This is the list of Assist Trophy's in Super Smash Bros. NES.

Name Series Effect
Goomba Mario Bros Walks left and right
Lakitud Mario Bros Fly's above, throwing down Spineys
Thwomp Mario Bros Slams on the ground, then leaves
Mouser Mario Bros 2 Places and chucks random bombs everywhere
Dedongo Legend of Zelda Jumps around and bites anyone in front of him
Gobilin Legend of Zelda Will say "It's a secret to everyone", then heals you
Meta Knight Kirby Swops in, swings his sword, then stabs the ground
Waddle Doo Kirby Shoots beams of energy at opponents
Ducks Duck Hunt They fly around the stage, attacking and pecking
Protoman Mega Man Runs around and shoots any opponents
Yellow Devil Mega Man TBA
Ghost's Pac-Man TBA

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