Super Smash Bros for New 3DS: Ultimate Edition is an enhanced port of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, which features updated graphics, all of the Wii U's DLC characters up that point, and a few new stages and characters.


There is Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS's roster of 49 characters, plus the 12 released DLC characters and 7 brand new characters for this port of the game that were added to the Wii U version upon release.

New Characters and Wii U DLC Characters

Character Info Moveset

Ridley-Alt01 zps116c0468 SSB Metroid Series


(Day 1 Patch for Wii U Version)

Ridley joins the New 3DS version as part of the starting roster, rather than a downloadable character. Ridley is a flight-based character whose large size is made up for with his ability to just keep on getting up and fighting back due to his supreme recovery. Ridley also has the unique mechanic of air grabs, allowing him to grab opponents while in flight mode and throw them into any aerial direction. However, Ridley does have his flaws, as shown with his minimal ground abilities and his size making him a large target.
  • Standard Special - Plasma Sphere - Ridley breathes out a slow-moving, honing fireball that will follow opponents for 3 seconds before dissapearing if it does not hit them.
  • Side Special - Sonic Dash - Ridley lunges forward, gliding for a while before landing. If any opponent is hit by Ridley on his rampage, they are sent flying.
  • Up Special - Gust Beam - Ridley flaps his wings and flies high into the air, sending waves of what resembles wind below him. If these waves hit opponents, they are pushed back or stunned. This attack puts Ridley into flight mode if it is performed from the ground.
  • Down Special - Tail Crush - Ridley stabs his tail into the ground, hitting any opponent in it's path. This attack brings Ridley to the ground if it is performed while in flight mode.
  • Final Smash - Omega Hypermode - Ridley dives into the background before transforming into Omega Ridley and fires a spray of Phazon at the stage. This attack takes 7 seconds and once it has finished Ridley returns to his normal form.

DixieKong SSBDKEmblem

Dixie Kong 

(Day 1 Patch for Wii U Version)

Dixie Kong joins DK and Diddy as part of the game's initial roster. Dixie Kong plays a lot like Diddy in the regard that they are both small, agile fighters who are both monkeys, but this is where the similarities end. Dixie Kong is a fighter based on keeping opponents in one place and then delivering a steady combo of deadly attacks. Dixie also has some of the best recovery in the series due to her third jump being her hair-copter, allowing her to not only jump higher, but also fall slower as well.
  • Standard Special - Bubblegum Popgun - Dixie fires a gumball from her popgun which, if it hits opponents, causes them to stick to one spot until they can free themselves by destroying the gum. This gives Dixie an oppurtunity to attack the opponent while they are incapacitated.
  • Side Special - Barrel Toss - Dixie picks up a barrel with her hair, and throws it at opponents. The barrel breaks once it hits an opponent, but the opponent is sent flying. Occasionally, the barrel will be a steel barrel and will not break when it hits an opponent and will instead roll until it falls off the stage.
  • Up Special - Squawks - Dixie Kong grabs Squawks the Parrot and is carried up towards the stage. This move's horizontal recovery is better than it's vertical recovery.
  • Down Special - Orange Grenade - Dixie Kong throws an Orange Grenade at opponents, which explodes after bouncing around for a while.
  • Final Smash - Animal Buddy Stampede - Dixie Kong jumps on Rambi, and charges forward, with many other Animal Buddies following her, trampling opponents in her way.

Mewtwo SSB3M SSB Pokémon Series


(Day 1 Patch for Wii U Version)

Mewtwo returns to the series as part of the game's initial roster. Mewtwo has been made heavier, faster, and stronger from Melee, making him much more of a threatening fighter compared to his last appearance. Mewtwo also has some brand new moves up his sleeves, with new mechanics for Shadow Ball and Disable.
  • Standard Special - Shadow Ball - Mewtwo's Shadow Ball gets a major revamp this time around, becoming more powerful. Mewtwo charges a large Shadow Ball before firing it at a diagonal above opponents. The ball can follow opponents for 10 seconds before dissapearing.
  • Side Special - Psycho Cut - Mewtwo sends a stream of psychic shockwaves at opponents.
  • Up Special - Psyshock - Mewtwo makes a psychic explosion around himself, sending him flying into the air, allowing him to get onto the stage and hit any opponents around the explosion.
  • Down Special - Disable - Mewtwo's eyes flicker and he attempts to grab the nearest opponent. If he succeeds, he then proceeds to hold them tightly before glowing yellow and throwing them away. If this move is performed correctly, the most recent move performed by the opponent will not be able to be performed for 15 seconds.
  • Final Smash - Mega Evolution - Mega Mewtwo Y appears and fires a large beam of energy at the stage, before transforming into Mega Mewtwo X and delivering many devestating punches. Mewtwo returns to normal after this.

Choruskidsrender SSB Rhythm Heaven Series


(Day 1 Patch for Wii U Version)

King k rool larger render by wilttilt-d7qbl0n SSBDKEmblem

King K. Rool 

(Fan Favorites Pack)




(Fan Favorites Pack)

IceClimbers SSB3M

SSB Ice Climber Series

Ice Climbers

(Forgotten Veterans Pack)


SSB EarthBound Series


(Forgotten Veterans Pack)



Wolf O'Donnell

(Forgotten Veterans Pack)




(New Releases Pack)

576px-Toad Minecart Artwork - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

SSB Mario Series

Captain Toad

(New Releases Pack)

Sceptile by SonARTic

SSB Pokémon Series


(New Releases Pack)

Mach rider smash4 styled render by machriderz-d7ri3q0

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Mach Rider (NEW)


SSB F-Zero Series

Black Shadow (NEW)



Mallo (NEW)


PanelDePon Symbol

Lip (NEW)

SSBM Trophy Love Giant

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Doshin the Giant (NEW)

Bandana Waddle Dee KTD


Bandana Dee (NEW)


SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

F-Type (NEW)

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