Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Silver, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo VR, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 4DS, also known as SSB5 or Smash 5, are upcoming games in the Super Smash Bros. series. It is the fifth title. This game has more third party from Sega, Capcom, and Namco. Unlike the previous title, transformations return, even on the 4DS version.

Each version will have different stages.

Game Modes

Solo and Group return. Solo has Classic and Group is similar to Brawl.



Mario SSB4MarioThe hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario can wall jump now and had a new side special: Spin Attack from Super Mario Galaxy.
PeachSmashNoBackGroundPeachPeach's Netrual attack has been changed to Flower Attack. Her Final Smash summons Daisy and an army of living flowers.
Bowser SSB4BowserBowser returns with a buff: His Final Smash, Giga Bowser, now has him transform into Dry Bowser when it is finished.
DryBowserSSBDry BowserDry Bowser is what Bowser becomes after his Final Smash. He is a semi-clone of Bowser, due to him having Bone Toss as his side special. Dry Bowser's Final Smash is Monster's Rebirth, causing a big vortex, then returning to Bowser.
LinkSmashLinkNothing changed from Smash 4.
ZeldaSSB4ZeldaNothing changed, except Light Arrow causes transformation at the end.
262px-SheikSSB4.Wii USheikSame as Zelda.
Yoshi SSB4YoshiNow has a recovery: Blimp Yoshi from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Pikachu SSBRPikachuNothing remains changed from Smash 4.
548px-CharizardSSB4.Wii UCharizardRemains unchanged from Smash 4.
Chesnaught by shinyscyther-d6q4w39
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Trainer returns to battle! This time he brings forth Fennekin, Frogadier, and Chesnaught. Fennekin is lightweight, Frogadier is middle, and Chesnaught is heavy. Fennekin is quick and focuses on fire type moves. Frogadier is a clone of Greninja, and Chesnaught has sluggish but powerful attacks.
BrawlSquirtleSquirtleSquirtle returns to battle! He has been buffed.
Donkey Kong DKCTFDonkey KongThe only change is that he has a new Final Smash.
473px-Diddy Kong SSB4 - Artwork3dswiiuDiddy KongRemains unchanged
IceClimbers SSB3MIce ClimbersIce Climbers return to battle! The only change is the recovery.
Lucas-EarthboundLucasLucas returns to battle! He has been buffed.
Kirby SSB4KirbyKirby has a new Final Smash: Hypernova.
DededessbKing DededeNothing remains unchanged from Smash 4.
Samus SSB4SamusZero Laser now acts like it did in Brawl.
322px-ZeroSuitSamusSSB4.Wii UZero Suit SamusGunship now changes to Samus when finished
Fox SSB4FoxNothing changed.


Luigi render by znkhucast-d78bvo2LuigiNothing changed
DrmariorenderDr. MarioNothing changed from Smash 4. Now represents the Dr. Mario series.
DrLuigiDr. LuigiA clone of Luigi, Dr. Luigi joins the battle! His Final Smash is like Dr. Mario's.
Rosalina.SSB4RosalinaRosalina can now have 2 Lumas follow her around.
300px-BowserJrSSB4RenderBowser Jr.Nothing changed from Smash 4.
ToonLinkToon LinkNothing changed from Smash 4.

Not finished yet.


There are bosses, like SSBB.

  • Dino Piranha
  • Paper Bowser

Not yet finished.


DLC will happen, with new characters for each version.

Not yet finished.


Full Roster Lineup