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Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch is the fifth game officially announced by Nintendo with Sakurai as the co-developer. It was originally going to be a Smash Wii U mixed with 3DS elements and, all Veterans and top 4 Smash Ballot winners but it got much more characters, modes etc. (P.s feel free to edit add stuff like Developers modes and features and add images! :D P.P.S No character though)

There is no Brakes!!

The first Super Smash Bros Switch trailer was announced at E3 2016 June 14 surprising and shocking fans causing a lot of Hype, Excitement, Salt and joy. It revealed that all characters would return and revealed Wolf and Young Link from the previous games. At the end it was also teased that the nine other Smash Ballot winners would join.

Dance through the danger!

After the 1st trailer a screen reading New Challenger Approaching! showed up much like the Mega Man trailer revealing Shantae and her stage Scuttle Town with Risky as a boss. She is also the first indie character to join Smash.

The Key to Victory

During E3 Nintendo announced ON that Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series would be in Smash. on the 15th after Sora's reveal there was a area where a demo of Smash NX could be playable

Strike The Earth!

On the 7th of July 2016 Shovel Knight was revealed to join the battle with his stage Plains of Passage also being the second Indie character. It was also revealed that the Shovel Knight amiibo works with Smash Switch.

Kept you waiting, huh?

On the 7th of July Snake was revealed to come back which shocked fans with the Konami and Kojima fiasco. It was also revealed at the end of the trailer that the codecs would return.

Your a kid Your a squid!

During a Nintendo direct the Inkling from Splatoon was revealed with a alternate gender custom like Robin, Wii Fit, and Corrin/Kamui with her/his stage Inkoplis. Trailer: The trailer starts with Samus in a ink covered city. Then random shots of ink aim for Samus. She turns to see the orange Inkling getting ready to fight her. Inklings claim their turf!

Free the Planet

After the Inklings reveal Lilac from Freedom Planet was also confirmed to be in the game being the third indie character. She was also revealed with her stage Dragon Valley. Trailer: The trailer starts out with Sonic on Windy Hill fighting Fox, Corrin, and Samus. After he beats them all Lilac uppercuts Sonic with her splash screen Lilac clyclones in It then cuts to her fighting characters. At the end of her trailer it ends with her and Sonic fighting Zazz in Windy Hill confirming him as a boss.

Mine to victory!!

Steve from Minecraft joined the battle on 3/9/16 with his stage the overworld. Trailer: The trailer starts out with Mario fighting Shovel Knight on the Battlefield stage. They are interrupted when a block appears in the middle of the Battlefield revealing Steve with his splash screen Steve? Digs in! At the end Mario, Shovel Knight and Steve are fighting the Enderdragon in the End realm.

Challenging our fates!!

The trailer starts out with Corrin using his final smash on Pac-Man, Mega Man, and Charizard. Lucina then slashes Corrin and has her splash screen Lucina challenges her fate?!. Her attacks are no longer Marths but her attacks from Awakening. She still has her counter.

Solving the Puzzle!

Trailer: The trailer starts out with Ayumi Tachiban form the Fanicom Detective Club series is exploring London with her splash screenAyumi has the case! then she runs into Professor Layton who is fighting Link with a sword with his splash screenProfessor Layton solves the puzzle! the trailer then cuts to gameplay. At the end of the trailer they're all seen having a cup of tea..

The story has began!

Trailer: The trailer starts out with a montage of Shovel Knight, Lilac, Shantae and other indie characters fighting. Then it cuts to a screen saying Super Smash Bros. X Cave Story revealing Quote.

New Mii's!

Trailer: The trailer starts out with the Multi Man Smash music playing with a Mii Mage being revealed. The Mage uses magic with his/her wand like Fire, Energy attacks, and etc. After the reveal of the Mii Mage a Mii sportsman, was revealed using sports equitment(Spears, Lancers, Basketballs etc.). The Mii's could also be equipped with weapons from other fighters(Mii swordsman with Sora's Keyblade, Mii Gunner with Megamans arm cannon, and Mii Mage with Palutena's staff).

The sidekick strickes back!

Trailer: The trailer starts out with Sonic getting beat up by Mario and Luigi in Windy Hill. Then a energy ball hits Mario, It then cut to Tails with his arm cannon Tails flies in! it then cuts to gameplay.


Ridley, Master and Cazy Hand, Yellow Devil and Dark Emperor(From 3DS on the Save Mii Stage) return from the 3DS &Wii U version as well as all the brawl bosses. List: -Risky Boots.


-Dark Emperor.

-Yellow Devil.


-Master Hand.

-Red Gyrados.

-Crazy Hand.

-Master Core.

-Petey Pirhanna.


-Porky Minch.


-Meta Ridley.




Master and Crazy hand both appear in Classic mode with Master Core on higher difficulty's. There are random boss encounters in Classic too. In Adventure Rayquaza and Ridley appear as bosses.



◾Final Destination

◾Delfino Plaza

◾Mario Circuit (Brawl)

◾Luigi's Mansion

◾Yoshi's Island

◾Kongo Jungle 64


◾Bridge of Eldin


◾Pirate Ship ◾Norfair


◾Lylat Cruise

◾Pokémon Stadium 2

◾Port Town Aero Dive


◾Castle Siege



◾Big Battlefield

◾Mushroom Kingdom U

◾Mario Galaxy

◾Mario Circuit

◾Woolly World

◾Jungle Hijinxs


◾Find Mii


◾The Great Cave Offensive

◾Orbital Gate Assault

◾Kalos Pokémon League


◾Flat Zone X

◾Palutena's Temple


◾Garden of Hope

◾Town and City

◾WWii Fit Studio

◾Wrecking Crew

◾Pilot Wings

◾Wuhu Island

◾Windy Hill



◾Super Mario Maker

◾Boxing Ring

◾Gaur Plains

◾Duck Hunt (DLC in SSB3DS)

Wily Castle

◾Suzaku Castle (DLC)


◾Umbra Clock Tower (DLC)


◾Dragon Valley

◾Scuttle Town

◾Lake of Rage


◾Super Bell Hill

◾Plains Of Passage

◾The Pub/10-2(Melee)

◾Great Bay Temple(Melee)


◾New Pork City(Brawl)

◾Shadow Moses Island

Character Customizing

The Custom Character are now back from 3DS and Wii U with new Character Make dubbed as fan the O.c maker. The starting custom character is a Custom Tails with Two Swords, A blue jacket, a Pair of headphone and Blue jeans, Named Deadlox. There is a Online mode where you can use your custom fighters called Custom SMASH! Though there are limits between 1-16 characters: -Mario















Swordfighter Smash

In this mode you can only play as swordfighters(Including custom fighter and Mii's) with a "Vs mode" where you fight against other characters. There is also an online version of this.

Tower of Smash


-Classic mode Fight opponents and reach Master Hand! Plays like the Wii U mode.

-Adventure Mode Go through famous Nintendo(and Third Party) worlds!

-All star mode Survive fighting other characters. Plays like the 3DS version.

Adventure Mode levels

-Stage 1: Mushroom Kingdom

-Stage 2: Norfair

-Stage 3: Pokémon Stadium

-Stage 4: Dragon Valley

-Stage 5:Pac-Maze

-Stage 6: Cut Man

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