendobadgearcade
Space Invaders Tetris Pong
Space-invaders TetrisGameBoy Pong
NES Remix Nintendo Land Streetpass Quest
Nes remix 2 10 NintendolandVS FindMiiAnarchy
PAC-MAZE DX Proto Man's Castle Suzaku Castle
0000000000px-SuperMushroom Proto Castle Suzaku Castle
The Courtroom Bomb Factory Passage Plains
Screenshot-court4 BombFactoryStage Plains
Mimiga Village Chaos Shrine ????
Mimiga Village (3D Version) ChaosShrineVS ????
DLC Stages
The Great Galaxy Tour Tower of Hera HAL Room
GoodEggGalaxyMania TowerofHera2 Halroom
Sand Ocean Ridley's Lair Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit
SandOcean Ridleyslair LabyrinthPandora
Pictochat X Green Hill Zone Windy Hill Zone
PictoChatAnarchy SSB4GreenHillZone Windy Hill
Midgar Wii Fit Studio Smashville
Midgar WiiFitStudio 250px-SSB4USmashville
Town and City Tortimer Island Shadow Moses Island
Townandcity TortimerIslandAnarchy Shadow Moses Island SSBET
Umbra Clock Tower ??? ???
Smash: Origins DLC Packs Stages
Big Blue Fourside Icicle Mountain
250px-Bigblue 250px-Fourside Melee IcicleMountainstage
Green Greens Kongo Jungle (Melee) Peach's Castle (Melee)
Greengreens1 KongoJungleAnarchy PeachCastleMelee
Brinstar Mushroom Kingdom (Melee) Mushroom Kingdom II
640px-SSBB Brinstar Stage 250px-Mushroom Kingdom I Melee MushroomKingdomII USBIV
Yoshi's Story Great Bay Brinstar Depths
Yoshi's Story SSBM GreatBayAnarchy Brinstardepthsstage
Venom Poké Floats Mario Bros.
VenomMelee 250px-PokeFloats MarioBros.Anarchy
Rumble Falls 75m Frigate Orpheon
RumbleFallsAnarchy SSBMania 75m Frigate Orpheon
Spear Pillar Distant Planet Hanenbow
SpearPillarAnarchy DistantPlanetFull Colores de las hojas de Hanenbow SSBB
Rainbow Road Spirit Train Unova League
RainbowRoadAnarchy SpiritTrainAnarchy UnovaLeague
Prism Tower Mute City (3DS) Living Room
PrismTowerAnarchy MuteCityAnarchy LivingRoomAnarchy
Tomodachi Life PAC-MAZE PAC-LAND
300px-SSB4 Tomodachi Life PacMaze Pac-LandAnarchy
Mario Circuit (Wii U) Woolly World Jungle Hijinxs
640px-SSB4UMarioCircuit8 SSB4UWoollyWorld 640px-SSB4UJungleHijinxs
Skyloft Kalos League Coliseum
300px-Skyloftwiiu Kalos Pokémon League SSB4 300px-SSB4UColiseum
Garden of Hope Miiverse Metal Cave
GardenofHopeAnarchy 300px-SSB4 - Miiverse MetaCrystal


Smash Ball Beam Sword Ray Gun Home-Run Bat
Barrel Crate Rolling Crate Capsule
Drill Arm Sandbag Timer Assist Trophy
Motion-Sensor Bomb Bumper Fan Cracker Launcher
Super Shroom Giant Shroom Poison Shroom Micro Shroom
Super Star Double Cherry Hammer Golden Hammer
Metal Box Bob-Omb Super Leaf Propeller Shroom
Lightning Bolt Freezie Shell Hothead
Banana POW Block Boomerang Spiny Shell
Bullet Bill Fire Flower Star Rod Maximum Tomato
Warp Star Dragoon Superspicy Curry Rainbow Sword
Heart Container Bunny Hood Deku Nut Beetle
Bombchu Cucco Screw Attack X Bomb
Back Shield Ore Club Killer Eye Daybreak
Smart Bomb Arwing Air Call Franklin Badge Mr. Saturn
Poké Ball Master Ball Unira Pitfall
Boss Galaga Special Flag Super Scope Lip's Stick
Hocotate Bomb Rocket Belt Steel Diver Total Shield
Flipper (DLC) Cloaking Device (DLC) Parasol (DLC) Barrel Cannons (DLC)
Red Shell (DLC) Fire Bar (DLC) Steel Diver (DLC) Blast Box (DLC)

Game Modes



Smash is just the main mode. Up to 4 players can battle. The fight can be a free-for-all or ally with others in a team match. These are the settings:

  • Time - Battle for the best KO score within the time limit.
  • Stock - Your KO score doesn't matter - it's all about surviving.
  • Coins - From your attacks, coins do generate from your targeted's body. Wins the one with the most coins within the time limit.
  • Deathmatch - The first player who gets at the set number of KOs, wins.
  • HP - Battle with HP instead of %.
  • Time+ - Battle for the best KO score within the time limit... with a twist: Falls or SDs won't reduce your score!

Special Smash

In Special Smash, special conditions can be applyed. (All effects last until the end of the match. Items, like the Ray Gun, which regularly have limited use, will have infinite use.) Special Smash

8-Player Smash

8-Player Smash is Smash with 8 players. Only big, Ω and Δ can be used. In addition to red, blue, yellow, and green indicators for players 1-4, players 5-8 receive indicators colored orange, grey, white, and black respectively.

Master vs. Crazy

In Master vs. Crazy, players are split into teams, and the setting is a time match. However, when a player KOs a rival, the rival team's health will be lowered down. The default setting is 10 KOs, but it can be adjusted to everyone's liking. After a team's health bar got empty, the one who's made the highest number of KOs in that team will become either Master Hand or Crazy Hand, depending on the team, and will get a new, exclusive moveset to that mode. After that, the team health bar will be replaced by Master/Crazy Hand's health (of course, they can't flinch nor be launched). This mode is based off Light vs. Dark.


You know what is a tournament. No need to explain.

amiibo Card Smash


Smash Run

In Smash Run, the player adventures in a huge labyrinth filled of enemies, treasure chests and challenge doors for a limited set time. Once defeated, enemies will drop stat boosts, which will improve attack, speed, etc. There are 10 stats: Attack, Aerial Attack, Special Attack, Smash Attack, Jump, Speed, Lag (Redution), Defence, Range, and Arms. Throughout the labyrinth, challenge doors will appear, with big prizes for them; events, featuring an array of effects, will happen. After this first part, a Final Battle will take place, which will usually consist in just Smash/Special Smash.
Bosses may appear. If the player wins against them, he/she'll earn a lot of boost items, and 3 treasure chests and a Full Heart Container will appear. If he/she loses, the 75% of his/her boosts will float away.

Smash War


Smash Dungeon


Smash Tour (DLC)

In Smash Tour, players play on a board, reminiscent of Mario and Wii Party. Each player (represented as a Mii) starts off with two different fighters and all move at once in the board, controlling the direction of movement. On each space, there might be a stat boost, a fighter, or an item; checkpoints will also upgrade them, and if all five checkpoints are visited, a large Star stat boost will be obtained. When 2 or more Miis collide, or when a player lands on a Smash Space, a fight will start. Each player chooses a fighter they've collected, and after the fight, the fighter won't be able to be used again. When players arrive at first place in a battle, they'll earn stat boosts, items, and fighters. After final turn's end, a final battle will start.

StreetSmash (DLC)

In StreetSmash, players must knock other fighters out of the map. Unlike before, StreetSmash can be played locally with human players. When a token is knocked over the stage, the knocker will receive gold. At the end of the battle, the player who receives the more gold wins. Players can move around, attack, shield, dodge, and counterattack. When a token attacks, it will dash forward, launching anything in its path. The attack can also be charged for more distance and knockback. When a token has a shield up, it can dodge incoming attacks to escape and gain some invincibility frames. If a player shields an incoming attack and presses the attack button shortly afterwards, the token will unleash a counterattack, which power depends on the dodged attack's charge amount.


STORY MODE: ULTIMATE CHAOS is the story mode of the game and takes place some time after the events of The Subspace Emissary. It takes place in four parts, respectively Black Awakening, Starstorm of the Ancients, Legendary Labyrinth, and Darkness Overdrive. Black Awakening was available along with the game's release, and the other parts were all made available for free with patch updates.

Some characters are able to speak and make full senteces and also voiced by their respective voice actors, like Rosalina, Zelda, Midna, Pit, Palutena, Dark Pit, Magnus, Marth, Ike, Roy, Robin, Lyn, and Corrin. Of the DLC characters, Snake, Bayonetta, Phosphora and Impa share this ability, too.

I: Black Awakening

Black Awakening is the first part of the story, and was available since version 1.0 of the game. It tells about the "Black Awakening" of an ancient beast that threatens the World of Trophies with its incoming awakening and is willing to destroy it if its awakening isn't stopped in time. The awakening is led by a mysterious entity which only appears as a black floating orb, simply called as "X", and its army. X appearently wants to destroy every fighter by trasforming them into trophies. This part includes 31 chapters.

II: Starstorm

Starstorm is the second part of the story, included with update 1.2 of the game. It tells about an unknown meteor "shower" on the World of Trophies bringing in many new foes that want to trasform the fighters into trophies as well but aren't allies of X and his army. This part includes 41 chapters.

III: Legendary Labyrinth

Legendary Labyrinth is the third part of the story, included with update 1.5 of the game. It tells about every single fighter being stuck in the Legendary Labyrinth, and having to escape. The legendary labyrinth was in fact built by X. This part includes 31 chapters.

IV: Darkness Overdrive

Darkness Overdrive is the fourth and final part of the story, included with the 2.0 update. It tells about X's army building a machine that makes the World of Trophies collapse under darkness. It also tells about the final battle between the Super Smash Bros. and X. This part includes 61 chapters.

0: The Subspace Emissary DX

As a paid DLC, The Subspace Emissary DX is a remake of The Subspace Emissary from Brawl, featuring new ehnanced graphics and extra chapters.



In Classic Mode players will have to battle foes to continue moving. Similarly to Melee's Classic mode, each round's character and stage is totally randomized. You've got 2 stocks, and after each round, they will be refilled. In the last round, however, you have 5 stocks.

  • Round 1 - Single Battle
  • Round 2 - Team Battle
  • Round 3 - Free-for-all
  • Round 4 - Single Battle or Team Battle
  • Round 5 - Free-for-all or Team Battle
  • Bonus Round - Target Smash, Platform Board, Waves of Enemies or Crystal Smash
  • Round 6 - Single Battle or Free-for-all
  • Round 7 - Single Battle or Team Battle or Free-for-all
  • Round 8 - Multi-Man Smash
  • Round 9 - Vs. Master Hand (Blue Path, from 0.0 to 7.0), Vs. Master Hand and Crazy Hand (Purple Path, from 3.0 to 8.0) Vs. Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Master Core (Red Path, from 5.1 to 9.0) and Vs. Master Core X (Black Path, 9.1 only).

Completing Classic Mode gives the character's throphy.

There are two DLC settings for the mode and are obtained by buying the Super Smash Bros. x Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U: the first one is called Classic: World Map, and resembles SSB3DS's Classic mode, where you travel in a World Map and you have 4 branches to follow, each representing a difficulty. The second one is called Classic: Arena, and resembles instead SSBWU's, where your character's trophy is put in an arena, and if it encounters a group of trophies, a fight will start.

There's also a Classic Mode Maker which allows players to create their own Classic Modes and share it with anyone or friends.

Classic Quest (DLC)

Classic Quest is a perfect replica of 1P Game from the very first Super Smash Bros. game on the N64, in HD! In the mode, players progress through a series of 11 matches (interrupted by a bonus stage after every three matches), culminating in a final battle with Master Hand 64, which looks exactly the same as it did in the original, using the same exact model and texture.

The mode has a static nature in which the player faces the same characters on the same stages in a fixed order during each playthrough. There are fourteen stages, including bonus stages, and players may choose their character, the difficulty, and number of lives before the playthrough.

  • Stage 1: Link - A battle against Link on Hyrule Castle 64.
  • Stage 2: Yoshi Team - A battle against a team of 18 lightweight Yoshis on Yoshi's Island 64.
  • Stage 3: Fox - A battle against Fox on Sector Z 64.
  • Bonus Stage 1: Break the Targets! - Break all the targets within 2 minutes.
  • Stage 4: Mario Bros. - A battle against Mario and Luigi on Peach's Castle 64. Fortunately, a random ally will help you out.
  • Stage 5: Pikachu - A battle against Pikachu on Saffron City 64.
  • Stage 6: Giant DK - A battle against a Giant DK on Kongo Jungle 64. You've got two random allies, too.
  • Bonus Stage 2: Board the Platfoms! - Board on all platforms within 2 minutes.
  • Stage 7: Kirby Team - A battle against 8 lightweight Kirbys, each of them having an ability hat, corresponding to the Original 8, on Dream Land 64. The last one will always be a normal Kirby.
  • Stage 8: Samus - A battle against Samus on Planet Zebes 64.
  • Stage 9: Metal Mario - A battle against Metal Mario on Metal Cave.
  • Bonus Stage 3: Race to the Finish! - Run and pass 5 floors to get to the final door within a minute.
  • Stage 10: Fightning Polygon Team - A battle against 30 Fighting Polygons, which mimic the Original 12, on one of Battlefield's alt forms, Battlefield 64.
  • Stage 11: Master Hand 64 - A battle against Master Hand 64 on one of Final Destination's alt forms, Final Destination 64.


In Adventure Mode (a returning mode from MELEE, not BRAWL) you travel across different locations and battle foes to progress with the story. You have 3 stocks, and after you complete a world your stocks will be refilled. Worlds are far different from Melee's. Here are the worlds:

  • World 1 - Mushroom Kingdom (Mario)
    • Stage 1: Ground - Reach the flagpole!
    • Stage 2: Bowser's Castle - Reach Bowser's Throne Room!
    • Stage 3: Bowser's Castle, Throne Room - Defeat Bowser!
    • Alt. Stage 3: Bowser's Castle, Throne Room - Defeat Bowser AND Bowser Jr.!
      If taking a secret path in 1-2, you will have to defeat both Bowser and Bowser Jr.
  • World 2 - Kongo Jungle 64
    • Stage 1: Kongo Jungle 64 - Defeat DK and Diddy Kong!
    • Stage 2: 25m - Reach the end, avoiding Retro DK's barrels!
  • World 3 - Yoshi's Island
    • Stage 1: Yoshi's Island - Defeat 50 lightweight Yoshis!
  • World 4 - Dream Land (Kirby)
    • Stage 1: Green Greens - Reach the end!.
    • Stage 2: The Halberd - Destroy the 5 engines!
    • Stage 3: Defeat Meta Knight while escaping from the Halberd!
  • World 5 - Underground Dungeon (The Legend of Zelda)
    • Stage 1: Collect the 8 pieces of Triforce, and defeat the ending Darknut!
  • World 6 - Norfair (Metroid)
    • Stage 1: Norfair - Reach the end and defeat Ridley!
    • Stage 2: Norfair Escape Shaft - Race to the finish before the explosion!
  • World 7 - Pit's Adventure (Kid Icarus)
    • Stage 1: Underworld - Reach the end!
    • Stage 2: Overworld - Reach the end!
    • Stage 3: Skyworld - Reach the end, and defeat Dark Pit!
  • World 8 - Pokémon Stadium (Pokémon)
    • Stage 1: Pokémon Stadium X - Defeat Giant Pikachu!
  • World 9 - Corneria (Star Fox)
    • Stage 1: Corneria - Defeat Fox and Falco!
  • World 10 - Castle Siege (Fire Emblem
    • Stage 1: Castle Siege - Defeat Marth, Ike, and Lyn!
  • World 11 - Battlefield (Smash Bros.)
    • Stage 1: Battlefield - Battle a 100-enemy horde!
  • World 12 - Final Destination (Smash Bros.)
    • Stage 1: Final Destination - Vs. Duon X

Completing Adventure Mode gives the character's Alt. Trophy.

There's also an Adventure Mode Maker where players can create their own Adventure Modes by selecting from a number of the available franchises and share it with their friends or world.

Melee Adventure (DLC)

Melee Adventure is an almost perfect replica of Melee's Adventure Mode, in HD! In the mode, players need to complete the objective to progress.

  • World 1: Mushroom Kingdom
    • Stage 1: Reach the Finishing Point
    • Stage 2: Mario & Peach Battle on Peach's Castle (Melee)
    • Alt. Stage 2: Luigi & Peach Battle on Peach's Castle (Melee)
  • World 2: Kongo Jungle
    • Stage 1: Double Tiny DK Battle on Kongo Jungle
    • Stage 2: Giant DK Battle on Kongo Jungle
  • World 3: Underground Maze
    • Stage 1: Reach the Finishing Point
    • Stage 2: Zelda & Sheik Battle on Temple
  • World 4: Brinstar
    • Stage 1: Samus Battle on Brinstar
    • Stage 2: Brinstar Escape Shaft
  • World 5: Green Greens
    • Stage 1: Single Kirby Battle on Green Greens
    • Stage 2: Team Copy Ability Kirby Battle on Green Greens
    • Opt. Stage 3: Giant Kirby Battle on Green Greens
  • World 6: Corneria
    • Stage 1: Fox Battle on Corneria (SectZ_Corn [same appearence of Corneria])
    • Stage 2: Fox Reborn Battle on Corneria (SectZ_Corn [same appearence of Corneria]
    • Alt. Stage 2: Falco Battle on Corneria (SectZ_Corn [same appearence of Corneria])
  • World 7: Pokémon Stadium
    • Stage 1: 12-Team Pokémon Battle on Pokémon Stadium X (PokStadX_PokéStad1tot [only Pokémon Stadium 1 forms will appear and Pokémon Stadium 1 appearence])
  • World 8: F-Zero GP
    • Stage 1: Reach the finishing point
    • Stage 2: Captain Falcon Battle on Mute City (Melee)
  • World 9: Onett
    • Stage 1: 3-Team Ness Battle
  • World 10: Icicle Mountain
    • Stage 1: Reach the top + Ice Climbers Battle
  • World 11: Battlefield
    • Stage 1: 15-Wireframes Battle
    • Stage 2: Metal Bros. Battle
  • World 12: Final Destination
    • Stage 1: Giant Bowser Battle
    • 5.1 or Higher - Stage 2: Giga Bowser X Battle


In All-Star mode the game pits players against the entire cast of characters. The player's attack and knockback are higher than usual; opponents are lighter and deal less damage and knockback.

There are several options for how characters do appear:

  • By Franchise
  • Alphabetical
  • Oldest to Newest
  • Newest to Oldest

There's also an All-Star Mode Maker where players can create their own All-Star modes.

Tower of Smash (TBA)


Completing Tower of Smash mode gives the character's Custom trophy.

Event Match

Event Matches put the player in a scenario with certain conditions and a certain objective, which is the key to clear them. There are 71 events and intensity can be set (from 0.0 to 9.0). In the DLC packs, all of the Melee, Brawl and Smash Wii U events can be found.
List of Event Matches

Special Orders


In Master Orders, the player is given a set of passes (or "Orders" as the game calls them) that can be purchased. These tickets can only be tried one time each. Challenges include: one-on-one battles, team battles, horde battles, target smash, etc. Custom characters are permitted. Sometimes, a ticket may include extra effects, such as the player being given "mega" status and everybody having a launch rate of 1.4x.


Crazy Orders is similar to Master Orders except with a greater entrance fee but potentially greater rewards. After paying the price of 5000G or a Crazy Orders Pass, the player selects his or her character and begins play on Turn 1. Like Master Orders, there are three normal options to choose among, beginning with simple ones such as a one-on-one with a low-level computer, and each having its own reward. Unlike Master Orders, no ticket includes extra effects. A player advances turns by choosing and winning a battle. After the first turn, Crazy Hand becomes the fourth option, and the player may choose to end the Crazy Order by choosing him at any turn. There is a time limit, but it's rarely an obstacle; because some damage is carried from one turn into the next, the danger of losing a battle increases with each, and a player should consider choosing to battle Crazy Hand depending on whether they can win another turn.

Completing Crazy Orders gives the character's Custom 3 trophy.



Boss Battles


Multi-Man Smash

  • Multi-Men Limit: Defeat a limited number of Multi-Men, ranging from 10 to 100.
  • Time Limit: Defeat as many Multi-Men as possible in the time limit that ranges from 3 minutes to 15.
  • Other
    • Rival Smash: Defeat more Multi-Men than you rival.
    • Cruel Smash: Fight against an endless number of super-strong Multi-Men.
    • Micro-Cruel Smash: Fight against an endless number of extremely small and powerful Multi-Men.
    • Endless Smash: FIght against an endless number of Multi-Men.

Home-Run Contest

Launch Sandbag the farthest as possible with the Smash Bat.

Target Smash

  • Target Test: Break 10 targets in a map that is always different for each character.
  • Target Madness: Break 10 targets in 15 maps that are always the same for each character.
  • Target Blast: Launch a bomb to destroy targets.

Platform Test

Board on ten platforms in a map that is always different for each character.

Race to the Finish (DLC)

Race to the end of the maze within the time limit.

Enemy Rush

Defeat common enemies from an array of games.

  • Enemy Limit: Defeat a limited number of enemies, ranging from 10 to 500.
  • Time Limit: Defeat as many enemies as possible in the time limit that ranges from 1 minutes to 15.


For Fun

In For Fun, players are dropped in any stage with max hazards and all items allowed.

For Glory Ω

For Glory Δ

Survival Crusade

Survival Crusade is an online mode added with the 1.2 patch update. In this mode, up to 125 players are dropped in a labyrinth that is ten times bigger Smash Run's labyrinth. Players can ally with other players or simiply go alone. The goal of the mode is to survive until the end. Anyway, after some time, most areas will be filled with purple darkness, and anyone in it will be KO'd instantly and lose the match. The darkness will keep growing until it reaches the safe zone, where it will disappear. Around the labyrinth there might appear treasure chests with stat boosts, items, etc. Players have only 100 HP, too. When two or more players encounter, they can fight to decrease the number of players left, too.

Custom Battle


  • Conquest - Support a team along with other players to win prizes!
  • Spectate - Watch other players' matches, live!
  • Share - Share your customized characters, Mii Fighters, Custom Stages and Labyrinths, Replays, Snapshots and more!
  • Ballot - Vote for more content to be added!
  • Co-Op - Find players from all over the world to let them join your Solo/Smash Run sessions!
  • Online Tourney - It's a tournament online! Create one or join some created by others!


  • Trophies - See trophies and their flavor text (Gallery), see your whole trophy collection (Horde), or buy some (Shop).
  • Album - Take a look at snapshots you've taken.
  • Replays - Watch replays you've saved.
  • Challenges - Can you beat all 251 challenges?
  • Animation Data - See all the animations for fighters and complete data about them, including hitboxes, sweetspots, sourspots, damage, knockback...
  • Custom - Customize characters and Mii Fighters.
  • Records - Take a look at your progress so far.
  • Stage Builder - Build stages for normal Smash mode.
  • Tips - Read small blurbs of informations.
  • Movies - Watch several movies, such as newcomer trailers.
  • Masterpieces - Play free time-limited versions of classic games fighters come from.
  • Vault Minigames - Vault Rush, Snag the Collectibles, Coin Launcher, Lottery: all fun minigames to play and earn rewards.
  • Labyrinth Builder - Build labyrinths for Smash Run.


Many amiibos are compatible for the game, and a new collection has also been released.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS Collection

Wave 1

Wave 1 was made available the 15th of November 2020, and included 10 amiibos out of

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Kirby
  • Magolor
  • Pikachu
  • Charizard
  • Samus
  • Paper Mario

Wave 2

Wave 3

Compatible amiibos from other collections

Available DLC

Past Smash Games

Super Smash Bros. 64 DLC Pack

The Super Smash Bros. x Super Smash Bros. 64 DLC Pack was revealed in Smash Direct #?? the 20th of October. The pack was made to recollect some of the content from the game that inaugurated the series and for the nostalgia-lovers. Sakurai confirmed that development began alongside the game's development, and finished after the game's release. The pack was made available the 14th of December for €6.99, and includes:

  • Classic Quest (mode)
  • Metal Cave (stage)
  • Original music and remixes of it
  • Master Hand 64 (boss)
  • Race to the Finish! (mode)
  • Optional Jeff Manning announcer clips, directly ripped from the game
  • Super Smash Bros. 64 models as alt costumes for the original 12

Super Smash Bros. Melee DLC Pack

The Super Smash Bros. x Super Smash Bros. Melee DLC Pack was revealed in Smash Direct #?? the 14th of March 2021. The pack was made to recollect some of the content from the game that initiated the series's competitive action. The pack was made available the 26th of May 2021 for €16.99, and includes:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl DLC Pack

The Super Smash Bros. x Super Smash Bros. Brawl DLC Pack was revealed in Smash Direct #?? the 14th of March 2021. The pack was made to recollect some of the content from the game that was more casual-directed than Melee, however was a great game, overall. The pack was made available the 27th of June 2021, the same day of Brawl's release in Europe, for €21.99, and includes:

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U DLC Pack

The Super Smash Bros. x Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U was announced in Smash Direct #?? the 14th of March 2021. The pack was made to recollect some of the content from the game that was a "combo" of Melee and Brawl. The pack was made available the 3rd of October 2021, nearly an year after the game's release, and the same day of the 3DS version release for €27.99, and includes:


A special bundle includes all DLCs and was made available only through pre-order at GameStop. Stocks got later refilled over and over again until the game came out. It was later made available again. Since no DLCs were out at the game's release, all of the DLCs would've been downloaded for free with future updates.


  • This game contains all the original VS mode Super Smash Bros. stages.
  • This game takes a bit of inspiration from Super 5mash Bros. 5.
  • 0.8.6